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    As 11 fixed draft 6 part 2 As 11 fixed draft 6 part 2 Presentation Transcript

    • D.a Supernatural Suspense THRILLERRelief at Conventions Shockthe end False Villain/ Victim ending
    • Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description FilmsFalse Ending Challenge – Something Purpose – To keep the Paranormal Activity demonic and scary giving audience thinking; Cliff false hope. Keeping hanger. Change the way audience scared not just you view curtain annoyed. situations. Description – We through there would be a new equilibrium, but it ended with a cliff hanger and the Ending – Demon still in her. demon is still inside her.Innocent Use – Young girl. Purpose – To make the Disappearance of Alice Challenge – Almost audience feel sympathy CreedVictims being the villain, the for the character and to victim ends up killing the shock from her killing the villain. villain Description – At the end of the film the woman taken hostage ends up killing the men that took her showing no remorse over it. The Victim kills the villain.Kaya Sanel GiaRahel
    • Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description Films Use (villain) – Can’t see You don’t see the PsychoVillain and details, remains a villain killing nor whoVictim mystery. they are killing the Use (victim) – An attractive innocent woman in the shower, woman. it makes the audience wonder who it is. Develop (villain) – You Scream can hear that it’s a male The villain is a male in their voice, not that and you see the girl he much of a mystery. Develop (victim)– Both killed hurt but you makes and females, you don’t see how he killed can see them hurt but her or the gory details. not them getting hurt. House of wax Challenge (villain) – Very The victim is a male who shy and insecure. is killed by a shy and Challenge (victim) – vulnerable villain, you see Male, showing him in a the victims get killed and gore like manner hurt. in detail what it looks like.Kaya Sanel GiaRahel
    • Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description FilmsEscaped Use – Middle aged male. Purpose – To show the Law abiding Citizen Develop – Female. mentality of the characterconvicts – how smart and cunning they are. Description – The man planned his escape from prison before her went in to out smart the police and get justice. Planning an escape from prison. Challenge – Making it Purpose – To shock the The Human CentipedeShock horrific and unexpected. audience, showing a real Not predictable . life situation in a Disturbing. disturbing and terrifying manner. Description – The villain holds 3 people hostage and shocks the audience in doing some extremely unexpected disgusting the Takes people hostage and audience creates them into a human centipede.Kaya Sanel GiaRahel
    • Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description FilmsBlood Develop – To disgust the Purpose – To show Saw 2 audience psychological state of characters and their horrible mentality, also how much they believe in something Description – When the serial killer cut out a jigsaw from a victims skin to show Cut out trademark some his symbol/trademark. someones skin. Use – To show ghosts Purpose – To terrify the The exorcist of Emily RoseSupernatural exist audience showing that Develop – Scaring the supernatural is stronger audience putting the than yourself and can supernatural in realistic controlling your mind. situations Description – The victim is possessed and cant control herself, she forms into unnatural positions and talks in demonic Possessed on the floor and voices of the demon. using demonic voicesKaya Sanel GiaRahel
    • Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples fromPsychological thriller Challenge Description Opening Sequence Purpose – To shock andSupernatural Develop – The spirits scare the audience in a are hear and seen, but sudden also we developed the Description – The convention by having closet doors will open the spirits interact in in a sudden out of no- the real world where The ghost are opening the closet doors Develop – Rather then Purpose – To keep theSuspense build suspense to then audience interested scare the audience and build tension so afterwards, we will they’re on the edge of build suspense slowly their seats then show nothing Description – Laura is after the build up in the closet in pitch black When she is in the closet andKaya D.b the audience doesnt know whats happening
    • Conventions of are opening GIA sequence
    • Conventions of are opening sequence
    • Convention Use/Develop/Challenge Purpose and Examples fromThriller Description opening sequence D.bFalse Ending Use- Having the audience Purpose- To keep the believing that something audience thinking interesting is about to throughout . happen. Challenge- Something Description- Laura scary but giving it a false walks to the hope to make the cupboard with fear. When the girl opens the cupboard and there was audience scared. nothing in it.Shock Challenge- By making Purpose- By shocking something unexpected to the audience to get a come by not being reaction out of them. Description- When the predictable. victim is about to experience something unexpected and strange to give the audience a feeling of atmosphere. When Laura see’s someone running behind her.
    • Inspirational Scenes Kaya E The boogey man 1 Donnie Darko Location of the spirit / Relatable character unusual happenings I was inspired by the boogeyman because of the location where the In reality Donnie Darko is a normalunusual things happen in connection teenage guy, who is shy and doesnt to the boogeyman. So I was inspired cause intentional trouble, however he to have the spirits be connected to a can see and listens to something hecloset just like that film as it was very thinks is real but in fact is pretend. scary and mysterious and dark
    • KayaE Inspirational Scenes The woman in black Non-diegetic sound to create suspense In this scene, the character is looking through a spinning lamp, while there is non- diegetic sound of a regular beat building to a climax where the face of a woman is seem with a sudden thud to shock and give the audience a fright
    • Inspirational Films (Paranormal Activity 3) -2010 Sanel Db.Paranormal 3 was inspiring to us because there structure starts of with a equilibriumbecause it shows that the family are very close and happy. The film the changes to adisequilibrium throughout the movie as something starts to happen and we don’tknow what is going on until the family starts to act very strange and different. All of asudden the mood has changed. So in our opening sequence we are going to start ofwith equilibrium and then change to a disequilibrium as something begins to hauntsomeone.
    • Sanel Inspirational Films (Sixth Sense) -1999 Db. The Sixth Sense was inspiring to because it involves with spirits and scares the young boy seeing them and this related to our opening sequence as the girl starts to see the spirit and gets very scared it shows us that the spirits can be anywhere and tries to haunt you for a reason or tries to send you a message.
    • Inspirational Films INSIDUOUS The girl drops the phone as she hears noises that frighten her. This inspired us to include this in our own opening sequence.PARANORMAL ACTIVITY We were inspired by the ghosts and the haunted house aspect of the film as it kept us as an audience interested in the film
    • Kaya & Sanel Theme and Concept F Previously, our Theme was childhood sentiment and our Concept was schizophrenia. What Went Well • The idea was messy, hard to understand • It could connect with out audience • It created enigma, It has an interesting climaxing ending Even Better If • Change narrative • Need to develop sound and images • So… We changed a little from drugs back to being haunted, so we can make a effective scary film and opening sequence
    • Kaya & Sanel Theme and Concept F • To come up with out new Theme and Concept we all decided to keep the same idea of the opening sequence, but change the cause of seeing delusions to suit the psychological thriller genre more • We all wanted an idea that could relate to our audience, making it seem more real to them however at the same time frightening them with the characters situation Theme: Concept: Haunted Murder
    • GIA Theme and concept• Are previous theme was childhood sentiment and are previous concept was schizophrenia.• WWWIt suited our genre, it would scare our audience.It was an interesting opening sequence.• EBIIf people understood the plot, The idea was too complicated, not many people understood the plotfully.• Did we change are theme/concept? Why?Yes We changed are concept because it wasn’t clear to most people what was wrong with the character Laura.We also changed are theme because we wanted to start a new theme for are new opening sequence.
    • What does it mean to be haunted?There are many definitions:• Having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something• Showing emotional affliction or disquiet• Inhabited by or as if by apparitions
    • Sanel Why Do Spirit Haunt People? G•Some spirits haunt their previous home. They feel comfortable existing inthe same house that it once inhabited. Some spirits choose to follow afamiliar person or a family member.•The spirit may now exist with the feeling of fear because it doesnt knowwhat to do. It usually doesnt intend to scare the living, it is just haunted byfear of the unknown.•A spirit who feels it was had lived an evil life when it was alive, may seekout like-minded evil living people because it feels a kinship to the negativefeeling.•Even though those spirits may appear evil, they are just frightened. Theyoften scare the living in order to get attention. They are seeking help, askingsomeone to rescue them and guide them to the light.•The transition that follows physical death is not final until the thoughtpattern that holds them earthbound is released and they can see the Godlight.