Alex brownbag engaging and retaining members


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This is a presentation on engaging members that will be useful for any association trying to retain their members.

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    Of those who responded to the survey and had dropped a membership, the primary reason reported by 56.1 percent of the responders said that they dropped membership because they “did not receive the expected value to justify the cost of the dues” (page 81). If members do not join for value, they sure leave for lack of value.
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  • Alex brownbag engaging and retaining members

    1. 1. Engaging and Retaining Members: Building 365 Day Communication Plan Presented by Scott Oser and Tony Rossell
    2. 2. Very Little Difference Between Non-Engaged Members and Lapsed Members Members “who are not involved lie perilously close to former members in the overarching assessment of the value they derive from associations. If former members are thought to be dead, the uninvolved are close to comatose” (The Decision to Join, p 4). Membership Engagement Research
    3. 3. Data Analytics for one association on engagement. – Members who attended an association meeting in the past year were 19% more likely to renew than those who did not attend a meeting. – Members who attended four or more meetings were 30% more likely to renew than members who never attended a meeting. – Members who placed a product order in the past year were 28% more likely to renew than those who had not placed an order. – Members who upgraded their membership in the past year to a higher level of service were 12% more likely to renew. Membership Engagement Strategy MGI Data Analytics Research
    4. 4. Building Your Value Proposition Vision RelationshipReward What separates you from all other organizations? ASAE’s Decision to Join -- research of 16,944 members and former members from 18 associations -- highlights these components of the membership value proposition. Membership Engagement Strategy
    5. 5. New Member Reception Publications Cover Wraps Direct Mail E-Mails Social Media Website Welcome Kit Engagement Channels Member Calls Membership Engagement Strategy
    6. 6. “A communications tactic that is correlated with higher renewal rates is a volunteer or staff welcome phone call. Associations showing increases in overall membership over the past year are significantly more likely to use this personal service” Membership Engagement Strategy (2010 MGI Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report)
    7. 7. Membership Engagement Sample
    8. 8. Membership Engagement Strategy Targeted Monthly e-Newsletters • Deliver timely updates • Reinforce membership value and vision • Customize content by segment • Promote increased interaction • Certification • Publications • Events • Webinars • Track and respond
    9. 9. Membership Engagement Strategy Tracking and Responding I’m interested in certification information! Triggered Certification Email
    10. 10. Membership Renewal Strategy Many surveys of former members show that the number one reason a member has not renewed is because they say, “I Forgot”
    11. 11. “Associations with overall increases in membership over the past year, as well as those with renewal rates higher than 80%, are more likely to attempt more renewal contacts. . . These increases in renewal rates appear after seven contacts.” 2010 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, page 22. Membership Renewal Strategy
    12. 12. Membership Renewal Strategy Which marketing channels do you use for membership renewals?
    13. 13. Membership Renewal Sample Multi-step, integrated channel, issue driven, digitally printed, renewal program.
    14. 14. Membership Renewal Strategy
    15. 15. ”Personal contact appears to be a key ingredient for increasing renewals. Associations with renewal rates of 80% or higher are significantly more likely to use personal approaches such as peer to peer member contacts to help with renewal efforts.” (2010 MGI Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report) Membership Renewal Strategy
    16. 16. Building the 365 Day Communications Plan The Special Education Association of America (SEAA) • 80,000 members • 20,000 new members a year • 75% overall renewal rate • 60% first year member renewal rate • $95 annual dues for Basic membership (60,000 members who get magazine and newsletter) • $149 annual dues for All-Inclusive membership (20,000 members who also get books and PD discount)
    17. 17. Building the Plan