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How to Survive the Jungle
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How to Survive the Jungle


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  • 1.  Congratulations › You made it here, and its almost over!  High School, are you excited yet? › Nervous? › Anxious?
  • 2.  DON’T BE!!!!  This slide show features 3 of the most IMPORTANT TIPS about High School. › Homework and Procrastination › College and Preparation › Cliques and Making friends
  • 3.  DON’T DO IT!  Personal Story: › I finished my 9 page I-search paper in 10th Grade, with 1 hour to spare. I got a 54 out of 203. Needless to say, I started writing the next paper the day I got the assignment!
  • 4.  Defined: › “To postpone or delay needlessly.”  › “To put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.”  Merriam-Webster  Stats: › 40 % of the population experience financial loss, due to procratination.
  • 5.  Personal: › Chunk things!  Do little pieces of papers and projects.  Keeps things from overwhelming you!  By the Books: › Write a schedule  And STICK BY IT!
  • 6.  Tip 1 › Do NOT wait until Senior year to start looking at college! › Early planning shows colleges your interested! › Ups your chances for scholarships!
  • 7.  Tip 2 › Take College Credit Courses!  Saves you TONS of money  Finish college education more quickly  Taking interesting and challenging courses gives you a grip on your course of study  Colleges WILL notice.
  • 8.  Tip 3 › Keep your options OPEN › Personal Story:  I receive about 13 different college letters every day. I throw them all away. This almost made me miss out on a great scholarship offer from Wisconsin.  Give them a chance!
  • 9.  Fitting in? › Try NOT to! › People outside the box stand out › Why go with the crowd when you could have them following you?
  • 10.  It is HARD to stay out of. › Try ignoring everything that annoys you. › Personal Story:  I’m one to have rumors spread about her. I used to get depressed if I heard one. I had to start telling everyone to just SHUT UP!
  • 11.  Deal with people who accept you for you!  When you stop letting things bother you people look at you as successful.  When I hear rumors about me it makes me laugh. Say:“I feel so famous”. › It may not shut them up, but it feels good. 
  • 12.  High School is a JUNGLE  Try enjoying it  It makes things tons easier on you!  