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Iwd press release ucsd

  1. 1.                                               UC  San  Diego  News        University  Communications  and  Public  Affairs      Feb. 17, 2011MEDIA CONTACT: Christine Clark, 858-534-7618, ceclark@ucsd.eduInternational Women’s Day Celebration at UC San Diego Helps Impoverished WomenBuild a Better Future The University of California, San Diego is inviting the community to celebrate 100 yearsof women’s economic, political and social achievements for International Women’s Day from 2to 4 p.m., March 6 at the Great Hall. The university is partnering with local community serviceorganizations for a celebration, free and open to the public, that will benefit impoverishedwomen from around the world who live in San Diego. International Women’s Day was first celebrated 100 years ago and today countries suchas China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria recognize International Womens Day as a nationalholiday. Guest speakers at the March 6th event include UC San Diego Chancellor Marye AnneFox and Winifred Cox, co-founder and co-president of Women Empowerment International, oneof the sponsoring organizations. The event will raise funds for microfinance loans ––small loansthat extend credit to females, improving their economic and social lives. “San Diego is home to a diversity of refugees from many nations,” said Leigh Fenly, Co-president of Women Empowerment International. “Before being legally resettled here, manywitnessed civil war, faced persecution and were forced to leave family members behind. Theyare eager to rebuild their lives and not afraid to work hard. Many need only a small hand up andevents like this help them become more self-sufficient and build a better future for themselvesand their children.” A partnership between UC San Diego and community nonprofits, the celebration willfeature local women, many of whom have received small microfinance loans and other supportto help them start businesses. (and the sponsoring organizations that support them.) Sponsoringorganizations of the event include Women’s Empowerment International, UC San Diego’sWomen’s Center, the UC San Diego International House, EPTEAM (Eliminate PovertyThrough Education and Microfinance) at UC San Diego and the Women’s Equity Council of9500  Gilman  Drive,  La  Jolla,  CA    92093-­‐0938                    TEL:  (858)  534-­‐3120                      FAX:  (858)  534-­‐1407                      ucsdnews.ucsd.edu      
  2. 2.  the United Nations Association of San Diego. “The work of volunteers at UC San Diego and in the community is making a tremendousdifference in these women’s lives,” Fenly continued. “The International Women’s Day event willcelebrate their achievements.” Attendees will be able to learn about the benefits of microfinance at the event and willhave the opportunity to meet microfinance loan recipients from many countries (such asHonduras, Mexico, Ghana and San Diego), and learn how to cook some of their deliciousrecipes. (Participants will learn how to make Somali-style food and Ethiopian and dishes.) Alsopart of the celebration is a dessert buffet. (with an assortment of chocolate). Clients of the WE STAR Center, a business incubator for refugee women in City Heights,will sell imported jewelry, fashion and decorative home ornaments. Additional items range fromfresh flowers to organic baby clothes. The sale proceeds go directly to each vendor. This International Women’s Day Celebration was the result of a decision made by 100women from 17 countries at the International Conference of Working Women in 1910. Sincethen, this event has grown in importance and impact. For more information about the International Women’s Day Celebration in San Diego, goto: http://womenempowerment.org/ and http://ucsdepteam.webs.com/ # ##About UC San DiegoFifty years ago, the founders of the University of California, San Diego had one criterion for the campus:It must be distinctive. Since then, UC San Diego has achieved the extraordinary in education, researchand innovation. Sixteen Nobel laureates have taught on campus; our stellar faculty members have beenawarded Fields Medals, Pulitzer Prizes, McArthur Fellowships and many other honors. UC San Diego—recognized as one of the top ten public universities by U.S. News & World Report and named by theWashington Monthly as number one in the nation in rankings measuring “what colleges are doing for thecountry”—is widely acknowledged for its local impact, national influence and global reach. Join us incelebrating 50 years of visionaries, innovators and overachievers. Visit www.50th.ucsd.edu for moreinformation.