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10 tome and jean 10 tome and jean Presentation Transcript

  • Business English I
    Week 10: June 22
  • Today’s Agenda
    Comments on essays
    New Words: Please download
    About Jean
    Make questions
    Read about Tom and make questions
    Roll Call:Vocabulary quiz
  • New Words
    Assistant: The manager is busy, and needs an assistant.
    c. 助手
  • New Words
    Chemical engineer: A chemical engineer makes products with chemistry.
    m. 化学エンジニア
  • New Words
    Employees: All new employees begin with a low salary.
    k. 従業員
  • New Words
    Hire: If you pass the interview, they will hire you for the job.
    i. 雇う
  • New Words
    History: Tokugawa Ieyasu is an important person in Japanese history.
    b. 歴史
  • New Words
    Human resources: The personnel department in a big company is called Human Resources.
    f. 人的資源
  • New Words
    Be in charge of:An accountant is in charge of the money for a company.
    n. 担当する
  • New Words
    Interview: If you want to join a company, you will probably have to have an interview, in which you talk to somebody from Human Resource.
    h. 面会
  • New Words
    Join: Last year, Tom quit his old company and joined a new one.
    e. 入社
  • New Words
    Major in: Alice majors in business management. She studies how to run a company.
    a. 専攻する
  • New Words
    Personnel department: The personnel department finds new people for a company.
    d. 人事課
  • New Words
    Products: Apple Corporation makes products such as computers and mp3 players.
    l. 製品
  • New Words
    Be responsible for:The human resources department is responsible for finding new people in a large company.
    g. 責任がある
  • New Words
    Research and Development Department: The R and D Department develops new products.
    o. 研究開発
  • New Words
    Train (verb): After they hire you, they may also train you for the new job.
    j. 訓練、教育する
  • Jean and Tom
  • Jean
    10 years
    Apple Corporation
    HP Company
    Human Resources Department
    Personnel Department
    responsible for
    Smith College
  • Tom and Jean
    Smith College
    HP Company
    Personnel Department
    10 years
    responsible for
    Apple Corporation
    Human Resources Department
  • Questions about Jean
  • Jean graduated from Smith College with a major in history in 1980.
    Where did she graduate?
    Where did she go to school?
    Who graduated in 1980?
    Who graduated from Smith College?
    When did she graduate?
  • She majored in history.
    What did she major in?
    Who majored in history?
  • After graduation, she joined the HP Company in the Personnel Department.
    What company did she join?
    What department did she join?
    What department was she in?
    When did she join HP?
  • After 10 years, she changed jobs.
    How long did she work at HP Company?
  • She got a job working for Apple Corporation in the Human Resources Department in 1990.
    Where does she work now?
    When did she join Apple Corp.?
    How long has she worked there?
  • She is responsible for interviewing, hiring, and training new employees.
    What is she responsible for?
    What does she do at Apple Corp.?
  • Tom
    Working in a small group, read about Tom.
    Make the questions on the worksheet.
    Under the “How long” line (the last one), number from 1 to 10.
  • Quiz
    Are the following true or false.
    Write T or F.
  • Jean graduated Smith College in 1985.
    Tom graduated a year after Jean, in 1981.
    Tom first joined HP Company.
    Jean joined Apple Corp. in 1991.
    Tom worked at Dow for five years.
    Tom has worked at Apple for more than 20 years.
    Tom joined General Electric in 1986.
    Tom is responsible for managing a team.
    Jean majored in history.
    Jean is responsible for hiring new employees.
  • Roll Call Quiz
    This is a vocabulary quiz.
    The secret word is products.