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CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service
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CRM Customer Service


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Customer Relationship Management and Segmentation
    • Sanjay Diwan
  • 2. India Customer Services BPO & OSPAI
    • Global capital for Customer Services
    • Subscribers of AT&T, Sprint, BT, Verizon and more are serviced out of Indian BPO
    • OSPAI – platform of BPO companies focused on fuelling growth
    • Contributor to Indian Exports & India GDP
    • BPO at USD 15 bn is fastest growing segment in IT & ITeS @ 22%
    • Direct employment to 8 lacs & indirect to over 23 lac people
  • 3. CRM & Segmentation - Agenda
    • CRM & role of Customer Service
    • Customer Profiling & Customer Segmentation
    • CRM Strategy
    • Technology play in CRM
  • 4.
    • Sources:
    • - Customer Satisfaction in the Multi-Polar World: Accenture 2007 Global Customer Service Satisfaction Survey Report
    • - Customer Focus Inc.
    Customer Service Experience Gap 80% of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience. Only 8% of their customers agree “… increases in customer service expectations continue to outpace efforts made by companies to improve service.” The Best & Worst Customer Service Forum Business Week Article
  • 5. Any Medium of Interaction with the Organization must generate the same level of Customer Experience. Source: Gartner Customer Experience Stages Types of Customer Interaction Illustrative Not Again – “I’m not happy with this” (Occurs more than once) Zen – “I cant live without this” Enjoyable – “I really like this” Efficient – “This works very well” Functional – “This works well” Run of the Mill – “Nothing special” Ugh! – “I didn’t like that” (1 instance) Loathing – “I hate this and want to leave” Visit Store Click to Chat Phone Contact Center Email Company SMS Agent
  • 6. Impact of Poor Customer Service If a customer is dissatisfied with the level of service you provide, on average, 16 other people will find out about it It costs 5 times as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep an established one For every customer who bothers to complain, 26 other customers remain silent The Bottom Line: A Customers Experience is at the heart business success or failure
    • 70% of complaining customers will do business with you again if you resolve the complaint in their favor
    • 95% of complaining customers will do business with you again if you resolve the complaint instantly
    Problems Handled Quickly can have positive results
  • 7. Next Competitive Differentiator – Customer Service Experience A Little Intelligence Can Make a Big Difference “ I can get help directly from their web site by chatting with an agent online” “ Now I walk into the store and get expert help via their video kiosk” “ Now when I call and get the automated system, I can just speak and don’t have to hit all those buttons and remember all those choices” “ It’s as if they know what I want even before I do” “ I’m mobile most of the time so being able to SMS an expert is a real time saver” “ I don’t have to repeat myself” “ The experience is the same on the web, on the phone, via chat, It’s great” “ They know who I am when I call and have my information at their fingertips” “ They contact me when they have information they know I’ll need right away”
  • 8. Basics Segmentation Profiling SEGMENTATION is done basis the Customer and/or Market that an organization wishes to address with differentiated products or a services All Strategic CRM initiatives taken by an organization are with an intent to best address identified customer segments giving them ‘The Best possible Experience’ by design
  • 9. Technology Myths – what it can deliver?
    • # 1 – Technology does not relate to Business Strategy
    • # 2 - Technology performs task routinely
    • # 3 - Service Quality is a role of Classroom trainings only
    • # 4 – Segmentation will need different call-in numbers
    • # 5 – Technology can not be Fun for customers
  • 11. #2 Technology can play a ‘Predictive Role’ The meaningful calls you need to focus on Switch from focusing on “What happened?” to “ Why it happened?” and “What is likely to happen?”
    • Focus on the meaningful interactions
    • Make sure efforts are invested in the right place
    • Gain valuable business insights
    • Use knowledge to influence future processes & interactions
    The amount of calls you can listen to
  • 12. Technology helps Learn & Adapt Trends analysis Mining Root Cause Analysis Adaptive Interaction Analytics Methodology Adaptive Refinement Extract Insights Interaction Categorization Processing Modeling 100% Interaction Analysis
    • Services levels
    • Sales Effectiveness
    • Productivity
    • Customer retention
    Business Insights
  • 13. Technology Captures & helps Adapt – HOW? ClearSight Manager Manage Insight Transcript Data Mining Phonetic Indexing Emotion Detection Talk Pattern Other Technologies Voice Capture In-depth queries Comprehensive Reports Alerts
  • 14. #3 Enable Enhance Service Levels of Agents 360 Degree Performance Analysis
    • Performance Management:
    • Integrates data from all systems
    • Monitors key metrics
    • Sends automated alerts
    • Interaction Analytics:
    • Uncovers insights from the data to determine action
    • Action Plan Developed:
    • Analyst and Enterprise stakeholders develop plan to leverage the insights
    • WFM:
    • Agents automatically scheduled to review Coaching package at appropriate time
    Improvements measured
  • 15. 1 number, Multiple Modes, Seamless Experience Hello Ms. Johns, I see the email you sent us yesterday to confirm your web order, and it will arrive tomorrow.
    • Any time, Any where
    • Know my history
    • Consistent Information Access
    • Multi-channel integration
    • Personalized Service
    Consistent Customer Experience Customers Agents Avaya Multimedia Contact Center
  • 16. #5 Technology & Fun
    • Contests
    • Games
    • How to make it lively experience .
      • Surprises
      • Juke box
      • And … food for thought!
  • 17. Technology can do more then we thought!
  • 18.
    • Thank You!
    The spirit of AGCL