Nurse Practitioner Programs - The Top Nurse Practitioner Programs


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Nurse Practitioner Programs - The Top Nurse Practitioner Programs

  1. 1. Independently from the country of your origin, nurse practitioners are quickly becoming a very important part of the health-care system. Were talking about highly trained, advanced professionals, and depending on which state is providing the education, even students are taking part in the greatest nurse practitioner programs and aregiven a changeable level of authority for their line of work.Requirements to work in this highly competitive work field include both experience and academic skills in clinical setting, and the training usually begins at the graduate level.
  2. 2. The graduate or student is usually offered by the bestnurse practitioners programs the opportunity to take the examination and be provided with a certified nurse practitioner license to be able to work.
  3. 3. Here is a list of the top nurse practitioner programsaround the world, including the United States as well:
  4. 4. University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
  5. 5. The University of Pennsylvania has gained recognition byWashington Monthly in 2011 as being among the top 25 of the nations, and takes the number one position for the program it operates for Nurse Practitioners and PediatricNurse Practitioners programs. It also takes its place as thesecond and third ranking for family Nurse Practitioner and geriatric Nurse Practitioner Programs. That means that this is the best Nurse Practitioner programs in existence today.
  6. 6. Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore
  7. 7. Among the best Nurse Practitioner programs in the UnitedStates has to be Johns Hopkins University nursing program according to the U.S. News and World Report of 2011because it has come in tied for the first place position with the program at the University of Pennsylvania. Along withthat, it takes the top 15th position as one of the best when it comes to family and pediatric Nurse Practitioner training. Nurse Practitioner degrees are offered at the Masters level in specialty areas such as family primary care and primary care in pediatrics. They also offer achance to earn a Master of Public Health degree alongside a Nurse Practitioner degree.
  8. 8. University of Michigan
  9. 9. The University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor also is one of the ten best colleges according to the Washington Monthly during 2011. There are several different Nurse Practitioner Masters degree programs that are offeredby this school. Those include the Masters degree in adultNurse Practitioner or family Nurse Practitioner, acute careNurse Practitioner, pediatric Nurse Practitioner, as well as additional programs.
  10. 10. London Nursing Schools
  11. 11. In London, there is a huge list of nurse practitioner programs and schools offering nursing degree plans likethe nurse practitioner level of course. Students studying in this city are bound to receive great education in the field of health-care when attending one of these popular and highly effective schools.
  12. 12.