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Facebook Social Media Marketing

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Social Media Marketing Channel:
  • 2. Audience
    AB - 1,496,580
    BC - 1,636,800
    MB - 384,580
    NB - 399,200
    NL - 154,220
    NT - 14,600
    NS - 430,040
    NU – 940
    ON - 4,870,020
    PE - 53,240
    QC - 1,971,520
    SK - 351,780
    YT - 24,480
     4,870,020 members, 1,276,000 of them are in Toronto
  • 3. 116 million unique U.S. visitors in Dec. 2009
    slightly more female
    aged 13-34
  • 4. Target Market
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7. Pros
    Highest use percentage of all social media sites
    Allows users to reconnect with old friends
    Allows you to stay connected
    “Like” pages you want info from
  • 8. Cons
    “friend” term – unwanted friend requests
    Overcrowded newsfeed
    Misused photos
    Privacy Issues
  • 9. Success
    “Advanced Telecom Services – I didn't really think of Facebook as a site where people are ready to buy something, but it has proven me wrong. The great think about the advertising is that I can pinpoint the audience that I want to speak to – young adults who work in the advertising agency business. We are seeing a conversion rate that is 87% better than that of traditional pay per clicks on Google and Yahoo.”
    Bob Bentz
    Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA
    “The Positive People – Within the first 15 minutes of our ads running we had over 30 clicks to our website. We get a consistent stream of subscribers and. Facebook has expanded our market nationally in a way that no local print magazine could. The best part is that we can control our budget and spending according to our needs. As a start-up, we are so relieved that there is no contract or financial commitment. It is cost-effective and produces real results! My business partner and I even have competitions. We each design an ad and see who gets the most clicks! Who thought advertising could be this fun?”
    Indi Avila
    Orange County, California, USA
  • 10. 6
    steps to success
    Target precisely and experiment
    Stick to the point
    Add a photo
    Provide a compelling reason to click
    Make it interactive
    Encourage sharing
  • 11. Failures
    “The reason is actually very simple – People going to a search engine tend to be “on their way” to somewhere. Someone who is on Facebook is already where they want to be.”
    “A search engine is a portal, not a destination.”
    - Quintin
  • 12. reasons
    Keywords are not interests
    Ads take users away from Facebook
    Ad copy to forward
    No multi-step engagement
    Not updating the fan page
    Only going for exposure
  • 13. Trends
  • 14. References
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