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  • 1. F.AVE iPad Setup March 4, 2013
  • 2. Complete Your Paperwork! First- read and initial each item on your check-out form. Sign it and return to Sandi.
  • 3. • Turn on iPad by firmly pressing the power button on the side (above the cut-out for the camera) • Work through the screens: • Choose the WiFi called "Classroom" password = xxxxxxx • Faculty password xxxxxxxxxx • If you have an Apple ID, use it. If not, create one. • Agree to Terms and Conditions • Use your Cloud account if you have one • Use 'Find my iPad' • Choose 'Automatically Send' data
  • 4. 2 Handouts1- Unique redeem codes 2-Free Apps 2-Free Apps 2-Free Apps • Open App Store • CLICK "Featured" on bottom LEFT • Scroll down and click "REDEEM" • Enter the first code on your sheet, Tap continue, Sign in using your password and Redeem. • Tap 'Enter Another Code' and repeat
  • 5. Possible Errors • If you previously redeemed a code, you will get an error message • Make a note of any other error messages on your sheet and we will help you
  • 6. Free Apps • Click on "Featured" on bottom left of app store • Search for the app on the top RIGHT in the search box • Look at the pictures on your handout to find the correct app and click install
  • 7. Check Your Work! • Apps take time to load • Please check back to make sure you have loaded all the Apps on your sheets • Apps will stop loading if you move too far away from your WiFi connection. • You may connect to your home network.
  • 8. • FIRST CLASS E-MAIL • Do not allow Push Notifications • Server= mail.csdecatur.net • ACCELERATED READER • enter website on your handout • Click JOIN on your keyboard • Click DONE
  • 9. passcode lock your ipad! in settings click GENERAL - PASSCODE LOCK and enter a 4 number passcode. :
  • 10. passcode lock your ipad! in settings click GENERAL - PASSCODE LOCK and enter a 4 number passcode. :