Applying Goodwin's theory to music videos - Beyonce single ladies
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Applying Goodwin's theory to music videos - Beyonce single ladies






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Applying Goodwin's theory to music videos - Beyonce single ladies Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Applying Goodwin’s theory to music videos
    Sonia De Abreu
  • 2. Goodwin’s Principles
    Goodwin theory principles
    Voyeurism: When other people look at the artist or an insight into their lives. e.g a screen within a screen
    Close up’s: Images of the artist, usually of their face, distinguishing features or face to help make them more recognisable to fans,
    Intertextuality: When another text is referenced e.g. parody.
     Genre characteristics: What we expect to appear in their music video style e.g. Metal being featuring extravagant stage performances.
    Relationship between Music and visuals: The means the visuals illustrate amplify or contradict the music e.g. fast paced may mean a lively video.
    Relationship between Lyrics and visuals: When the visuals on screen illustrate, amplify or contradict the lyrics e.g. an Image may appear on screens when it is referenced in the song. A good example of this is in the song
  • 3. Applying Goodwins theory to a music video of my choice
  • 4. Voyeurism
    The fact that the only thing within the set is beyonce and two other dancers focuses all our attention on the women’s dance moves.
    The video consists of three attractive females dancing.
    The black and white background makes the dancers legs stand out more
    There is a lot of skin on show at all times. The video exploits women.
    The focus is very much on their bodies.
  • 5. Close-ups
    Close-ups are used throughout yet these are only on beyonce as it is her song and she is trying to promote her music. By using close-ups we really get an insight in to the artists face and therefore we are able to relate with the artist more.
  • 6. IntertextualityLyrics and music video
    All the single ladies (7x)

Now put your hands up
Up in the club, we just broke up
I’m doing my own little thing
you Decided to dip but now you wannatrip
Cuz another brother noticed me
    Goodwin suggests that lyrics will make constant reference to visuals on the screen. The Visuals will reinforce what we hear. In this particular music video within the lyrics printed above Beyonce does the exact actions. She is constantly dancing, rejoicing with happiness, dancing for single ladies and when the lyrics say ‘now put your hands up’ she literally does. This is a gesture of being in high spirits.
  • 7. Genre characteristics
    Within Beyonce’s music video there are many traits that demonstrate this it is an R&B music video, despite there being a very simple set the whole way through. The fact that she wears a lot of make up, has a fashionable sense of style and is surrounded by beautiful women all in tip top shape illustrates that this is an R&B music video. If it was rock we would see that there would be a band and someone singing in to a microphone the whole way through, dark colours, guitars and drums would also be obvious within rock music videos.
  • 8. Evaluation
    In doing this task I have learnt the key aspect that I should be including in my music video. Music videos are very manipulative and include important traits depending on the genre that I will definitely bear in my mind when coming to making my own music video. Things such as close ups of women's faces are crucial in R&B videos as well as a heavy face of make up and barely any clothes.