Indian Politicians Are Taking The Country For A Ride
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Indian Politicians Are Taking The Country For A Ride



Angst of an Indian

Angst of an Indian



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Indian Politicians Are Taking The Country For A Ride Indian Politicians Are Taking The Country For A Ride Document Transcript

  • Indian Politicians are taking the country for a ride Been watching the news and the whole election circus for past few days and left wondering about the IQ of our politicians. More importantly I am wondering if these juveniles are the ones who are supposed to run out country. Budhiya vs Gudiya... Kandahar vs 26/11... Who is a strong man and who is not... Kapil Sibal trying to obfuscate the real issues under oratory... Priyanka Gandhi talking about credentials of Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi to be the Prime Minister of the country. The great big sale of seats and votes in Andhra Pradesh... Mind boggling stuff! I wonder if these politicians are really as old as reported. Surely has to be just the chronological age and not the mental age. My kids who are 8 and 5 have a more mature argument and fights than these people. A request to all the politicians. Have some shame and discuss issues that are much more pressing and require attention than the ones that are being discussed. A threat is a threat... internal or external. Can we agree that there is a threat to this country and no external force can enter and create mischief without support internally! Can we discuss the fact that people are losing jobs and it will never show in statistics because numbers are discussed as per convenience? Can we discuss the fact that the terrorist problems that plague the nation have been created long ago by the same political parties? Can any one party make an honest claim that they are secular? And secular does not mean taking care of majority or minority! The moment they utter these words, they are not secular. So all spokesperson of Congress, BJP, SP BSP should shut up for once and think before they open their mouth and put their big foot in. Let us not talk about various successful schemes. They are successful all on paper and advertising created by advertising agencies who are also raking in the moolah Let us accept that corruption is rampant across every party and let us discuss what every party can do to eradicate it Sanjay Dutt cannot fight election because of criminal case (though what credentials he has to be a political leader or what has he done for Lucknow that he can stand for election) but there are so many criminals who have filed nominations and they cut across all parties... How come Election Commission is silent about them?? How come Election Commission has not stopped all political process in Andhra Pradesh? If CNN-IBN can discover so much and there are police spokesperson talking about money... must be that the Commission is waiting for the official report which should be ready by the time next general election happens?
  • Politicians with so much wealth and yet declaring so little. Everyone knows what a sham it is. But is the Election watch dog blind? My mind is so boggled (and credit to my friend Subra and Joseph Heller for the “mind boggling”) that I seem to be rambling. Fact is that this election is a bigger circus than the last one and the politicians are behaving in lot more immature fashion. I don’t care about where Ms Gandhi was born. I want to know if she and her party are capable of ruling this country. And if her party keeps projecting Mr Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister... nope they are not capable. Mr Manmohan Singh and Mr P Chidambaram (two great economist and one time great Finance Ministers) have taken this country to the dumps. And no the projected leadership of BJP or Third Front is also unacceptable. The problem I think is that the only agenda every part has is to come to power. The country and its people be damned. And that is why we see immature statements being uttered. Irrelevant issues are discussed. Dirty Linen gets washed every day, every hour and ever minute. I am probably going to vote for the first time (if my name gets included in the electoral rolls) and am wondering is there anyone worth giving my valuable vote to. Next month will show us if the people of this country have been more mature than the politicians... else we get the government we deserve and we should all shut up for next 5 years before the big circus comes around again.