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Digestive system
Digestive system
Digestive system
Digestive system
Digestive system
Digestive system
Digestive system
Digestive system
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Digestive system


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Digestive System
  • 2. How does your digestive system work? First you eat your favorite food and your saliva glands start squirting into your mouth. Your molars grind your food into smaller pieces. Chemicals in your saliva start chemical reactions. The starch in your food begins to turn to sugar! A couple of more chews and, then, your tongue pushes the chewed up food to the back of your throat. A trap door opens, and it goes down your stomach. Then your muscles squeeze the mass of food down a tube, or esophagus. They do it in a muscle action called peristalsis. Then, the valve to the stomach opens and food mush lands in your stomach.
  • 3. What does it do inside? Your food is broken into even smaller and smaller bits. Then another valve opens. As the slop gets pushed into the small intestine. Inside the small intestine, chemicals and liquids from places like your kidneys and pancreas break down and mix up the leftovers. Next, they're pushed into the large intestine.
  • 4. Why do you need the digestive system?
      If you did not have your digestive system you would not be able to digest your food in other words you will not be able to swallow your food.
  • 5. Can you get a disease in your digestive system? Yes your digestive system can get a disease. When you eat, your body breaks food down to a form. It runs from your mouth to your anus and includes your esophagus, stomach, and small and large intestines. Your liver, gallbladder and pancreas are also involved. They produce juices to help digestion. When something goes wrong and some part of the process doesn’t work properly, the end result is one kind or another of a digestive system disorders. There are many common digestive system disorders.
  • 6. That’s All About Digestive Systems!!! Go to the next page to see pictures of the Digestive System!!!
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