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  • ASK about them and their background first Introduce Droste team/participants in presentation second
  • ASK How much time do you have today and what is most important to you that we cover today
  • I would like to highlight who we are: Droste Group is a global leadership and organizational development company. We have successfully made positive change a real part of day-to-day business with Fortune 500 companies to some of the fastest growing smaller firms. We are a team of academic professionals and former business leaders with a solid history of success. We also have a strong bench of facilitators that are very skilled at professional workshops and experiential adult learning . This provides high credibility at all levels within your organizations. The breadth and depth of our talent allows you to self select coaches and/or consultants from our team that work best with you and/or your team. Droste drives accountability and improves execution that delivers results. To that end, we are guided by four fundamental principles– solutions need to be practical, systemic, sustainable and measurable.
  • What we do is very focused – we help organizations to select, engage and develop talent. Let me address these areas in more detail.
  • Our Selection, Engagement and Development utilizes technology and assessment instruments to achieve systemic, measurable and sustainable solutions. We can help you to ensure effective selection practices of internal or external candidates in the areas of culture fit, leadership, competency and skill. We provides assessment tools and processes that gain clarity on success criteria for a role and assess candidate fit for the role within your organization. Droste provides consulting, processes, and tools for the assessment of your employees teams and organization. In the area of engagement we can help you define or evolve your culture. We provide consulting, processes, models, and tools for customized change management initiatives. We are experienced in creating clear and actionable plans that help you identify successors to assume key future positions. In the area of development, Droste provides a comprehensive diagnostic tool used to create an integrated leadership development strategy, aligned with your business strategy, and supported by your executives.   We are commonly asked to take an advisory role with clients to help audit their leadership strategy. We also have great processes, consulting and facilitation to increase the involvement, commitment, and positive views and behaviors of your employees. We provide various coaching processes and solutions. on an individual one-on-one level: we provide leadership coaching for high performers assimilation coaching where we have a specific proprietary process that helps a leader navigate while transitioning into a new role in the organization. we also have a lot of success in working with teams at all levels including the “C” suite and boards. we have designed coaching for groups turning a training event into a process by incorporating assessment, 1:1 coaching and in some cases peer coaching into the process. We use a facilitative style to group learning. Some examples of group coaching include emerging leaders helping managers lead as coaches leading change. we offer a unique process that we call talent fit that helps to define and measure individual talent/skills with the role and organizational expectations. This is a great process for employees of mergers, acquisitions, role eliminations or leaders experiencing performance set backs or issues arising from their succession planning process. We also have an expansive library of training content that we can incorporate into our group coaching process based on the common learning needs of the group, build into “academies” geared toward specific leadership audiences or offer as stand alone professional development workshops. To support our selection, engagement and development solutions, Droste leverages a wide variety of assessments Droste provides expert consulting and reliable tools to assess key attributes of your employees, teams and organization necessary for long-term performance.
  • Selection, engagement and development are only activities unless there is a way to measure the outcomes. Droste uses metrics to measure our impact with our client. Some of the areas of impact include Faster execution of business strategy Retaining talent - Hi Potentials as an example Increasing employee engagement therefore lowering employee turnover Increasing individual productivity and contributions to the organization and Improving the overall customer satisfaction and building loyalty We average a 453% ROI (conservatively)
  • We deliver successful solutions by leveraging the talent and experiences of our people best practices proven process unique tool and technology that are tailored and customized to your needs and a robust library of professional development learning solutions We do not force fit our in addressing your problems. We work to understand your goals, what is already working, what is not working and partner on a plan to get you to where you need to be (like our coaching model). We walk the talk by making sure we select, engage and develop the best talent. We have a diverse global team or both academic and ‘real world’ former executive leaders, for example previous “C” level successful executives. We have an internal selection process, including assessments (for example emotional intelligence and personal drivers) and simulations, that enable us to consistently find and retain high caliber talent for our team. Our retention rate is 98%.
  • We talked about the experience of our people. Our breadth is also broad spanning throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Droste is headquartered in Troy Michigan. All of our consultants and coaches share similar philosophies, approaches, tools, technology and an unwavering commitment to the same high performance standards. Loyal to our guiding principle of leveraging the best fit talent, we are capable of providing you cross-border coordination with flexible integration of local expertise. We have and continue to grow organically through the needs of our clients.
  • Development truly begins at hiring. We have a variety of tools to help people understand the organization (for example culture), their job (for example the expectations for the role) and the current situation for that person (for example personal style or personality)
  • There is a variety of factors that impact engagement in either positively or negatively. We help define, build and drive these factors to achieve highly engaged employees – this drives culture and culture can (and should) be measured
  • We believe that when developing people it is best to build from their strengths. We also believe that our clients are smart – they would not be where they are if they were not. Our opportunity is to help them build from today forward and not get bogged down with past events. We use a cognitive behavioral approach that starts by helping and build individual awareness with individuals as a way to understand their personal drivers in order to learn and practice new behaviors that are going to best help them achieve the role/organizational expectations. In order to sustain the change in behavior, it must become innate and natural.
  • Leadership is our core – our boutique company was founded as an executive leadership coaching firm and has successfully expanded our solutions to include a more systemic approach to leadership development at the organizational level We utilize very defined systems, approaches and best practices. We have collected a lot of data to ensure that our processes and approaches work We consistently invest in selecting, engaging and developing top shelf talent. As a result, we are able to match our coaches or consultants based on client needs and expectations. For example, we encourage self-selection of coaches. THEY are the key ingredient to our secret sauce. Our solutions are not off the shelf – we make sure we fit the right solutions with your needs. We also make sure that we are working as your partner and support and link other leadership and organizational development initiatives. Everything we do is linked directly to delivering to our client ’s exptations. We hold ourselves accountable to delivering measurable, positive impact. We want no surprises for us nor you so we make every effort to communicate successfully and consistently deliver value and contribute to your bottom line. You are trusting us with what we believe is your most valuable asset – the thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc…of your talent. We take this very serious and are disciplined to protect it at all costs.
  • Our clients are our best salespeople. We have worked with diverse industries and company size as well as non-profit and at all levels of the organization from the “C” suite to emerging leaders.
  • What is your current situation related to leadership and organizational development? What is the organization ’s strategic direction? What is working well? What is not working well? Why or why not? What is your decision making process? Who makes these decisions?


  • 1. Success for your organization is a journey. We provide the road map .
  • 2. Today ’s Objectives
  • 3. Who We Are
  • 4. What We Do
  • 5. Our Solutions
  • 6. Faster execution of business strategy Retention of key talent Lower employee turnover Enhanced productivity Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty Resulting in:
  • 7. How We Do It
  • 8. Where We Are Copyrigh t © 2008, The Droste Group, Inc. All rights reserved . Europe Latin America Asia Pacific
  • 9. Our Selection Framework Copyrigh t © 2008, The Droste Group, Inc. All rights reserved. The Person
  • 10. Engagement increases productivity & retention Multiple factors effect engagement Culture can be measured and managed Our Engagement Framework Copyrigh t © 2008, The Droste Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 11. Our Development Framework How we interpret the world is learned Behavior we exhibit is learned Ability to change how we think We can learn new, more productive ways Learning occurs informally and formally Copyrigh t © 2008, The Droste Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 12. Why Droste…
  • 13. Leadership is our key competency Systemic processes & approach Top shelf coaches and consultants Right fit solutions Accountability to our clients Confidentiality Moving leadership in the right direction.
  • 14. Our Best Salespeople
  • 15. Understand Your Situation
  • 16. Questions & Next steps
  • 17. 877 550 5100 248 687 1858 www.drostegroup.com Contact