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Case study news to multimedia to social

  1. 1. Case Study: Evolution Wines & Spirits Australian Wines Campaign 2012
  2. 2. Australian Wines Campaign The following slides will show how Evolution Wines & Spirit crafted a content campaign. We wrote a quality article on Australian wine, sent out a press release, and recorded an interview which we used in our social media channels.
  3. 3. The Genesis Jane Ferrari Yalumba Vineyards Wine Ambassador ● Presenting Yalumba’s wines at a wine dinner sponsored by Evolution Wines & Spirits. Jane Ferrari, in her role as wine ambassador for Yalumba wines, was on tour in the United States promoting her company’s wine. She is a well known person in the wine world and quite the character. Evolution Wines & Spirits saw the wine dinner sponsorship as an opportunity to draw extra attention to our Australian wine selection.
  4. 4. The News Article Australian Wines Aren’t Down and Out With a wine dinner to promote, we took the opportunity to educate our customers about Australian wines. The issue we looked to address was explaining to them why they should pay attention to Australian wines and why Australian wines should no longer be considered cheap alternatives to Californian or European wines. Americans have grown accustomed to cheap Australian wine and perceive all Australian wines as cheap. As more quality grapevines pass the complicated Australian quarantine process, the quality of Australian wines naturally increase. With the increase in quality the price of the wines naturally increase as well. While there will always be the “great value with a great taste” wines like Stump Jump Reisling, wine lovers will appreciate the higher priced but well-worth it wines like Yalumba’s Cigar or The Signature.
  5. 5. The News Press Release Evolution Wines & Spirits Hosts Wine Dinner with Australian Wine Ambassador Jane Ferrari We wrote a press release with Prairie Grass Grill about the wine dinner and focused on Jane Ferrari. The press release was sent through PR Newswire and we directly contacted specific wine and food press outlets.
  6. 6. Multimedia To further utilize the opportunity of having a celebrity like Jane Ferrari available to us, we filmed an interview with her. We published the video to the Evolution YouTube channel and followed up with social media to draw attention to it as well as presenting it on our website*. *Evolution took down the YouTube channel. Video is on a personal channel now.
  7. 7. Social TWEETS #aussiewine ● ● ● ● ● ● Facts from the article with links to article. Quotes from Jane with links to the video. Reviews on Australian wines with links to product. Questions about favorite Australian wines. Information regarding Yalumba wine dinner. Information regarding Australian wine sale. Tweets attempted to include @ notifications of Yalumba wine twitter accounts for easy retweets to a relevant audience and @ notifications of Chicago wine bloggers/influencers.
  8. 8. Social UPDATES ● ● ● ● ● Event notification. Link to article. Link to video. Pictures of Yalumba wine dinner. Questions regarding favorite Australian wines.
  9. 9. The Campaign Breakdown Genesis Article Press Release Video Social A genesis creates news (articles, white papers, press releases) which inspires multimedia (pictures, videos, audio, graphics). News and Multimedia fill the social channels. Feedback from social can spawn a new genesis. Genesis
  10. 10. Measuring Success Summary Starting this campaign our measurement of success were two basic elements: ticket sales to the wine dinner and increased sales of Australian wines in the stores. In our post-campaign analysis, we realized we should have also been measuring engagement and response. Number of retweets, likes, shares, etc. to determine how interested our audience was in this promotion versus future promotions.
  11. 11. Contact Information Sean D. Francis @seandfrancis