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Apresentação Mitel
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Apresentação Mitel


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  • 1. Mitel Apresentação Corporativa 11 de agosto 2010 Paulo Ricardo Pinto: Jorge Lourenço :
  • 2. Crescimento Acelerado do Mercado IP Telephony ($bn) (1) Unified Communications ($bn) (2) (1) Gartner, Inc., “Forecast: Enterprise Telephony Equipment, Worldwide, 2005-2014, (1Q10 Update),” February 2010, Megan Fernandez. (2) Market Overview: Sizing Unified Communications, Forrester Research, Inc., February 2009. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2010 2011 2012 2013 $3.8 $5.0 $6.7 $8.8 CAGR: 33% $8.6 $10.2 $11.1 $11.9 CAGR: 11%
  • 3.  
  • 4. Liderança no Mercado SMB - Small & Medium Business MARKET SHARE (4) COMPANY (1) T3i Group LLC, “InfoTrack for Enterprise Communications Summary Results North America: Q309, December 2009 and Q409, February 2010 Reports.” (2) MZA Telecoms & IT analysts, The World PBX & IP Market, Sept. 09. Represents 2010E statistics. (3) Based on shipments of Mitel Communications Director. (4) Arrows represent direction of market share movement from 2007 – 2009. Dash indicates ≤ .15% change in market share. Other includes Panasonic, Vertical Networks and Toshiba, with 8.0%, 7.1% and 5.9% market share, respectively. >100 Ext. 46% # of Extensions System Size % IP Technology SME Enterprise Extensions <100 Ext. 54% IP 19% TDM 81% Top 3 SME market share… The largest market… A pure play in SME 50% 18% 17% 12% 3% 1 to 49 50 to 99 100 to 249 250 to 999 over 1,000 Mitel Customers by Customer Size (3) Global Installed Base (2) (~400 million extensions) SME Telephony Market Share (1) (Sub-1000 Lines, North America) CISCO 22.0% AVAYA 14.7% 11.2% NEC 10.4% NORTEL 8.2% SHORETEL 2.7% OTHER 30.8% TOTAL 100%
  • 5. Mitel Global Market Shares Summary
      • “ #3 United States Sub-1000 Converged Lines, 2009 ” (Q4, 2009 report)
      • “ #3 Canada Telephony Lines, 2009 ” (Q4, 2009 report)
      • “ #2 North America Telephony Ports Share Gain, 2006 to 2009 ” (Q4, 2009 report)
      • “ #1 United Kingdom
      • Sub-500 Extensions, 2009 ”
      • (Q4, 2009 report)
      • “ #2 United Kingdom IP Telephony Extensions, 2009 ” (Q4, 2009 report)
      • “ #2 Netherlands IP Telephony Extensions, 2009 ”
      • (Q4, 2009 report)
  • 6. Tendências de Mercado slide Mitel | Confidential
  • 7. Prioridade dos Investimento em TI Source: BarCap CIO Survey April 2010 April 2010 October 2009 Server Virtualization Security Cloud Computing Storage Virtualization Windows 7 Upgrade Cycle Desktop Virtualization Mobile Messaging/Apps Labor Optimization Green Computing (Saving Power) % of Responses 0 10 20 30 40 50 60
  • 8. Trends Driving Spending in 2010: Regaining Momentum Source: BarCap CIO Survey April 2010
  • 9. Increasing Server Virtualization Market Share in 2010
  • 10. 2010 Networking Priorities Healthy Growth of IP Telephony and Video Conferencing trends
  • 11. Mitel Driving New Approaches to Growth MULTI-SITE COLLABORATION & PRESENCE Work without Boundaries, One Connection First Contact Resolution MANAGED SERVICES Reduced capital expenditures SMOOTH MIGRATION & LEGACY RESCUE Server Consolidation and Software Only Options CapEx Reduction OpEx Efficiencies Future Proof Mitel Communications Director 5000 Communications Platform SOLID FOUNDATION FOR GROWTH Mitel Applications Suite & Mitel Border Gateway Integrated Business Applications Extensive IP, Wireless, Digital & Softphone Desktop Productivity Gains
  • 12. slide Mitel | Confidential Laying a Foundation for Growth Your Platform of Choice
  • 13. Mitel Business Communications Leadership Developing the Future Fall 2004 TDM to VOIP Open O/S to RT Open O/S Industry HW Support SW Based Call Control Desktop Virtualization Data Center Virtualization
    • Transition from TDM PBX switching to IP
    • Open O/S to Real Time Open O/S (Linux)
    • Support for Industry std Server HW (Sun, IBM ® , HP)
    • Development of SW based call control platform (MCD)
    • Virtualization leadership (MICD)
  • 14. Desktop Virtualization Mitel Unified IP Client – Voice and Desktop Mobility
    • Seamless Mobility – Single Sign-on
    • Virtual Desktop Integration
    • Cell Phone Automatic Handoff (provider agnostic)
    • Secured and High Available Voice and Data Integrity
    • Energy Efficient – 7 watts for telephony and thin client
    One Number, One Desktop Multiple Devices Reduces IT costs and enhances employee productivity Home office with Oracle Secure Global Desktop + home phone Corporate office with Mitel UIC for Sun Ray ™ Stand Mobile on the road while broadcasting corporate ID Branch office with Sun Ray 3+ and 5360 IP Phone
  • 15. Mitel Business Communications Leadership Developing the Future
    • Transition from TDM PBX switching to IP
    • Open O/S to Real Time Open O/S (Linux)
    • Support for Industry std Server HW (SUN, IBM, HP)
    • Development of SW based call control platform (MCD)
    • Virtualization leadership (MICD)
    TDM to VOIP Open O/S to RT Open O/S Industry HW Support SW Based Call Control Desktop Virtualization Data Center Virtualization
  • 16. Mitel Business Communications Leadership Developing the Future Fall 2004
    • Transition from TDM PBX switching to IP
    • Open O/S to Real Time Open O/S (Linux)
    • Support for Industry std Server HW (SUN, IBM, HP)
    • Development of SW based call control platform (MCD)
    • Virtualization leadership (MICD)
    TDM to VOIP Open O/S to RT Open O/S Industry HW Support SW Based Call Control Desktop Virtualization Data Center Virtualization
  • 17. New! UC Advanced Mobile for BlackBerry ®
    • Unifies UC components into a single, easy-to-manage interface
      • Control Dynamic Status remotely
        • Status automatically updated based on GPS and Bluetooth location
      • View corporate contacts and presence
      • View call history
      • View voice mail message details
    Advanced UC capabilities extended to mobile workers
  • 18. Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution The Value Simple to use True Business Value An investment that pays off – quickly Flexible deployment Software solution that delivers hard results More tolerance, less bandwidth Natural communications
  • 19. Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution Solution Components HD Cameras (bottom of each monitor) slide Mitel | Confidential HD Monitors Speakers (for stereo or spatial sound)
    • Server
    • Video Codec
    • Audio Bridge
    • Session Controller
    Spatial Wideband Audio Acquisition Unit (Beam forming Mic Array) Desk Phone With VoiceFirst Application
  • 20. New! Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution Release 3.0
    • New in Release 3.0
      • HDSolo – single display endpoint
      • 3rd party Direct SIP/H.264 interop
      • Scalable codec – brings HD quality at very low bandwidth
      • Flexible bandwidth – based on what is rendered at local site
      • Remote desktop browser based collaboration
    Advanced telecollaboration at a compelling price point
  • 21. slide Mitel | Confidential Desktop Portfolio
  • 22. Leadership in Design and Functionality
  • 23. New! Mitel IP Phone Portfolio Additions
    • 5320 Entry Self-label IP Phone
    • 5360 Powerful Color / Touch Set
    • GbE Factory Bundles for 5340 / 30 / 20
    • IP-DECT Stand and 5610 Cordless Handsets
    • Live Content Suite Available for 5360
    • Intelligent Directory FREE on Application Sets
    • HTML Toolkit R2.1
      • Color / Touch
      • Full / partial screen and single button
      • “ Push” content
    Comprehensive portfolio of application phones
  • 24. IP Phone Portfolio 5302 5304 5330 5340 5324 5312 5360 5320
    • Dual-port, two-line IP phone supports compression
    • Basic telephony & messaging
    • Entry level
    • Rich embedded applications
    • Self labeling
    • Large display
    • 8 buttons
    • HTML Tool kit support
    • Rich embedded applications
    • large graphics backlit display
    • 24 programmable self-labeling keys
    • HTML Toolkit support
    • Dual-port, multi-line, display IP speakerphone
    • User- programmable features
    • Dual-port, multi-line, display IP speakerphone
    • User programmable features
    • Large graphics backlit display
    • Dual-mode protocol SIP / MiNet
    • Wideband audio support
    • HTML applications toolkit built in
    • 48 programmable self-labeling keys with one-touch access
    • Color IP phone
    • HTML toolkit for graphically rich applications
    • Touch screen includes keyboard and volume control
    • “ Gadget Sidebar” provides access to applications
  • 25. Mitel Live Content Suite
    • End User Personalized Live Content
      • Live Twitter
      • Live Weather
      • Live Flickr Photos
      • Expanding Portfolio of Live Widgets
    • Workgroup Rich Media Content delivery to user community
      • Simple content creation using standard 3rd party blogging tools
      • On-the-fly content updates
    • FREE on 5360 IP Phone
    Personalized, live, rich media content on your phone
  • 26. Intelligent Directory Release 1.2
    • New FREE version for 5320 / 30 / 40 / 60
      • On-phone access to Corporate Directory Contacts (AD & LDAP)
      • Multiple numbers per contact
      • Search for contacts using dial pad or touch keyboard on 5360
    • New enhanced version
      • On-phone access to Personal MS Outlook Contacts
      • OCS Presence on Phone display for Corporate Contacts
      • Called Party Calendar Availability
    Full-featured directory application with presence display
  • 27. slide Mitel | Confidential Wireless Portfolio
  • 28. Menor Consumo de Energia Comparações entre os concorrentes* Servidor de Sinalização x 2 400 Outros Requisitos MG1000 x 2 274 G700 x 2 500 200 22OT1 A x 8 22OT1 x 8 272 3300 x 2 140 Gateway / Controlador CS1000 x 2 110 S8700 x 2 210 CM x 2 1100 Controlador de Chamada dedicado 1140 6,0 9650 4,8 7961G 5,0 5340 3,3 Aparelho High End 1120 6,0 1606 5,6 7931G 7,0 212 3,1 5224 3,3 Aparelho Mid Range 1110 2,8 1603 4,0 7906G 5,0 110 2,8 5201 1,4 Aparelho Low End Nortel Avaya Cisco ShoreTel Mitel Equipamento
  • 29. Wireless LAN Stand
    • Converts a desktop phone to a wireless device
    • Connected to an IP phone – serves as an access point for 6 wireless IP phones
    • Connect a PC to 2nd port for wireless data access
    Having trouble communicating between buildings that may not be wired? Wired Wireless LAN Stand as Access Point Wireless Client Wireless Client Wireless Client Wireless Client Wireless Client Wireless Client
  • 30. Cordless Handset / Headset
    • Improve mobility and productivity
    • Mobility within 100 meters range from the phone
    • Leader in acoustic quality
      • DECT technology – higher quality voice, density, and less interference than Bluetooth
  • 31. WiFi Integration
    • SpectraLink e340, h340, i640
      • Full MCD platform integration
      • Handsets can be hot desks or ACD agents; Keyline support
    • SpectraLink 8020/8030 r3
      • Direct MCD SIP integration
      • 802.11 a/b/g support
    • Ascom i75
      • Direct MCD SIP integration
    • App and Middleware support
      • Messaging, Location, PTT
  • 32. IP-DECT Integration
    • MCD Integration
      • Feature rich SIP integration
      • Desktop twinned via Dynamic Extension
    • Enterprise grade Handsets and Accessories
      • Office / Retail: 5602, 5603
      • Healthcare: 5604
      • Industrial: 5606, 5606-Alarm
    • Messaging and Services
      • Phonebook, Alarms, Messaging, Location
      • 3 rd -party App and middleware support
  • 33. New! Mitel IP-DECT Release 4.0 Enhancements
    • Next Generation Handsets and Accessories
      • 5603: General office use
      • 5604: Healthcare (moisture/solvent resistant)
    • Enhanced User Interface and Feature Support
      • UCA Integration: Control and Presence
      • MCD resiliency and Dynamic Extension support
      • Callback, Conferencing and Call Status Display
    • IP-DECT System Enhancements
      • Streamlined MCD phonebook import
      • Enhanced configuration and administration
    “ Best of Breed” multi-cell DECT private wireless solution, Ideal for vertical applications
  • 34. Strategic Partners Partner Focus HP ProCurve Best of breed network and voice offering Microsoft LCS to OCS to Exchange 2007 and beyond Oracle Virtual desktop and data center integration RIM Mobilize business communications VMWare Expansion of virtualization market IBM Converged Small Business productivity solution
  • 35. Mitel and VMware Partnership Global Leader in Virtualization Solutions 85% overall market share 97% market share of F1000 40 countries with over 22,000 channel partners Global Technology Innovator Award Winner
  • 36. Mitel and RIM Alliance
    • Leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative wireless solutions
      • Approximate total subscriber base of 32 million (Q2 FY10)
    • Provides platforms and solutions for seamless access to time-sensitive information including email, phone, text messaging, instant messaging, Internet and intranet-based applications
      • BlackBerry is available on over 500 carriers and channels in over 170 countries around the world (Q2 FY10)
    Delivering Converged Fixed Voice and Mobile Communications Expanding UCC Applications to Mobile Users
  • 37. IBM
    • Multi-point engagement with IBM
      • Smart Business
        • Mitel for IBM Foundation SMB offer
      • Hotel in a Box
        • Mitel-IBM Hospitality specific bundled applications
  • 38. Mitel and Microsoft
    • Delivers tight Integration and interoperability with Microsoft’s unified communications technologies:
      • Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007
      • Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
    • The Mitel Live Business Gateway allows connectivity to Office Communications Server 2007 for both Mitel solutions and legacy voice infrastructures based on open industry standards such as SIP, XML, and CSTA.
    • Working together, Mitel and Microsoft are enabling enterprises to evolve their communications platforms in a smooth, cost-effective manner, to facilitate increased efficiency and productivity.
  • 39. Mitel and HP ProCurve
    • Mitel and HP ProCurve Networking share a strategic partnership aimed at delivering customer-centric convergence solutions to the enterprise market.
    • Mitel’s leading-edge IP Telephony portfolio and ProCurve’s best-in-class switching gear delivers best-of-breed, end-to-end convergence solutions from two world-class companies with unique expertise in their domains.
  • 40. slide Mitel | Confidential Why Mitel?
  • 41. Software centric HTML & Custom Apps The Market Leader The Customer Benefit Your choice of software – simplifying management/support Legacy Rescue UC Advanced applications focus Industry specific IP Phone html applications IP enable outdated infrastructure without replacing any hardware Single portal to launch apps that fit differentiated users Strategic Partnerships Desktop & data center virtualization & OCS / Sametime ® integration
  • 42. Why Mitel? Our global customer base spans multiple industry sectors
  • 43. Why Mitel? MOTOROLA
  • 44. What CUSTOMERS are “Saying …” “ The Mitel solution is very flexible and provides us with the framework to deploy applications in the future..“ &quot;We now deliver an exceptional service and have been able to expand by the planned 50% without it impacting on customer service.“ &quot;The Mitel system has been in place for about two years - It just works.“ &quot;We run a small but dynamic business, and Mitel's IP technology and Teleworker solution stretch across the globe with us.&quot; N. Mackrill CEO CommonTime S. Saunders, VP Corporate Operations Carlson Wagonlit Travel &quot;We used to spend nearly $18,000 each quarter on service calls. With Mitel, we have even been able to scale back our IT support by one headcount due to the remote management features.“ S. Rigby Operations Director Broker Assistance Limited &quot;This system is efficient, we get up to 90% of the calls to the right 'desk' with the correct record 'on-screen' as the calls are answered.“ M. Sharp Practice Manager Northgate Medical Centre C. Gibbons Information Systems Manager Appliance Smart D. Thomas IT Administrator Quirk Auto Dealers
  • 45. What CUSTOMERS are “Saying …” “ The rollout has been so successful in Europe that the Mitel product set has become our global standard.” &quot;We chose Mitel to provide this new network because they offer a solution that allows us to reduce our operating costs and improve safety.“ “ Mitel rose above the competition with a solution that is scalable and cost-effective.“ “ “ MICD minimized our upfront capital outlay and risk…. we can achieve faster service delivery because an administrator can create a new customer PBX instance in a matter of minutes.” Jeff Harvey Business Consultant CBTS G. Schrils, VP Technology and Services Intercontinental Hotels Group “ With Mitel’s IP Solution we have converged and future-proofed our voice and data networks, while delivering a wide range of hospitality-specific telephony features…” R. W. Runcie CIO CPS ““ MICD will allow us to manage all 120 of our car dealership locations from a centralized location, while maintaining the flexibility of a separate PBX for each dealership … No other communications provider offers that.” Wouter Engbers ICT Manager The Stern Group N. Wright Telecommunications Manager SSA Global D. Zimmerman CIO Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc.
  • 46. slide Mitel | Confidential “… .Mitel is effectively stacking its deck with numerous emerging UC technologies; including virtualization, SIP, and mobility in ways that its (traditional) competitors are not.” ~Dave Michaels, Unified Communications Strategies - Mitel's Intriguing Announcement, Jan 19, 2010 “ Mitel was the first to announce virtualizing real-time voice applications to leverage industry standard servers, based on its relationship with VMware ... ” ~ Blair Pleasant, COMMfusion, No Jitter - It's A Mad Mad Virtual World Oct 21, 2009 “ A plethora of advanced UC and collaboration solutions offered by communication vendors are looking to address the same business needs and challenges. Yet, Mitel has remained at the forefront of technology innovation. … the integration of video conferencing with collaboration (file sharing, etc.) is a valuable feature that provides users with a more comprehensive collaborative experience.” ~ Elka Popova, Frost & Sullivan, Mitel Enhances it's UC and Collaboration Portfolio Sep 23, 2009
  • 47. slide Mitel | Confidential “ Mitel has a good vision of where it's going, and over time I think we'll see it play a much bigger role in the evolution of the telecom sector than Nortel.” ~ Zeus Kerravala, Yankee Group, Jan 2, 2008 “ With this week's announcements about Unified Communicator Advanced, Mitel delivers a complete UC suite that also introduces some industry-leading functionality…..Combined with Series X's valuable capabilities around extensibility and mobility, the features in UC Advanced R3 make Mitel a leading contender in the unified communications market” ~Melanie Turek, Frost & Sullivan, No Jitter, Mitel Series X Delivers Complete UC, Sep 24, 2009 “ What I particularly like about Mitel Mobile is that the business isn’t just about selling wireless connectivity. Mobility simply strengthens their overall portfolio, and for a lot of businesses, that’s an attractive value proposition.”~ Intellicom Analytics, July 2008 ~Jon Arnold, Unified Communications Strategies - Mitel Mobile – Adding Mobility to UC, Feb 8, 2010
  • 48. Obrigado Mitel do Brasil Av das Américas 700, Bloco 1, Grupo 132 Condomínio Città América Tel: 21 2586 0001 [email_address]