Set Your Event Up For Success - Understanding Visitor Behavior- UBM Annual Meeting
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Set Your Event Up For Success - Understanding Visitor Behavior- UBM Annual Meeting



Determining what to measure and how to measure it is one of the key steps to plan ahead of your event, to ensure you can continually improve in the eyes of your exhibitors, sponsors, visitors, and of ...

Determining what to measure and how to measure it is one of the key steps to plan ahead of your event, to ensure you can continually improve in the eyes of your exhibitors, sponsors, visitors, and of course your management. Some tips about which measurements make sense, and how to implement a simple event platform that helps set yourself up for continued success.



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    Set Your Event Up For Success - Understanding Visitor Behavior- UBM Annual Meeting Set Your Event Up For Success - Understanding Visitor Behavior- UBM Annual Meeting Presentation Transcript

    • Technologies, Devices: UBM$Asia$Marke,ng$&$ Communica,ons$Mee,ng$ August$2nd$2013$ Tacking and Understanding Visitor Behavior
    • Stéphane$Doutriaux! • !B.!Eng!(McGill,!Canada),!MBA!(IMD,!Switzerland)! • !Background!in!Microelectronics!,!and!so?ware!(CRM).!! • !Worked!in!big!data!banking!so?ware! • !Then!leading!a!venture!in!event!technologies! • !Leading!a!team!of!seasoned!meeIng!planners,!experts!in!the!event!&!tradeMshow! industry,!and!Swiss!design!&!engineering!knowledge.!! Meet Your Speaker
    • 1. !What!are!the!objecIves!of!using!technology! 2. What!do!you!do!with!your!data! 3. Uses!of!NFC,!RFID,!QR! 4. What!about!user!experience! 5. The!plaYorm!approach! 6. How!to!set!yourself!up!for!success! Schedule Content developed by All rights reserved
    • New!services,!efficiencies,! increasing!the!success!! of!your!event! BUT! 1. What are the objectives of using technology 1.  Define!your!win! 2.  What!data!will!validate!it! 3.  Will!it!make!your!customers!happy! Content developed by All rights reserved
    • !What!do!I!need!to!measure! How!will!I!measure!it!
    • What role does technology play? 1.  Measure:!Learn!/!QuanItaIve! 2.  Capture!interacIons:!Learn!/!QualitaIve!
    • StaIsIcs!from!INDABA!trade!show!–!South!Africa,!05/2013! 1.  Measure:!Learn!/!QuanItaIve! 2.  Capture!interacIons:!Learn!/!QualitaIve!
    • Source:!Metrics!are!Key!!JusIfying!Event!Value!in!Today’s!Economy!–!by!Roger!J.!Lewis!(slideshare)! 2. What do you do with your data? Record, measure, collect, tack, analyze QUALITATIVE! QUANTITATIVE!
    • But acting on your data will depend mostly on
    • BIG! DATA!
    • Too!ligle!or! !!!!!!!!too!much! Too!easy!=!! !!!!too!common! Useful!amount!of! quality!data!you! can!act!on! Content developed by All rights reserved
    • Do!you!have!sufficient!quality!of!data! Do!you!have!sufficient!quanIty!of!data! Do!you!have!the!right!tools!in!place!to!make!use!of!the!data,! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !or!to!let!others!benefit!from!it!
    • Problem!is:!It’s!o?en!the!technology!that’s!the!most!visible,!not!the!message! Is!the!tool!gekng!in!the!way!of!the!message?!
    • Does!the!proposed!soluIon!meet!the! objecIves?!
    • CocaMCola!Village!
    • Event organizers are are seeking new ways to engage individuals, to demonstrate value, to motivate action, and deliver information, drive repeat business
    • Experiential is Good But don’t seek to measure it Or to make any sense of the measurement
    • Most events just need to address simple questions How can I get 95%paticipation in my suveys? Who are the people walking away with my brochures? How can I engage with them? How can I obtain more effective visibility for my sponsors? How can I boost event mobile app usage from an aveage of 13%to over 80%? Answering such questions as: How can I boost oveall visitor satisfaction by 20%or more? ParIcipants! Exhibitors! Sponsors! CONFERENCE - TRADE SHOW - CORPORATE EVENT - MEETINGS - ASSOCIATIONS – CONVENTIONS
    • Unique touch-based features include voting Coca cola brand used for illustrative purposes only 22 3. NFC, RFID, QR – What technology is right for this aplication?
    • Source:(NFC(Forum( RFID!
    • RFID!=!Radio!Frequency!IdenIficaIon!•!Readers!with!antennas! transmit!&!receive!radio!waves!•!Technology!that!has!been!around! since!WW!II!•!Used!every!day!on!Toll!Roads!•!Small!Tag!on!event! badge!
    • RFID:!!!Exhibit!Floor!Analysis!•!Time!on!show!floor!•! Traffic!pagerns!•!Agendee!demographics!
    • Smart!NoIficaIons!
    • There!are!two!major!issues:! Ethical!/!Privacy! Data!Quality! How! do! we! get! enough! real,! quality! personal! informaIon! about! each! parIcipant!to!be!able!to! classify! them! in! such! a! way! that! their! data! is! useful!to!exhibitors?!!
    • What is NFC – Near Field Communication? •  Operates on the same principle as contactless smart cards and RFID tags (e.g. access control badges) •  A reader initiates an RF communications and captures data from the card (or programs data into the card) •  With NFC, a phone can be either a reader or a card Source:!Smart!Card!Alliance!Smart_Card_Security_WP_20081013.pdf! 13.56MHz!
    • Gift cards, store credit cards and other forms of store tender Personalized offers, rewards and content Membership and loyalty programs Contactless payment from multiple accounts Instant ticketing for transit, sports and entertainment venues NFC: The Wallet of Tomorrow
    • Content developed by All rights reserved Mobile World Congress 2013 NFC mobile phone ticket entrance Paper ticket entrance Don’t implement technology for the sake of technology
    • GREAT!POTENTIAL!FOR!! CEU!/!CPE!Tracking!! •!Regulatory! organizaIons!such!as! NASBA!&!ARRT!are! audiIng!for!proof!of! class!agendance!! •!Verify!duraIon!in!a! class!(50!minutes!for! every!hour)!! •!SignMin!sheets!are! not!passing!audits!
    • Hosted!Buyer!MeeIng!ValidaIon! Read!the!case!study!!
    • Simulated!poster!
    • If!implemented!correctly,!you!can!track!individually! idenIfiable!QR!usage!
    • Scan this Booth touchpoint
    • Source:!!
    • How!many!QR!codes!have!you!scanned!in!the!past!month?! What!is!the!maximum!number!you’ve!ever!scanned!in!an!event?!
    • The!problem!is…! •!It’s!a!tedious!process!(unlock!phone,!launch!app,!wait!for!camera)! •!Unless!they!are!using!YOUR!app,!you!don’t!know!who!they!are!! •!Most!QR!scaner!apps!require!network!coverage!
    • RFID:!Tracking,! Access!Control! Different!core!advantages! QR:!Desire,!Intent! NFC:!Desire,!Intent! Lower!barrier!to!use!!
    • RFID:!Too!much?! QR:!Too!ligle?! NFC!=!CollecIng! touch! Just!Right?! Data!impact!of!RFID,!QR,!NFC! Content developed by All rights reserved
    • StaIsIcs!from!INDABA!trade!show!–!South!Africa,!05/2013!
    • Your dream The!challenge!is!not!in!the!measuring!technology,!it!is!in!gekng! the!visitor!to!part!with!more!of!his!personal!/!professional!data! But is the initial data rich enough to produce this?
    • Experience!is!key!to!gekng!the!parIcipant!to!part!with!more!informaIon! Experience!is!important!to!obtain!repeat!use!(immediate!and!in!Ime)!
    • Source:!Cathy!Oates,!UBM!MarkeIng!&!CommunicaIons!MeeIng,!08/2013! FUN! You!need!to!offer!your!parIcipant!something,! to!get!data!in!return! =!UBM!team!segmentaIon!data!
    • When!designing!the!experience:! Is!it!the!right!experience!for!the!user! Is!it!the!right!experience!for!the!data!collecIon!objecIve!
    • European!Liver!Congress,!Amsterdam,!April!2013!
    • Technology!!vs!experience! ImpacYul!/!Useful!versus!ExperienIal! How!do!you!get!all!of!the!above:!The!right!experience,!the! right!data,!the!right!analysis!tools,!repeatability! !M!PlaYorm!approach! !M!ConnecIvity!to!your!exisIng!systems!(CRM,!emailing)!
    • Lead!capture! Networking! Mobile! TickeIng ! ! ! !!!!!!!!RegistraIon! Content!! DistribuIon! And!100+!more! And!50+!more! There!are!an!increasing!number!of!tech!plaYorms! catering!to!events!in!different!ways! Not!that!many!
    • Source ! !!!!!!!!!!!!slide!deck! Broader!use!plaYorms!can!saIsfy!large!or!small!event!needs!
    • How!do!you!increase!the!richness!of!visitor!data?! • !The!work!starts!before!the!event!&!conInues!a?er!the!event! Be!clever!about!how!to!get!agendees!to!willfully!part!with!more!informaIon! • !“fill!in!your!detailed!profile!because!you’ll!be!tracked!on!every!booth”!–!is! not!the!right!message!
    • Pactical Experience Our!focus!has!been!first!on!gekng!the!networking!right.!!All!the!rest!is!technical,!and!can!be!built.! Having!the!visitor!experience!a!posiIve!emoIon!is!the!core!challenge!–!this!is!what!contributes!most!to! making!an!event!a!success!for!everyone.! metrics! Why!we!chose!“Networking”!as!our!core!value!prop! Ticketing Registation Lead Geneation Networking Experience Marketing Promotion Event Mgmt Content developed by All rights reserved
    • “Networking!is!the!number!2!reason!people!come!to!events”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Roger!J!Lewis,!World!EducaIon!Congress,!MPI!
    • Amerinet!Trade!Show,!Miami,!2012!
    • YMCA!Annual!ConvenIon!Trade!Show,!Philadelphia,!2013!
    • World!Trade!OrganizaIon,!Geneva,!2012!
    • Visitors collect the presenter slide decks and speaker biogaphies Watch the video at:XgLL Agenda for Smat City World Congress displayed on a large wall
    • Top!5!Trends!in!Technology!for!Events! 1)  One!Consistent!Lead!Mgmt.!SoluIon! 2)  Event!to!Event!Metrics! 3)  The!Green!TransformaIon! 4)  Social!Media! 5)  MarkeIng!Intelligence!
    • QuesIons?! Thank!you!! Collect!my!business!card!
    • CARTES,!Paris!–!Official!Lead!GeneraIon!&!Content!DistribuIon!Supplier!
    • The Poken Green Event Suite Participants Exhibitors Sponsors Fully Configurable Mobile Event App Fully Brandable Event Community Portal Powerful Lead Generation & Networking QR Code Management NFC Touch-points GREEN event tools to simplify marketing, logistics, and generate unbeatable metrics Works on ANY smartphone Remotely updateable content Happy Visitors Winning Organizer Sponsors Lining Up Surveys Gaming Utility Network Metrics Visibility Simple One Tool Emailing
    • Sales in 25 countries Poken’s unique Web and Mobile tools have been helping customers drive ROI from touch- based engagement Poken Satisfied customers.!