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Poken Green Event Planning Deck - ExpoNext 2013 Example
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Poken Green Event Planning Deck - ExpoNext 2013 Example


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This is an example of a well-executed Green event using Poken's Green Event Suite - most of the features available in Poken's toolchest were used in this event to foster networking, engagement between …

This is an example of a well-executed Green event using Poken's Green Event Suite - most of the features available in Poken's toolchest were used in this event to foster networking, engagement between participants and exhibitors, and to eliminate paper waste.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Marketing Event/ Trade ShowPreparation DeckThis is a real example of how to plan and execute all the eventpreparation steps needed to deliver on a great, properly branded,showcase Poken event
  • 2. ExpoNextBaltimore, June 19-21
  • 3. AGENDAA Poken Event Managershouldstructure and lead all the event preparation steps,including discussions with customer & partner about all operational deliverables1. CAMPAIGN PORTALBranded web portal where event visitors log in to access event content2. CUSTOM LOGIN PANE, MOBILE PORTALA branded landing page to easily link from event website, and mobile app3. VISITOR LIST IMPORTObtaining the visitor list, importing, planning barcodes for fast registration4. BADGES & REGISTRATIONCoordinating with the badge printer5. DEVICES & BRANDINGObtaining the graphics on time6. MEDIA WALLA wowing experience if properly coordinated and executed7. TOUCH SURVEY ON MEDIA WALLTouch survey is an opportunity for the client to get feedback from a highpercentage of event visitors8. INFO CARDSA handy way to inform visitors of login details and device how-toPRE EVENT PLANNING(1 of 2)
  • 4. AGENDA9. GAME TO DRIVE BEHAVIORIf you plan additional engagement via a game10. EVENT PLACARDSClient specific on-site communication placards11. SESSIOIN CHECK-IN PLACARDSTo measure attendance at each session12. EXHIBITOR TOUCHPOINTSGetting the exhibitors equipped in a sponsored trade show, to showcase areal live working Poken Green Event8. SYNC STATIONSNot always applicable, but a nice addition10. SET UP THE LEAD GEN SURVEYYou want to maximize the ROI of your event11. COMMUNICATION PLAN AND TIMINGSome key steps to get visitors and exhibitors on board12. PRE-EVENT VISITOR AND EXHIBITOR EMAILINGTight planning with organizer is key to have lean, effective communication13. EVENT PHOTOS & EVENT STATSSample photos & stats extracted from this successful eventPRE EVENT PLANNING(2 of 2)
  • 5. • A branded campaign portal was created• Includes standard widgets + chatroom + game widget• Event Details filled in so the ExpoNext Mobile app ispopulated with useful event info (agenda, map, etc.)• Plan the Portal content strategically, consider the eventparticipant’s needs and the organizers’ expectationsCAMPAIGN PORTAL Done ☑
  • 6. • A custom URL is set up at• It is also accessible on mobile at• The color scheme is adjusted in the Partner Tools, to fit the event brandingCUSTOM LOGIN PAGE Done ☑Branded Login Page Branded Mobile App
  • 7. • The full registration list (excel export) is be provided by the organizer• Registration file’s columns are rearranged for import using Poken’s Partner Tools• Customer’s uniquely identifiable “Conf#” field is used as the RefID for Poken, to issue a unique barcode to eachbadge for scanning and linking of devices• “Conf#” is also used as the file name (appending .png) for the individual Poken QR codes that are exported byPoken, and sent to the badge printer in a zipped directory. Images are exported at 300dpi.VISITOR LISTRegistration file from organizerRegistration file converted toPoken import format“Conf#” field isused as theRefIDDone ☑
  • 8. • Badges are printed by Access Pass & Design, contractedby the organizer.• We simply provide the updated registration database (xlsfile) appended with a column including our RefID(barcode) and the Qrcode image name for each record• Linking pokens to account will be done using a barcodescanner (scan badge, scan poken barcode) for speed• An alternative will be using the Poken Pro mobile app toscan the QRCode, then touch a poken. This methodallows for easier update of the participant’s photo: Ideal ifthere aren’t too many people waiting in line.WTO 2012 STATISTICSBADGES & REGISTRATIONTry me!Take note of theclip: This is theideal kind toattach a poken!Done ☑
  • 9. • Attendees are pre-registered, but we are ready to handle on-site registrations too• Branding will be done using the ExpoNext logoWTO 2012 STATISTICSPOKENS Done ☐
  • 10. AGENDA / SURVEY WALL (1/2)• Client’s agenda is transformed into a Media Wall by our designer• A local booth builder is hired to build a self-standing wall structure 8ft high by 9ft long• 32 tags on the Agenda, 20 on the Exhibitor Map, 23 on the SurveyDone ☑
  • 11. AGENDA / SURVEY WALL (1/2) Done ☐• The wall is designed with a horizontal agenda: This pushes people to walk along it as they collectsessions, and not park themselves in front of one day’s agenda for a long time, blocking others
  • 12. • The client’s survey questions are designed into the Media Wall, to add interactivity and engagement.• The survey is designed horizontally, so a person answering it doesn’t park themselves in front of one spot fortoo long, blocking others. Always think of FLOW when designing the media wall. You need to keeppeople moving along it.AGENDA / SURVEY WALL (2/2) Done ☑
  • 13. INFOCARD• A business-card sized infocard is printed to inform the users how to use their device, provide theirlogin and password detailsDone ☐Front Back
  • 14. DRIVING BEHAVIOR USING A GAME• A simple game is planned to encourage the visitors to engage with exhibitors, collectconference material• “Starred” Check-ins are created for the keynotes and general sessions (we don’t want tocannibalize attendance at the standard sessions as multiple run in parallel)Done ☐Game Mechanics
  • 15. • Client is guided to update the design on their placards, to include the media collectiontouchpoints as well• All session material will be collectable both on the Media Wall and on the placards.Duplicate tags point to one same Poken Object.• 32 additional tags are used on the placardsEVENT PLACARDSFINALDone ☑
  • 16. SESSION CHECK-IN• Session Check-In placards (Letter sized, placed on a stand) are used next to each session room• A maximum of 3 conference sessions will run in parallel (3 tracks) so only 3 boards with tag areneeded• Before each session, the object in the Check-In tag will be updated (unlinked, linked) so that therelevant session is being checked-inRelates to the incentive gameDone ☑
  • 17. EXHIBITORSFloor Plan• Each exhibitor is provided with a touchpoint on a plexiglass placard• Content will be uploaded prior to the show, and onsite. Exhibitor can also place theirown material inside the plexiglass holder.Done ☐
  • 18. SYNC STATIONSFloor Plan• Sync station self-serve kiosks allowing visitors to offload their poken during the event, or beforeleaving• For this event it is decided that syncing will be done by on-site staff using mobile phonesDone ☐
  • 19. LEADGEN SURVEY• A custom lead-generation survey is created in the campaign, to allow the exhibitors to use thePoken Pro mobile app to take notes and answer targeted, pre-programmed pick-list questionsabout the leads met at the event.Done ☑
  • 20. COMMUNICATION PLANEXHIBITOR COMM:• Exhibitors will receive an emailing from Poken informing them of the use of Touchpoints atthe show, and providing them with their login credentials to edit their Touchpoint content(object)• Mailing to go out on Monday June 17thPRE-EVENT VISITOR COMM:•Standard system emails will be sent to the visitors informing them of the upcoming use ofPoken at the ExpoNext 2013 event, for networking and GREEN document collection.•Email sent out automatically 1 day before the event, encouraging participants to updatetheir profile (photo, social networks, etc.)POST-EVENT VISITOR COMM:• At the end of every day where a visitor has collected some content using poken, theyreceive a system email showing them what they’ve collected.• If they have not yet logged in, 5 days after the event Participants receive a first post-eventemail encouraging them to log in and view their contacts•Network update emails are “ON” by default: Visitors get a weekly email showing them theactivity in their network (changes to peoples’ profiles, new document versions available, etc.)Done ☑
  • 24. STATS NETWORKING:• 350 Visitors• 13’141 interactions (people + objects, incl. duplicates)• 2’183 Business Cards ExchangedDOCUMENT COLLECTION (PAPER SAVING):• 120 Touchpoints used for Exhibitors + Agenda Wall• 4’136 Documents CollectedSession Material Collected Session Check-In