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Parents night edmodo training power_point_2013
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Parents night edmodo training power_point_2013


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Sandi Dennis Presented By: Heather Borowski: Director of Instructional Media and Sandi Dennis: Library Media and Instructional Technology Specialist
  • 2. The 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue
  • 3. What is a Learning Management System? What is Edmodo? Edmodo is a free Learning Management System available online. Edmodo's mission is to connect all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential.
  • 4. Edmodo is the largest social learning network in the world 20,000,000+ TOTAL USERS AROUND THE WORLD
  • 5. Why Edmodo? Engage Connect Personalize Measure Edmodo is designed to get students excited about learning as teachers easily create a blended learning experience. Edmodo offers engaging, easy-to-use apps that integrate seamlessly and personalize learning for every student. Teachers are at the center of a powerful network that connects them to students, parents, administrators and publishers. Edmodo makes it simple to track student progress. Teachers can get the pulse of the class through quizzes, discussion and more. Our teachers use Edmodo in many different ways...
  • 6. Systemwide Technology Committee Charge: Research and Recommend a Learning Management System for City Schools of Decatur • • • • • • Blackboard Edmodo ManageBac Moodle My Big Campus Schoology
  • 7. Questions to consider: 1. Tools for teacher/student communication (email? chat?) 2. Class/lecture capture 3. Video capture and storage 4.Resource Center- Including Document Storage 5. Collaboration Tools 6. Planning Tools for Teachers and/or Students
  • 8. To consider… 8. Blog 9. Wiki 10. Social Media/Social Learning 11. User interface/Userability 12. Cost/Structure- district? per user? 13. iDevice-Friendly? Mobile App? 14. Professional Learning options
  • 9. Edmodo= Secure Platform which Ensures Safety and Privacy • Closed environment • No private information required from students • Students can only join classes by the invitation of their teacher • All communication is archived • Teacher has full management control • Mobile app available Students use this code to sign up
  • 10. How can my student use Edmodo? Learn with Edmodo Group Learning Classroom to Classroom Submit Work in all curriculum areas Book or other Clubs Sharing, Inquiring, Reflecting Suggestion Box Feedback Rewards (Badges) Sharing Resources and Junior Media Specialists Instructional Materials Summer Reading
  • 11. Teachers Monitor Safe Social Learning • Do not post group codes publicly • Lock group codes after all members have joined • Monitor posts / Set up notifications • Use read-only status when useful • Encourage students to select unique passwords • Set expectations
  • 12. F.AVE Edmodo Acceptable Use Agreement Our students sign this and each teacher posts a copy in
  • 13. Student
  • 14. Student Profile red circle indicates "new" items Badges awarded by teachers Link to grade book for each group Students share their learning style and goals
  • 15. Student Homepage The backpack: Unlimited storage for documents, videos and other resources Students receive Students receive notifications for notifications for grades, assignments, grades, assignments, alerts or replies alerts or replies Students can only send Students can only send messages to the entire messages to the entire group or directly to group or directly to the teacher the teacher Students can only join groups. They cannot create groups Parents use this code to create Parents use this code to create their account or add student to their account or add student to their existing account their existing account
  • 16. Optional Parent Interface
  • 17. Parent Sign-Up To create an account, go to (on a computer) and use the parent code located on your child’s Edmodo homepage
  • 18. Parent Homepage Parents can add multiple students Parents can add multiple students with their unique parent codes with their unique parent codes assignment due Teachers can send messages to parents. Parents are "Read-Only" to monitor their student's progress. late assignment new grade upcoming event assignment comment Parents have a dashboard view of student’s assignments, grades and calendar events. Greyed-out icons mean nothing is ready to be viewed.
  • 19. Parent Notifications
  • 20. Badges Teachers can award badges to motivate and recognize students!
  • 21. Get Started with this To-Do List • Get your parent code • Create your Parent account • Connect to all of your students who use Edmodo • Check student progress on a desktop or laptop • Explore the mobile device alerts you can receive – text or email
  • 22. Need Help? / FAQs Sandi Dennis
  • 23. m o c . o d ? o m d ? .e t ? r o p p u Need Help? ? click "I'm a Parent"