The Effectiveness Of Energy Cord Cutting


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The Effectiveness Of Energy Cord Cutting

  1. 1. A cord is a bond that ties two or more people together.There are two types of bonds, negative bond and positive both. Energy cord cutting is a process used to stop the negative feelings between two or more people. This process helps to relieve people and encourage them to continue living with a positive outlook.
  2. 2. Positive bond is mostly found in friends who have got something in common. Positive cord is associated withlove and good wishes. Those concerned are always in good terms. These bonds occur between different people including those that are not related by blood. These ties are easier to be established than to be broken. It is very advantageous when one has a positive bond with parents and family members.
  3. 3. Negative ties are very bad feelings that can exist betweentwo people. In most cases they are caused by lack of trustbetween the two parties. They come with a strong feeling of anger and hatred towards one another. They can also be caused by betrayal in life that was caused by people you loved a lot and cared for a great deal. These feelingsof hatred become stronger and very hard to forget. People with negative bonds at times still have the contacts but are not in good terms as to communicate.
  4. 4. Cord cutting is very important in our daily lives since we all have different interests and feelings. People wrong us daily and we end up holding grudges. Grudges are a typeof negative bonds between people. They seem to be heavy burdens since friends are never forgotten even if they betrayed us. All the time they are remembered, badfeelings come about. Through untying the bond we try and forget the past. One has to focus on the present.
  5. 5. Untying these bonds helps one to move on well with life.All relationships in the future are improved and tend to be the best. One of the most important bonds to cut is thenone between you and your parents and siblings. These arepeople we meet every time in our lives. These bonds could have emerged while still young but you may have not noticed. Feelings of hatred or cruelty can be anchored within someone but they are too shy to show them off. Those feelings are tight bonds that if not untied at the right time can cause harm to many people.
  6. 6. Major bonds and minor bonds are other types of bonds in our lives. We usually have strong connections to certainpeople than others. Major bonds are natural and can formbetween any two or more people. They can exist between a parent and a certain child or between two siblings in a family. Minor bonds come about because of certain relationship reasons in the past. They can form between siblings who at a certain time had a quarrel. It is not the same as negative feelings since in this case there is no hatred involved.
  7. 7. Link cutting will only succeed if the clients have acceptedto end the emotions. They have to realize that they wereundergoing some difficulties in their past lives. Their lives seem to be incomplete and heavily burdened. Cords arealso formed when one does not want to accept the reality of life. During untying they have to accept reality to be able to do away with the negative bonds.
  8. 8. Energy cord cutting has been practiced by different people who find it applicable and beneficial. It is very important in a relationship since it strengthens the positive bondmaking it successful. Doctors have also proven it to be thebest method of realizing strength and reducing chances of certain lifestyle diseases.
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