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190 623

  1. 1.     Lotus 190-623 Lotus Notes Domino 6 Configuring Domino Web Servers 90 Q&A Version : L9.0                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
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  3. 3.    1. Marco has implemented a Redirection rule for a Web site. However, the URL request is being modifiedbefore the Redirection rule can be applied. Which one of the following types of rules is evaluated before aRedirection rule?A. DirectoryB. SubstitutionC. Passthru ruleD. HTTP response headerAnswer: B2. Internet Site documents for specific Web protocols can be created one at a time. Which one of thefollowing is NOT a supported Web protocol for Internet Site documents?A. SMTP outboundB. LDAPC. IIOPD. IMAPAnswer: A3. Dominique is moving files, including Domino databases, from one directory to another on the same Webserver. Which one of the following types of rules should be created so new links do not need to be created?A. Direction RuleB. Directory RuleC. Redirection RuleD. Substitution RuleAnswer: D4. Alyssa, the Domino administrator, wishes to restrict web agents from running indefinitely on a Dominoserver. In which one of the following fields is this value configured?A. Web agent timeoutB. Run web agents concurrentlyC. Persistent connection timeoutD. Run unrestricted methods and operationsAnswer: A5. Domino applies Web rules to HTTP connections from Web browsers in a particular order. Which one ofthe following best describes the order they are applied?A. Response, supplemental, and directoryB. Substitution, supplemental, and responseC. HTTP response header, redirection, and directoryD. Substitution, redirection, and HTTP response headers                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  4. 4.    Answer: D6. Lizette wishes to enable Domino Off-Line Services (DOLS) for her Internet users. Which one of thefollowing fields must be configured to allow DOLS to function?A. The DOLS fieldB. The DSAPI fieldC. The ndolextn fieldD. The offline services fieldAnswer: B7. Which one of the following types of Web rules redirects incoming URLs to another URL?A. DirectoryB. RedirectionC. SubstitutionD. HTTP Response HeaderAnswer: B8. James is converting his Domino 5 Web Server Configurations to Domino Internet Sites. In Domino 5, heutilized Virtual Server documents. Which one of the following is the Domino 6/6.5 equivalent?A. RuleB. File ProtectionC. Web Site documentD. Authentication RealmAnswer: C9. Pattern-matching inside of Web rules may contain which one of the following?A. Spaces in URLsB. Directory lookupsC. Wildcard charactersD. Case-sensitive matchingAnswer: C10. Certain clients utilizing WebDAV attempt to lock WebDAV items. Where is "design locking" enabled forWebDAV?A. The Global Web settings documentB. The server configuration document in the Domino DirectoryC. The Web Site document that is specified for the WebDAV domainD. The Design tab of the Database Properties dialog box for each WebDAV databaseAnswer: D11. Barrett, the Domino administrator, wishes to begin having Domino look up the host names of connecting                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  5. 5.    Internet clients. Which one of the following fields must he enable for this change to take effect?A. DNS lookupB. DNS lookup cacheC. Bind to host nameD. Enforce server access settingsAnswer: A12. Emily, the Domino administrator, is enabling WebDAV for the first time. What HTTP methods areenabled by default?A. GET, PLACE, HEAD, RETRIEVEB. GET, OPTIONS, REMOVE, REPLACEC. PUT, REPLACE, REMOVE, RETRIEVED. GET, HEAD, OPTIONS, POST, TRACEAnswer: D13. Josie, the Domino administrator, had WebDAV functioning properly. Josie made a change to theservers configuration which caused WebDAV to stop functioning. Which one of the following changeswould cause WebDAV to stop working?A. SMTP was loaded on the server.B. Internet Site documents were created.C. Session authentication was enabled.D. POP3 was loaded on the same server.Answer: C14. When you install a Domino 6 Web server, several file-resource directories are created automatically.Which directories are created?A. CGI, HTML, and Icon directoriesB. Bin, Database, and HTML directoriesC. CGI, Database, and Icon directoriesD. HTML, Icon, and Database directoriesAnswer: A15. Jason, the Domino administrator, notices that the Domino server queues new Web requests untilanother request finishes and threads become available. Which one of the following settings should bemodified to decrease the number of Web requests pending?A. Active CountB. Pending CountC. Number Active Threads                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  6. 6.    D. Number Pending ThreadsAnswer: C16. Scott wishes to disable LDAP on the only Domino server in the domain. Which one of the followingnotes.ini settings will disable LDAP on the administration server?A. AdminDisabledLDAP=1B. AdminDisabledLDAP=0C. DisableLDAPOnAdmin=1D. DisableLDAPOnAdmin=0Answer: C17. Margaret has edited the Web Site configuration document to enable users to see the realm "Sales" inthe authentication dialog. Which one of the following fields was modified?A. DescriptionB. Directory or file pathC. Realm name returned to browserD. Realm label returned to browserAnswer: D18. Which one of the following Web browser options is required for a user to log onto a Domino server usingsession-based authentication?A. JavaB. CORBAC. CookiesD. Secure Socket Layer (SSL)Answer: C19. To run Java applets created with Java Notes classes on a Domino Web server, which one of thefollowing server tasks must be running?A. LDAPB. SMTPC. DIIOPD. NNTPAnswer: C20. Barbara wants to use the same Web Site document for multiple servers. Which one of the followingmust be done to enable this?A. The Web Site document must be copied and pasted into each server document manually.B. By default, Web Site documents are not associated with specific Domino servers, so no additional stepsare necessary.                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  7. 7.    C. The Web Site document must be manually modified by a design change that allows all servers in thedomain to see the Web Site document.D. By default, Web Site documents may not be utilized for more than one server in the domain. A newdocument must be created for each server.Answer: B21. Chris, a Domino administrator, has created a Web site authentication realm for the DataSales directorywith a label of Inventory. Which one of the following is returned to the Web browser for a user authenticatingwith a database in the Sales directory?A. SalesB. InventoryC. DataSalesD. DataInventoryAnswer: B22. Tawanda wishes to deploy LDAP access to the Domino Directory. However, she wishes to restrict thefields available to anonymous users. In which one of the following documents are the fields selected thatwill be available to anonymous access?A. LDAP Site documentB. Internet Site documentC. LDAP configuration documentD. Server configuration documentAnswer: D23. The TCP authentication field for "Anonymous" is set to "No". What effect does this setting have?A. All anonymous users have access.B. All anonymous users are prohibited access.C. All connections to the Domino server must be made via SSL.D. All connections to the Domino server must always be anonymous.Answer: B24. Alexander has installed and configured the appropriate Web server plug-ins on a front-end server.Which two HTTP servers are supported as front-end Web servers that pass HTTP requests to Dominoservers?A. IHS and IISB. Apache and IISC. Apache and IHSD. IIS and Cold FusionAnswer: A                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  8. 8.    25. To create an error or response message page, create a form for each type of message and then createa mapping document in which one of the following Domino databases?A. Log.nsfB. Names.nsfC. Config.nsfD. Domcfg.nsfAnswer: D26. Susan has created a list of IP addresses that are allowed access and a list of IP addresses that aredenied access. Both are placed in the appropriate fields. Which one of the following fields takesprecedence BY DEFAULT when the same IP address is found in both lists?A. The Allow Access fieldB. The Deny Access fieldC. The Substitution Access fieldD. An error will be presented stating an address may not be in both fields.Answer: A27. Brent, the Domino administrator, wants clients to be able to resume downloads if interrupted. He will beusing byte-range serving for clients that support it. Which one of the following must he verify on documentattachments so byte-range serving will function correctly?A. Attachments must be decompressed.B. Attachments must be HTTP enabled.C. Attachments must have the extension .zip.D. Attachments must have the extension .brs.Answer: A28. Jerry, a Web user, has customized his preferences while visiting a Domino 6/6.5 Web server. Where arethe preferences stored?A. On his local machine in a cookieB. On the Domino server in a cookieC. On the Domino server in a Notes databaseD. On his local machine in a Notes databaseAnswer: A29. The LDAP service cannot find information for which an LDAP client is searching in the primary DominoDirectory, a condensed Directory Catalog, or a Domino Directory or Extended Directory Catalog configuredin a directory assistance database. Which one of the following is the next step the LDAP service performs?A. The LDAP service returns an error.B. The LDAP service terminates on the server.                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  9. 9.    C. The client is referred to a remote LDAP directory.D. The LDAP service returns a list of possible matches it finds in the first searches.Answer: C30. Marshall, the Domino administrator, has enabled session authentication (SSO), but it is not functioningproperly. Which one of the following is necessary for him to complete for SSO to be enabled properly?A. Create a Web SSO Configuration document.B. Remove the HTTP task from the server notes.ini.C. Remove the full DNS server name in the host name field of the Web Site or Server document.D. Choose Disabled in the Web Site document to prevent cookies from being used by the Domino serverfor authentication.Answer: A31. Dennis, a Domino administrator, wishes to apply Web rules to multiple Web sites. Which one of thefollowing types of Web rules documents should he create?A. Substitution documentB. Global Web Settings documentC. HTTP Response header documentD. Web server redirection documentAnswer: B32. Vince has configured an Expires header rule. Which one of the following is obtained by using thesetypes of rules?A. Explicit instructions to Domino to delete documentsB. It notifies the browser when resources are expected to change.C. Explicit instructions to Notes clients on when to update a documentD. It notifies the browser when the resource or resources used to generate a response was last changed.Answer: B33. In Domino 6/6.5, Web Site documents are managed through which one of the following views in theDomino Directory?A. HTTPWeb SitesB. ServersWeb SitesC. HTTPInternet SitesD. ServersInternet SitesAnswer: D34. Andy, a system administrator, is implementing a Web cluster of Domino servers for load balancing.Which type of server license should he install?A. Domino IIS Server                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  10. 10.    B. Domino Mail ServerC. Domino Cluster ServerD. Domino Enterprise ServerAnswer: D35. Amy, the Domino administrator, wants to enforce file security on HTML and Image files. Which one ofthe following should she do?A. Enforce ECLs.B. Create File Protection documents.C. Use Protect Directories in the Httpd.cnf files.D. Configure the ACL in webadmin.nsf to allow Anonymous access.Answer: B36. A database is being enabled to be accessible through WebDAV. Which of the following is the correct"Maximum Internet name & password" setting to allow access?A. Reader or AuthorB. Designer or ManagerC. Editor with Delete capabilitiesD. Anonymous with Create Public Documents capabilitiesAnswer: B37. Libby, the Domino administrator, needs to immediately revoke an Internet certificate due to acompromised key. Which one of the following databases will she open to revoke the certificate?A. The ICL database for the certifier that issued the certificateB. The CRL database for the certifier that issued the certificateC. The CERT database for the certifier that issued the certificateD. The Domcfg.nsf database for the certifier that issued the certificateAnswer: A38. What is the default access level for File Protection documents when first created?A. A -Default- entry, set to No AccessB. A -Default- entry, set to ReaderC. An Anonymous entry, set to No AccessD. An Anonymous entry, set to ReaderAnswer: A39. For Web sites, the common name on the server key ring must match which one of the following?A. The DNS nameB. The name of the Domino administratorC. It must match only the actual Domino server name                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
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