SoundView Group Direct Response TV, Radio, Online Video Capabilities


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SoundView Group Direct Response TV, Radio, Online Video Capabilities

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SoundView Group Direct Response TV, Radio, Online Video Capabilities

  1. 1. Demand Generation:Direct Response TV, Radio, and Online
  2. 2. Company Description The SoundView Group is a full-service marketing agency that services innovative players in both B2C and B2B markets. Strategically our expertise is in creation of key marketing messages and demand generation. We help companies execute through ROI-positive Direct Response Advertising Campaigns (Direct Response Television and Radio, and Online Video). Our Mission: Create compelling advertisements, make efficient media buys, and rapidly and profitably scale demand generation efforts.
  3. 3. Ask yourself: Is your company a good fit for Offline Direct Response Advertising? Do you want to reach a bigger audience; one that currently just isn’t searching for (or seeing you) online? Has your SEO, SEM, and online display advertising been honed to the point where further optimization will not significantly increase visits/calls? Do you want to drastically increase the credibility of your company? Will describing your product/service benefits in a more evocative medium than a couple of lines of text or a banner ad make customers sit up and take notice? Are you in a place (in terms of your conversion capabilities) where you can take advantage of massive scale efficiencies?
  4. 4. If so, it makes sense to consider DRTV and National Direct Response Radio Direct Response Television and Radio Advertising (Drive to Web/Phone), in combination with effective conversion funnels, has been proven to rapidly scale businesses at compelling CPAs For companies at a certain stage, DRTV/Radio can be a game-changer The price of entry (creative as well as media) is usually much lower with SoundView than expected; and our experience minimizes your risk as you test the medium(s) 95% of companies who find success in offline direct response advertising indicate they wish they had tested it sooner SOUNDVIEW SPECIALIZES IN Hyper-Efficient National Cable DRTV National/Regional Radio Google TV Advertising
  5. 5. Companies who have utilized DR to acquire new customers & break thru
  6. 6. Why DRTV? Television is the strongest push medium available, and the use of motion, visuals, and audio builds a strong base of fundamental customer understanding Television reaches 90% of adults each day Television is the most utilized form of media (4.5 hours per day) Television is the most influential form of media- 82% of adults agree it makes companies more credible Television commercials are the largest driver of online searches Creative production and media costs much less than most people think (TVB, Nielsen Media Research, iProspect)
  7. 7. TV Enhance Results Extend Your Reach DRTV finds new audiences while elevating performance of other advertising channels Search Advertising Online Display Radio Direct To Home
  8. 8. Why work with SoundView? We have flexible engagement models, but most importantly, every step of the way, our experience mitigates your risk as you test, ramp, and integrate offline advertising into your media mix
  9. 9. SoundView DRTV Creative Examples Finding the right balance of hard-hitting messaging that maximizes response while never denigrating the brand Footage can also be leveraged for Online Video but must be adapted for the medium A few examples (see complete list at CLICK HERE TO VIEW CLICK HERE TO VIEW CLICK HERE TO VIEW CLICK HERE TO VIEW CLICK HERE TO VIEW CLICK HERE TO VIEW
  10. 10. SoundView Creative Approach Balancing the need for hard-hitting messaging that drives response and low CPA, while taking the utmost care to protect your brand DIRECT RESPONSE BRAND
  11. 11. Direct Response Radio:A stepping stone or complement to DRTV Radio spots are less expensive to produce than TV – they can range from $250 to $2,500 National Radio (News and Talk) is the best way to efficiently target your audience– versus buying music formats The average listener spends 8 hours per week listening to radio Radio ad time is extremely affordable, and there is a great deal of unsold inventory – test budgets can range from $10,000 to $20,000 weekly Radio radically extends your reach – and makes SEM that much more effective (2009 Arbitron)
  12. 12. Soundview Media Planning/Buying Leveraging 15+ years of media planning, buying & optimization; and coming at offline with an online marketer’s attention to CPA, efficiency, and metrics $100 million+ DRTV/Radio media purchased via a wide variety of buys ranging from the thousands to tens of millions Deep understanding of agency players and their strengths, networks, stations, dayparts & the rate climate by region and calendar year Knowledge of strategic advantages of testing with Google TV versus a National DRTV buy Fierce client advocacy – willing to push agencies and/or media providers to improve rates/results above and beyond the norm Track record of success as a strategic planner/buyer, as well as supervisor of media agencies handling the buy
  13. 13. One last thing to consider in 2011 – Online Video For your website it’s becoming table stakes Affordable – low cost of production Multi-functional – Entertains, inspires, sells, tells a story, explains your product/service Personal connection – Creates a proxy for face-to-face interaction by injecting some energy & excitement into otherwise static pages For distribution on the web, mobile, place-based media Standalone video ad unit, Pre & Post roll video (:15 & :30), etc. Viral – turns customers/prospects into sellers with an easily spreadable video that can be distributed almost anywhere online, especially on social networking sites Added benefit - bolsters your organic search rankings
  14. 14. SoundView can get you started We’ll find you appropriate agency partners – or we’ll handle it all for you and produce the creative/develop the media strategy Most recent clients include:,
  15. 15. Seth Baum, SoundView Group Managing Director Seth Baum has 15+ years of marketing, advertising and website product development experience on both the client and agency sides of the business, and has worked in marketing and operational roles at two venture capital-backed startups as well as for publicly traded companies. Seth founded The SoundView Group in 2008 to utilize the strategic, creative, media, and go-to-market approaches he had developed throughout his career on behalf of clients seeking world-class execution without the overhead of traditional full-service agencies. Based in Los Angeles, Seth is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University with an MBA in Marketing/Technology from The Anderson School at UCLA. More information is available at: or
  16. 16. Contact Information CONTACT Seth Baum 323-788-9908 (m)