What Causes Food Cravings


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What Causes Food Cravings

  1. 1. I was excited because I was getting married in 9 months, during which I planned on losing 40 pounds. I wanted to look svelte and trim for my husband on our wedding day. The months passed by pretty quickly, andalas, no radical changes were registering on my bathroom weight scale. It appeared that my food cravings had completely overpowered my desire to lose weight. That was the moment I knew I had a problem.
  2. 2. The subject of food addiction is a tricky one. Some people equate food addiction with emotional eating, and they arent too far off. The problem lies within those intense food cravings that always seem to kill a diet. Finding out what food cravings mean lends some clue as to how to overcome them.
  3. 3. A food craving is rooted in our bodies; it is exclusively a physical happening. Ponder this for a minute: When do you ever just get a compelling urge to eat crisp, rawvegetables during moments of emotional upset? Um, how about, Never! I know I dont! There is an explanation asto why you and I crave only foods that are concentrated in fats and sugar. That reason is opioids.
  4. 4. An opioid is simply a chemical that is released into theblood stream once those sugary and fatty foods have been broken down. These chemicals cause a mild euphoria when they bind to the receptors in the brain that cause feelings of pleasure.
  5. 5. Having been introduced foods that cause the release of these opioids at a very young age (as many of us have), the brain and body get used (in otherwords, addicted) to them, often signaling for those foods in times of "need".
  6. 6. Kay Sheppard, author of "Food Addiction: The Body Knows", describes what she calls an "addictiveresponse". Identified need -- decision -- eat addict food.
  7. 7. Think of the identified need as the trigger of a food craving. When a food craving rears its ugly head, take a few steps back and identify the true root of that craving. Are you angry, sad, lacking physical intimacy, are yousimply thirsty? Mentally note that eating the food you are craving isnt going to satisfy the problem, in fact, it will only compound the problem in the long run.
  8. 8. http://www.healthyhabitsdirect.com/seanmcallister/