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My conference presentation_final_2010_3

  1. 1. ICT Resources forBusiness Subjects
  2. 2. Why use ICT in the classroom?1. To enhance teaching2. To enhance learning
  3. 3. Why use ICT for Teaching? – Enhances presentations - colour, audio etc. – Makes lessons more interactive – Adds variety to teaching methods – Enables teachers to build up resources – Teacher becomes facilitator
  4. 4. Why use ICT for Learning? – Aids learning – Makes lessons more enjoyable – Facilitates independent learning – Facilitates differentiated learning – Supports Multiple Intelligences
  5. 5. Some Practical uses of ICTfor General Business Subjects1. Adobe PDFs2. Graphing3. Google Docs4. Powerpoint
  6. 6. 1. Adobe PDFs•• Very useful for creating worksheets and tests on particular topics• Useful for distributing exam solutions to students
  7. 7. 2. Graphing• Turn your whiteboard into a sheet of graph paper! – Bar Charts – Break-even charts• Just insert a graph paper image into your slideshow or scan your own!
  8. 8. 3. Google Docs• Create documents online – Excel – Word – Powerpoint – Upload documents online• Access them from anywhere• Share them with students at home
  9. 9. What to do....• You must have a gmail email account.• Each of your students must also have a gmail email account.• Go to the “My Documents” link• Upload/Create documents• Invite your students and share them.
  10. 10. 4. Powerpoint• Create powerpoint slideshows on different topics.• Two slideshows on JC Business – National Budget – Chain of Production
  11. 11. Some Practical uses of ICT for JC Business Subjects1. The Internet2. Fun Stuff
  12. 12. 1. The Internet• Widely available• Fun and interactive• Real world business applications at your fingertips
  13. 13. Online Classroom Activities1. Insurance2. People at Work3. Delivery4. Money and Banking5. Consumer
  14. 14. 1. INSURANCE• Go to• Students click on Motor, House, Life, Travel or Pet Insurance• Students will be required to enter various pieces of data and answer various questions to get an immediate quote.
  15. 15. 2. PEOPLE AT WORK:• Go to• Students choose a job type• Students choose a job location• Students research the different jobs on offer and choose one to apply for.• Students can go to the website of the company advertising the job• Students type up an application letter for the job.
  17. 17. MONEY AND BANKING• CURRENCY CONVERTER• Students can convert from and to any currency they wish• Students can enter different amounts
  18. 18. CONSUMER• l/your_account/understand_your_bill.jsp
  19. 19. Buying a House•
  20. 20. Fun Stuff!!!• Business Studies Activities & Games uk
  21. 21. Fun Stuff!!!• Business “Who wants to be a Millionaire” http://www.businessstudiesonline. %20Millionaire/index.html
  22. 22. TY Business•
  23. 23. Practicalities• Classes must be prepared in advance• Don’t use ICT just for the sake of it• Have an activity sheet for students• Book the computer room in advance
  24. 24. Planning Your Lesson• Check how many computers are available.• Think about the management of the class• Ensure all pupils are involved in the lesson.• Limit yourself to a few achievable goals.• Check Internet sites you wish to use in advance.• Have alternative activities prepared in case of computer problems!
  25. 25. After Your Lesson• Did ICT improve your lesson?• Did pupils achieve the learning objectives?• Did they learn faster? Was the motivation greater?• What went well/ not so well? What could you do to make it better next time?
  26. 26. Difficulties• Shortage of time• Constraints of curriculum• Dominance of examinations• Lack of resources• Lack of funding• Lack of teacher ICT skills/training• Lack of student ICT competency• Lack of appropriate software• Inadequate Planning• Assessment• May become a distraction