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Branding for retail industry: Seagull Advertising's case study of a recent, successful campaign for Jaihind, a popular men's clothing brand in Pune and Kolhapur. The idea was a Fashion Show, with the participants being chosen from facebook. The highlight? Participants get to walk the ramp with Bollywood celebrity Kunal Kapoor. The campaign was primarily carried out through social media and online marketing and got in 172 entries for the fashion show, apart from creating a lot of buzz for Jaihind.

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Jaihind case study by Seagull Digital

  1. 1. JAIHIND TIRANGA FASHION SPLASH EVENT – 15th Aug 2013 - A Seagull Digital Case Study
  2. 2. Just like every other year, Pune's popular men's retail brand, Jaihind, wanted to do something interesting on Independence Day, to engage their consumers. Client’s objective: •Spread awareness about Jaihind on Independence Day •Drive more traffic to the store during this period Create buzz on independence day
  3. 3. Seagull planned a unique Independence Day fashion event called the Jaihind Tiranga Fashion Splash, with Kunal Kapoor, on Aug 15th, at the Jaihind store. Jaihind Tiranga Fashion Show
  4. 4. - The ‘Jaihind Tiranga Fashion Splash’ event would consist of a fashion show, with Bollywood hunk and Jaihind’s brand ambassador, Kunal Kapoor walking the ramp at the Jaihind Laxmi road store. - Kunal would also visit all the Jaihind stores on that day and interact with crowds. How did we engage our audience? For the event, we invited the youth of Pune (male models) to upload their photos on our facebook page and win a chance to walk the ramp with Kunal Kapoor. To elaborate
  5. 5. One deserving model would get to star in Jaihind’s forthcoming ad campaign, with a leading Bollywood star. The highlight?
  6. 6. - To get 100 participants for the event within 2 days SMART Objective
  7. 7. Online: We took our campaign online, primarily on Facebook, while creating enough noise through online marketing channels like Google adwords, emailers, facebook adsRadio: We also supported it through radio ads Our flight plan
  8. 8. - To create buzz online, we ran Facebook contests where lucky winners would win the chance to get photographed with Kunal Kapoor - On ground in our stores, we had Kunal Kapoor himself give away autographed tees - We spread the same message online, to drive traffic to our Jaihind stores Other community building activities
  9. 9. SMART Objective achieved: - Within 2 days and within just 1/10th of what print advertising would have cost us, we got 172 entries for the event on our facebook page - We also increased traffic to the stores through our various engagement initiatives Increased social community size: Our facebook community base grew from 0 – 1636 in just 2 days. And more importantly, these fans are also potential Jaihind customers. The Result?
  10. 10. Event conceptualised and managed end-to-end by Seagull Advertising (Seagull Planning, Digital and Events)