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  • 1. By Sean Furgiuele APPLE INC.
  • 2.
      • What is Apple?
      • History
      • Purpose
      • Use of Products
      • Incorporation of Web 2.0
      • Competitors
      • Public Opinion
      •   Pros and Cons
  • 3.
      • Apple Inc. is a technology company that produces high end consumer and professional products and services. Based out of Cupertino California, they are world renowned for their product quality and usability.
  • 4.
      • Founded April 1st 1976 by Steve Jobs Steve Wozniac and Ronald Wayne
    •   Wayne Sold back his share for $800
    • First product was the Apple 1 designed and hand built by Wozniac
    •                  1 MHz cpu
    •                  up to 48 kb of memory  
  • 5.
    • In 1985 Steve Jobs left the company and due to a power struggle with CEO Jon Sculley and founded neXT computer
    • In 1996 Apple bought neXT computer and Steve Jobs was named CEO. He brought the company back from almost being bankrupt
    • Under Jobs, Apple released many successful products like the iPod, iPhone and MacBook Pro line.
  • 6.
    • Apple's purpose is to give users access to the tools they need to manage their digital life and create content that is professional and of the highest quality
  • 7.
    • provides product information, customer support and PR information in an easily accessible layout.
    • It has all the latest information about all Apple products and allows consumers to discover, learn about, and buy products strait from the site
  • 8.
      •   Macs are becoming increasingly popular with college students, probably because people entering colleges now grew up with iPods and have become attached to the polish of Apple products
      •   Apple software is excellent for consumers to manage their digital life. Photos, documents, music, e-mail act.
      •   Macs are used in some business settings such as film production, but most large enterprises use Windows and Microsoft services to run their companies
      • iPads are being used in educational settings for textbooks and notes, and are also being used to help people with disabilities and seiner citizens
  • 9.
    • Apple provides many products and services that empower users to create content for the Web 2.0 world
      • iCloud
        • Seamlessly syncs a users content across all their devices with virtually no management
  • 10.
    • Final Cut Pro
      • Final Cut is used professionally in Hollywood and by many popular YouTube channels such as sxephil and iJustine
  • 11.
      • Apple has a lot of competition in their industries. Their biggest competitors are probably Microsoft and Google along the partners of those two companies.
        • Windows
          • Microsoft’s desktop OS is still dominant in the market even though Macs are gaining users.
          • Microsoft licenses Windows to hardware manufacturers like Asus and Samsung so they can have many more computers across a wider price range
  • 12.
    • Android
      • Google’s smartphone OS recently surpassed iOS in market share
      • Like Microsoft, Google licenses Android to other manufacturers and so they have a wide variety of phones
      • Many new Android phones are seen as equal or better than the iPhone such as the Galaxy Nexus or Droid RAZR.
  • 13.
    • Amazon Kindle Fire
      • The Kindle Fire is a $200 tablet that integrates with Amazon services like instant video and books
      • Amazon figures the low price will justify the lack of features the Fire has compared to the iPad
  • 14.
    • Over the years, Apple has built a very loyal fan base
    • Most people think their products are pricy but well designed and easy to use
    • Fanboy
  • 15.
    • When the iPhone 4 was released users noticed signal drop when they gripped the phone in their left hand
    • Apple initially responded very little to complaints and later held a press conference downplaying the problem the issue as a minor problem
    • Steve Jobs himself responded to one complaint, "Non issue. Just avoid holding it in that way."
  • 16.
    • Apple products are very easy and intuitive to use. Three year olds to ninety year olds can use iPads
    • The ecosystem that connects all Apple products integrates seamlessly and makes sharing content between devices easy
    • All Apple products are extremely well built and beautiful
  • 17.
    • Some of Apple’s products are expensive
    • The closed ecosystem of Apple products doesn’t integrate well with other systems like Windows
    • The simplicity of iOS and OSX doesn’t give the user a lot of customization opportunities