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Introduction to Windows Azure

Introduction to Windows Azure



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C fowler intro-azure C fowler intro-azure Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction to Windows AzureFeat. 7 Deadly Sins of Cloud Development
  • I’m all in.Cory FowlerConsultant, ObjectSharpMicrosoft MVP, Windows Azure@SyntaxC4http://blog.syntaxc4.net gettag.mobi
  • Agenda1. Quick overview of Windows Azure offerings2. 7 Deadly Sins of Cloud Development3. …4. Make money???
  • Windows Azure Compute
  • Windows Azure ComputeA Hosted Service is a container for an Application. An Application must consist of at least one Role. A Role is Scalable to meet the demand of traffic.
  • Windows Azure ComputeRole Role Role Web Worker VM ASP.NET Long Running Windows Server WCF Process 2008 R2 Fast CGI Emulates Windows Customized Guest OS Services Emulates IIS
  • Windows Azure StorageBlob Files with accompanying Meta DataTable Non-Relational Entity StorageQueue Reliable Message Delivery for ApplicationsDrives Durable NTFS VHD [Mountable]
  • Windows Azure StorageWindows Azure CDN nodes
  • SQL Azure  Tables, indexes and views  Stored Procedures1GB, 5GB 10-50GB  Triggers  Constraints  Table variables, session temp tables (#t)Web Edition Business Edition  Spatial types, HierarchyId  Data Types Feature Set  XML, Sparse Columns, Filestream  Partitions  Full-text indexes  SQL-CLR
  • SQL AzureSQL Azure Data Sync
  • SQL AzureSQL Azure Reporting
  • Virtual NetworkOn-Premise Windows Azure [IP-Sec Connectivity] Web Role 1 Remote Office Web Role 2 Windows Azure Connect
  • Virtual NetworkLoad Balance an Application using {0} based routing. Performance – Route traffic to best suited Hosted Service based on ping. Failover – Route traffic to standby Hosted Services while primary is offline. Round Robin – Route traffic equally between configured Hosted Services.Windows Azure Traffic Manager
  • AppFabricOn-Premise Partner/Customer Office [Firewall] [Firewall] Service Bus
  • AppFabricProducer Consumer Topics & Queues
  • AppFabric Cache LayerWeb Site Web Site Web Site Web Site Web SiteInstance Instance Instance Instance Instance Caching
  • AppFabric OAuth WRAP OAuth 2.0 Access Control WS-* Service Open ID Rules Google, Yahoo Facebook Websites and web Live ID servicesAccess Control Service
  • MarketplaceData Market Application Market
  • Under Utilization of Cloud Resources Sin Make the Cloud work hard for your money!
  • Scaling Vertically Vs. Horizontally Instance I/OCompute Size CPU Memory Storage PerformanceExtra Small 1.0 GHz 768 MB 20 GB LowSmall 1.6 GHz 1.75 GB 225 GB ModerateMedium 2 x 1.6 GHz 3.5 GB 490 GB HighLarge 4 x 1.6 GHz 7 GB 1,000 GB HighExtra large 8 x 1.6 GHz 14 GB 2,040 GB High Sin: Under Utilization of Cloud Resources
  • InstrumentationData Source Collected by Supported Role Types Storage Service Default?Windows Azure logs Web & Worker TableIIS 7.0 logs Web only BlobWindows Azure Diagnostic Web & Worker TableInfrastructure logsFailed Request logs Web only BlobWindows Event logs Web & Worker TablePerformance Counters Web & Worker TableCrash Dumps Web & Worker BlobCustom Error logs Web & Worker Blob Sin: Under Utilization of Cloud Resources
  • Demo• Sizing a VM• Windows Azure Diagnostics• Overloaded Roles Sin: Under Utilization of Cloud Resources
  • Platform MonogamySin
  • Sin: Platform Monogamy
  • Poorly Defined Release Cadence Sin
  • Speed up Deploymenthttp://waawebroles.codeplex.com Sin: Poorly Defined Release Cadence
  • ALM + Automationhttp://deploytoazure.codeplex.com Sin: Poorly Defined Release Cadence
  • Always Connected Assumption Sin
  • Application
  • Demo• Paging with Table Storage
  • Synchronous Application Design Sin
  • Define Scale Units Application Roles Web Site Web Site Back-End Web SiteWeb Site Admin Site Services [Web Role] [Worker Role] [VM Role] Sin: Synchronous Application Design
  • Windows Azure Storagehttp[s]://account.*.core.windows.net Account Container Item images BLOB Storage NerdDinner Blobs videos locations TABLE Storage NerdDinner Entities dinners rsvp QUEUE[S] Storage NerdDinner Messages resize Sin: Synchronous Application Design
  • Demo• Using Windows Azure Storage for Asynchronous Tasks
  • Lack of Load Testing / Failover Testing Sin
  • Demo• Simulate Failure using Compute Emulator
  • Cloudy Reading
  • ResourcesBlog http://blog.syntaxc4.netGitHub http://github.com/syntaxc4Windows Azure Platform Training Kit http://bit.ly/jXfyyDWindows Azure Powershell Cmdlets http://bit.ly/m75gEcWindows Azure Tools http://bit.ly/miooC4Cloud Cover Show http://bit.ly/g4nQbTEssential Resources for Windows Azure http://bit.ly/efmzGo