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  • 1. The Theory of Learning to Drive Sandie & Julie
    • A Navigation Plan
    NOTE: this presentation is not designed to be navigated in a linear fashion. There are many animations and hyperlinks imbedded in the slides. Please pause on the slide to allow any animation present to load.
  • 2. Course Overview
  • 3. Progress This screen is shown at the completion of each module As the learner shows competence in each module it is washed out and they progress to the license. The learner has just completed the Signs module Warrant of Fitness Signs Vehicle Controls Intersections License
  • 4. Home Screen
  • 5. Signs Teach Me Compulsory Signs Warning Signs Test Me Information Signs
  • 6. Game Play the game with guidance Test my knowledge
    • Download Game
    • Mobile phone
    • PDA
    • PSP
  • 7.  
  • 8. Play the Game
    • Your brother needs a monthly train ticket to get to school tomorrow. You have been asked to drive to the Railway station and pick up a Train ticket and drive home again.
  • 9. Warrant of Fitness Test Me This button will link to websites showing the car and what is tested for with a warrant of fitness (WOF) Teach Me This button will link to a selection of quizzes
  • 10. Vehicle Controls Test Me This button will link to websites showing the car interior and demonstrations of what each control does This button will link to an interactive drag and drop labels game and a crossword Teach Me
  • 11. Driving Instructor
    • Change Instructor
    • Turn Help Off
  • 12. WOF checklist This will link to a drag N drop interactive label game.
  • 13.
    • This will be an interactive matching of picture and text exercise. (drag and drop)
          • Information Sign for directions
          • Slippery Road in certain conditions
          • Men working on the road
          • Maximum Legal Speed in perfect conditions
          • Give Way to all traffic
    Signs Test
  • 14. Interactive Crosswords created at
  • 15. Progress Congratulations! You are now ready to sit your learners license Warrant of Fitness Signs Vehicle Controls Intersections License