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Poken - the Green Event Suite

  1. 1. The Green Event SuiteStéphaneDoutriaux, Founder &CEO
  2. 2. The Poken Green Event Suite In a nutshell 1/3 Participants Exhibitors SponsorsCONFERENCE - TRADE SHOW - CORPORATE EVENT - MEETINGS - ASSOCIATIONS – CONVENT Fully Configurable Fully Brandable Powerful Lead Mobile Event App Event Community Portal Generation & Networking Works on ANY GREEN event tools to QR Code Smartphone simplify marketing, Management NFC Touch-points Remotely updatable logistics, and generate content unbeatable metrics Surveys Network Simple Metrics Gaming Happy Winning Sponsors Utility Visitors Organizer Emailing Lining Up Visibility One Tool
  3. 3. The Poken Green Event Suite In a nutshell 2/3Wishing for 95% participation in your surveys?Build a touch-survey on a wall to get viral engagement, and let participants pursue it online.Who are the people walking away with your brochures?Offer killer lead generation to exhibitors & sponsors and find out who those people are.Mobile event apps are used on average by 13% of participants.Boost those numbers to 80%+ and get your visitors to engage with your mobile content.Add something new to your sponsorship packages!Offer a branded experience with community portal, mobile app and USB customizationThe AMEX Supplier Trade Show saved over 1 million sheets of paper.Run a completely paperless event!With Poken, everybody is equipped, so everyone can participate.
  4. 4. The Poken Green Event Suite In a nutshell 3/3Poken’s Green Event Suite includes:• Event mobile app for all smart-phones• Branded event portal with social media tools• Registration tools for online and on-site• Instant business-card scan to collect and qualify leads• Session tracking• Access validation• Web registration• Survey tools – both offline and real-time editable, online• Networking through mobile and devices• Exhibitor Lead Gen App with custom notes and surveys• Collect documents and people with a touch• Gaming engine to boost engagement• Killer Metrics
  5. 5. Agenda – How does it work?1. Collecting with a touch: GREEN YOUR EVENT2. Branded Event Portal3. Branded Mobile App4. Metrics & Administration5. Costs & Key Selling Points
  6. 6. Pokens are natural conversation starters for Attendees & Exhibitors• The "touch and glow” is a natural ice breaker• It’s the best conversation starter for exhibitors: The conversation does not begin by selling product, but rather with “have we connected”?• Poken brings business together, in a new way that is fun, but most importantly allows connections to happen at the event and continue post-event : • Attendee to Attendee • Attendees to Exhibitor• New branding opportunities make it ideal for sponsor package
  7. 7. Visitors collect documents by touching tagsTouch&collectusing a poken The collected objects appear in your timeline, in chronological orderor a NFC phone UNLIMITEDamount of digital content held on each tag (“touchpoint”)How an exhibitor/supplier would use it • Make content available to visitors at a "touch”, and gather leads. Never miss a visitor - it is priceless. • The conversation is natural "would you like to collect my content” ? • Sharing event content for post-event learning • Real time surveys with viral appeal • Cost saving: Eliminate paper waste and all operational costs
  8. 8. The digital content can be viewed online or on mobileBooth touchpoint Booth touchpoint content online Collected info from the booth now appears online • Supports both QR and NFC (“touch”) • Touchpoints can be part of a scavenger hunt to boost sponsor booth visitsScan this to view arich document on your phone( richer content than any regular QR code )
  9. 9. Touchpoint design examplesDownload Wall TouchSurveys
  10. 10. Agenda for Smart City World Congress displayed on a large wall Watch the video at: http://bit.ly/ZfXgLLVisitors collect the presenter slide decks and speaker biographies
  11. 11. Visitors access a branded event portal • Pre-event registration through a white-label portal • In-event tracking of progress: • meetings • documents • achievements (gaming) • Many content widgets available • RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn • Video, iFrame, Map, html, etc. • Broadcasting content • Contact widget allows for same day follow up, saving money and effortExperience a real portal built for • Export contacts to favorite CRM orSymantec’s annual convention: email systemGo to http://user.poken.com (note, no “www”) • Save money with files & links widget, make money by selling ad spaceLogin: symantecdemo Password: poken • Meetings tracking for hosted buyers
  12. 12. Detailed event portal featuresUser’s “social business card”, the Dynamic timeline where the useridentity he will be exchanging sees all the people, documentswith others when touching and conference sessions hepokens at the event. collected in time.Contacts Attending Event widget Contacts library, allowing theAllowing him to view who from user to view all his contacts andhis LinkedIn contacts is sync with his Outlook,registered for the event. An SalesForce or export to Excel.opportunity to meet in personpeople he may not have everseen in real life. Flickr photo library so the organizers can share photos withTwitter and RSS feeds all participants, securely.From the event.Documents folder containing all Map widget, so the user can seethe documents collected at the where all the people andevent. exhibitors he met are from.Activity stream so the visitor can Video widget, additional iframe,keep track of what people he met and other embeddable featuresare up to. so the organizer can fill the portal with useful information (agenda, map, etc.)
  13. 13. AFFLINK: example of use of Poken to track hosted buyers activity Poken products used pokenPULSE custom pokenTAG customAbout our clientAfflink is one of the biggest and most successful member-drivensales & marketing organizations, linking Preferred Suppliers to thelargest group of Distributors found anywhere in the marketplace. Event photos Web PortalSolution•Paperless booth•Check-in and check-out•Full mobile lead-generation with survey•Auto-creating leads from the NFC badgesResults42% reduction in paper & energy consumption measured by the organizer61,000 digital business-card exchanges12,360 meetings scheduled and tracked using digital tags and pokensGreen metricAfflink can boast being closer to its goal of running sustainable eventsExhibitor reaction“the best analytics and lead generation reports we’ve ever seen.” Read more information on poken.com/cases/afflink
  14. 14. Exhibitors, Organizers and Sponsors get detailed analytics • Analytics accessed through the Exhibitor Portal • Can be as simple or as detailed as required • Each touchpoint offers detailed metrics: Split digital content into multiple touch-points to gather data about interest • Exhibitor Metrics: • Overall visitor statistics • detailed booth metrics • Detailed per-touchpoint metrics • Detailed lead-generation report with notes and survey results
  15. 15. The Poken experience includes a branded mobile event app • Access by scanning a QR code (no download needed) or by entering a 5-digit code • Different operating systems, forgotten password to download an app from iTunes – our approach is with HTML5, an app that works on all phones, running within the browser. •  Higher use rate than installed apps • Event schedule / Agenda Try scanning this to • Venue map activate the app on your phone! • Exhibitor List • Speaker list, biographies • Voting live (exp. April) • View all the people and documents collected using your poken
  16. 16. PricingPlease consult detailed pricing examples at www.poken.com/pricing
  17. 17. Advantages – Summarizing ORGANISER VISITORS • Go paperlessGO GREEN • Stimulate smart consumption • Create a positive image impact • No printing costs • No bar code scanners • Optimise logistics • Get a valuable social networkingSHIFT • No waste management tool as a gift • No other giveawayBUDGETS • Branding • Collect qualified leads • Increase opportunities • Share portable documents • No post event paper workINCREASE • Upload/modify last minute docs • Get last updates availableEFFICIENCY • Get updates on contacts • Provide rich multimedia • Ice breaker • Easy to set up and to use • No more “heavy” showsENHANCE • Measurable • Enhance / multiply networkingEXPERIENCE • Customisable • Have fun
  18. 18. Who are we? Satisfied customers.Scan this to getaccess to casestudies:Sales in 25 countries through 10 official resellers, creating hundreds of satisfied customers
  19. 19. Next StepsLet’s work together…1 Use this slide deck and the material in your shared drive to draw interestfrom your client2 Contact us to arrange a webinar or a call with your client. A Pokenaccount manager will be assigned to your case.3 We will support you in every way (tailored proposal, quote, client visit) tohelp you bring a fantastic interactive experience to your eventNote: Dont hesitate to contact us any time along the way to get clarificationon any aspects of your event which Poken can tailor to your needs(registration online/on-site, mobile app, portal, networking, lead generation,marketing content management, etc.) Scan to collect this slide deck
  20. 20. Contact usAdam Morrison, Sales Shane Speirs, Salesadam@poken.com shane@poken.comArianaSpeirs, Sales StéphaneDoutriaux, Founder & CEOariana@poken.com stephane@poken.comPoken USA Poken Europe3303 East Ferry Ave. Rue du Pont 22Spokane, WA CH-1003 Lausanne99202, USA SwitzerlandPhone: (855) 299-4395 Phone: +41 21 311 0678Email: info@poken.com www.poken.com Email: info@poken.com
  21. 21. APPENDI X
  22. 22. Branded experience web portalBranded / custom client login page
  23. 23. Branded experience web portalBranded portal
  24. 24. How is Poken used? Giesecke-Devrient Poken products used pokenPULSE custom pokenTAG customAbout our clientG&D is a global market leader and pioneering innovator inbanknote production and processing, security documents,and identification systems. Event photos Web PortalSolution•Paperless booth•Check-in and check-out of demos•Full mobile lead-generation with survey•Auto-creating leads from the NFC badgesResultsThousands of glossy brochures & catalogues saved from printingand shipping, exchanged digitally10x increase in qualified leads generated as compared to previousyears’ NFC lead gen systemExhibitor reaction“the best analytics and lead generation reports we’ve ever seen.” Read more information on poken.com/cases/gd
  25. 25. Poken environment – User experienceTOUCH IT GET ITSHARE ITDigitally exchange contact detailswith other people, collect digital Plug your Poken in the USB slot, create an account on the Collect your contacts and digital files on a timeline, download them ondocuments offline (PDFs, memberHUB and synchronise your Outlook , Salesforce, or anotherpresentations, brochures, videos, device to have access to all format. Keep your profile updated withdemos, animations, links). documents and contact details your social networks and share your collected. experience with others. PokenMember Hub
  26. 26. Value proposition – Have funCreate an interactive and fun experience for your guests.Make it even more challenging using game mechanics.
  27. 27. How it works – choose your devicepokenSPARK standard30+ designs: rockstar, panda, alien, geisha, etc. – neatly shipped in packs of 10.pokenSPARK standard blankAdd custom printing or stickers of your brand. 8 colors available.pokenSPARK billboardCustomized with square dome sticker.pokenPULSE standardAssembled 10-packs, black and white.pokenPULSEcustomisedWith brand-customized printing on the cap.pokenTAGSStores up to 3000 contacts and it can be customized with your brand.
  28. 28. How it works – Before the event Option 1: Bar code solutionregistration Registration in Event DB Guests are invited to register on a Synchronisation with Poken DB website created for the event. Event Accreditation Badge bar codeat the entrance Receptionists ask for name, provide the On this operation, an email is sent to accreditation badge, and with a bar code the guest with used ID, password and scanner links a Poken to the guest profile. instructions. The Poken is now linked to his profile and ready to use!
  29. 29. How it works – Before the event Option 2: VIP service solutionregistration Registration in Event DB Guests are invited to register on a Synchronisation with Poken DB website created for the event.at the entrance Receptionists ask for name, find a pre-linked If your guest is not registered yet, can Poken and delivers it in a handsome box. The box be quickly registered by a brings name of the guest, UserID, Password and receptionist. UserID and Password basic instructions on how to use it. are sent by email.
  30. 30. How it works – Before the event Option 3: On-Site solution1. At the booth, participants are quickly registered by a hostess on a PC or an AdroidTablet, who links a Poken to their profile and provides a short explanation on how to use it.2. An email is sent to each participant with an user ID and a temporary Password, whichcan be changed on the first access to the Poken Social Network.
  31. 31. Organizer and Exhibitor Tools– Web-based configuration interface allowing configuration : • Branding (for sponsors) • Emailing (branding, content) • Exhibitor details– Mobile Event App parametrization: • Tools to update maps, exhibitors, speakers, agenda, voting questions, etc.
  32. 32. Interactive Signage:Branded Big Screen Metrics View
  33. 33. Advantages – GO GREENPoken OthersEnvironment friendly Non-environment friendly• Go paperless, reduce carbon footprint• Create a positive image impact• Stimulate smart consumption
  34. 34. Advantages – SimplifyPoken OthersSingle solution for all your problems Cluttered and hard to manage• Eliminate printing costs• Avoid expensive bar code scanners at your stand• Optimise your event logistics• No more waste management• No need of other giveaways
  35. 35. Advantages – Increase efficiencyPoken OthersFast, reliable and with great benefits Messy, small lead rate• Power your branding activities• Increase opportunities: no time to speak? Enough time to touch• Distribute sharable and portable contents• Collect extremely qualified leads• No more post event paper work• Upload or modify documents last minute• Don’t miss changes in your contacts profiles
  36. 36. Value proposition – Touch & GlowProvide your visitors with a sparkling networking experience.Deliver digital contents in a selective way, rising interest and creatingawareness.The touch experience is new, intuitive and fun!
  37. 37. In a nutshellENHANCED NETWORKING Attendees can exchange contact details by simply touching Pokens. NO MORE BUSINESS CARDSGREEN YOUR EVENT Attendees can collect digital files (presentations, brochures, videos etc) by touching pokenTAGS, generating high quality leads for the exhibitor NO MORE WASTE OF PAPER
  38. 38. Advantages – Enhance ExperiencePoken Solution• Enhance and multiply networking: Poken is an ice breaker!• Provide a “fun” experience• Easy to set up, scalable, customisable and measurable DON’T CARRY BAGS OF BROCHURES