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Introduction to Windows Azure

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C fowler intro-azure

  1. 1. Introduction to Windows AzureFeat. 7 Deadly Sins of Cloud Development
  2. 2. I’m all in.Cory FowlerConsultant, ObjectSharpMicrosoft MVP, Windows Azure@SyntaxC4http://blog.syntaxc4.net gettag.mobi
  3. 3. Agenda1. Quick overview of Windows Azure offerings2. 7 Deadly Sins of Cloud Development3. …4. Make money???
  4. 4. Windows Azure Compute
  5. 5. Windows Azure ComputeA Hosted Service is a container for an Application. An Application must consist of at least one Role. A Role is Scalable to meet the demand of traffic.
  6. 6. Windows Azure ComputeRole Role Role Web Worker VM ASP.NET Long Running Windows Server WCF Process 2008 R2 Fast CGI Emulates Windows Customized Guest OS Services Emulates IIS
  7. 7. Windows Azure StorageBlob Files with accompanying Meta DataTable Non-Relational Entity StorageQueue Reliable Message Delivery for ApplicationsDrives Durable NTFS VHD [Mountable]
  8. 8. Windows Azure StorageWindows Azure CDN nodes
  9. 9. SQL Azure  Tables, indexes and views  Stored Procedures1GB, 5GB 10-50GB  Triggers  Constraints  Table variables, session temp tables (#t)Web Edition Business Edition  Spatial types, HierarchyId  Data Types Feature Set  XML, Sparse Columns, Filestream  Partitions  Full-text indexes  SQL-CLR
  10. 10. SQL AzureSQL Azure Data Sync
  11. 11. SQL AzureSQL Azure Reporting
  12. 12. Virtual NetworkOn-Premise Windows Azure [IP-Sec Connectivity] Web Role 1 Remote Office Web Role 2 Windows Azure Connect
  13. 13. Virtual NetworkLoad Balance an Application using {0} based routing. Performance – Route traffic to best suited Hosted Service based on ping. Failover – Route traffic to standby Hosted Services while primary is offline. Round Robin – Route traffic equally between configured Hosted Services.Windows Azure Traffic Manager
  14. 14. AppFabricOn-Premise Partner/Customer Office [Firewall] [Firewall] Service Bus
  15. 15. AppFabricProducer Consumer Topics & Queues
  16. 16. AppFabric Cache LayerWeb Site Web Site Web Site Web Site Web SiteInstance Instance Instance Instance Instance Caching
  17. 17. AppFabric OAuth WRAP OAuth 2.0 Access Control WS-* Service Open ID Rules Google, Yahoo Facebook Websites and web Live ID servicesAccess Control Service
  18. 18. MarketplaceData Market Application Market
  19. 19. Under Utilization of Cloud Resources Sin Make the Cloud work hard for your money!
  20. 20. Scaling Vertically Vs. Horizontally Instance I/OCompute Size CPU Memory Storage PerformanceExtra Small 1.0 GHz 768 MB 20 GB LowSmall 1.6 GHz 1.75 GB 225 GB ModerateMedium 2 x 1.6 GHz 3.5 GB 490 GB HighLarge 4 x 1.6 GHz 7 GB 1,000 GB HighExtra large 8 x 1.6 GHz 14 GB 2,040 GB High Sin: Under Utilization of Cloud Resources
  21. 21. InstrumentationData Source Collected by Supported Role Types Storage Service Default?Windows Azure logs Web & Worker TableIIS 7.0 logs Web only BlobWindows Azure Diagnostic Web & Worker TableInfrastructure logsFailed Request logs Web only BlobWindows Event logs Web & Worker TablePerformance Counters Web & Worker TableCrash Dumps Web & Worker BlobCustom Error logs Web & Worker Blob Sin: Under Utilization of Cloud Resources
  22. 22. Demo• Sizing a VM• Windows Azure Diagnostics• Overloaded Roles Sin: Under Utilization of Cloud Resources
  23. 23. Platform MonogamySin
  24. 24. Sin: Platform Monogamy
  25. 25. Poorly Defined Release Cadence Sin
  26. 26. Speed up Deploymenthttp://waawebroles.codeplex.com Sin: Poorly Defined Release Cadence
  27. 27. ALM + Automationhttp://deploytoazure.codeplex.com Sin: Poorly Defined Release Cadence
  28. 28. Always Connected Assumption Sin
  29. 29. Application
  30. 30. Demo• Paging with Table Storage
  31. 31. Synchronous Application Design Sin
  32. 32. Define Scale Units Application Roles Web Site Web Site Back-End Web SiteWeb Site Admin Site Services [Web Role] [Worker Role] [VM Role] Sin: Synchronous Application Design
  33. 33. Windows Azure Storagehttp[s]://account.*.core.windows.net Account Container Item images BLOB Storage NerdDinner Blobs videos locations TABLE Storage NerdDinner Entities dinners rsvp QUEUE[S] Storage NerdDinner Messages resize Sin: Synchronous Application Design
  34. 34. Demo• Using Windows Azure Storage for Asynchronous Tasks
  35. 35. Lack of Load Testing / Failover Testing Sin
  36. 36. Demo• Simulate Failure using Compute Emulator
  37. 37. Cloudy Reading
  38. 38. ResourcesBlog http://blog.syntaxc4.netGitHub http://github.com/syntaxc4Windows Azure Platform Training Kit http://bit.ly/jXfyyDWindows Azure Powershell Cmdlets http://bit.ly/m75gEcWindows Azure Tools http://bit.ly/miooC4Cloud Cover Show http://bit.ly/g4nQbTEssential Resources for Windows Azure http://bit.ly/efmzGo