Vila dhe Apartamente per shitje ne Vlore


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Vila dhe Apartamente per shitje ne Vlore

  1. 1. 1 VloraSunset Residential Complex Your Gate to……… Investing in Albania Vlora Sunset Residential Complex Important Note: The information contained within this document does not form part of any contractual agreement. Investors should seek personal taxation, legal & financial advice before deciding to invest. ©
  2. 2. 2 VloraSunset Residential Complex Why Albania?  25% growth in property prices in Tirana and Vlora city in last 5 years  22% growth in Tourism  20% growth in number of passengers flying in Tirana International Airport  Direct daily flights of British Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian, Alitalia  700 mill Euro invested in infrastructure projects recently  NATO member since 2009  EU member on 2014  422 mil Euro from EU funds  10% Profit tax  10% Income tax  No Property Tax  No VAT ©
  3. 3. 3 VloraSunset Residential Complex Albania is coming along to be the latest hotspot of the property world  A small Balkan country of a population of 3.6 million.  An area of 28,748 Square Kilometers  It borders Montenegro to the north, Kosovo the northeast, Macedonia east, and Greece to the south and opposite the ‘heel’ of Italy.  It has 362 km of beautiful coastline: Adriatic Sea to the west and Ionian Sea to the south-west.  Albania is a relatively undiscovered jewel off the beaten track, offering a wealth of stunning scenery, history and culture.  A warm Mediterranean climate encourages a slow pace of life and holiday makers will find it easy to slip into the meandering life style.  If the clear blue waters do not entice you on to the beaches, other activities abound. From leisurely trips to many historical sites, to exploration across the national parks, there is something for everyone.  For real adventure: diving, white-water rafting, climbing, and paragliding are activities on offer.  Albania has an impressive GDP growth of 6 % pa, inflation steady at 2.5% and property sector increasing circa 20% pa ©
  4. 4. 4 VloraSunset Residential Complex Vlora–Albania’s Gate to the West The city of Vlore stretches The distance from the country’s The bay of Vlore is along Uji te Ftohte (the area capital, Tirana, is 135 Kilometers, distinguished for its many known as Cold Waters) to the while it is only 72 km. from Italy natural resources, for its pure region of Zvernec. and 77 miles from Greece. biodiversity, and ecological The level on which rises the Vlora’s position guarantees a large corridor. Its is one of the areas City of Vlore is from 6 until 76 circulation of local and foreign with the largest tourism six meters from sea level and tourists, who favor the city because potentials in the area, connected represents a continental base of its magnificent beauty. directly with entrances to the level. Nearby the clock tower, In the city of Vlore, there are sea, with lots of clean nature, in the centre of Vlore, there are located three functioning climate, water, archeology, the Independence Monument, museums. The Museum of history, culture and people and the Museum of History and the National Independence, The businesses. Every summer Vlore Museum of Ethnography. Museum of Historic Relics and the experiences an onslaught of Another one, the Museum of Ethnographic Museum are placed tourists. There are plenty of National Independence- the in three buildings in different restaurants, hotels, funfairs, first museum in Albania, is places in the city. shops, cash dispensers and nearby the port. beautiful sunny weather. ©
  5. 5. 5 VloraSunset Residential Complex ........presenting Vlora Sunset Residential Complex DESCRIPTION OF THE APARTMENTS The residence is projected as a low rise and low density community. There are 8 apartment blocks spread throughout the beautiful green hill overlooking the Bay of Vlora within 3 minutes walk from the beach. The community is composed of 150 luxury apartments, hotel, underground parking. Apartments are well designed and the concept of a villa with its own private entrance, large windows, balconies and terraces.  Swimming pool  Distance from Tirana International  Fitness & SPA Airport: 130 km.  Hotel  Distance from the Ferry Port of Vlora  Restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine 3 km. and Albanian traditional food  Distance from the Yacht Harbor in  Rooftop bar with panoramic view Orikum 12 km.  Distance from the city center 5 km.  Mini market  Playground for children  Gated community  Underground parking  24 hour security service ©
  6. 6. 6 VloraSunset Residential Complex About Vlora Sunset  The Residence is situated in “Uji i Ftohte” Vlore area, a wonder of the Albanian Ionian coast.  On three sides (north-east-south) is surrounded by green hills.  The facility it lays on a hill and in the western side overlooks the Ionian Sea. This position enables direct access to the sea and the private beach located right in front of it.  There are 8 low rise and low density buildings in development. The view from all residential buildings is just unbeatable.  Sunset is one of the most special moments of the day that can be enjoyed from the property, and that’s where it got its name.  The Landscape height creates conditions to enjoy the beautiful view of Vlora bay, Karaburun Peninsula, Sazan Island and Zvernec.  The property is surrounded and has 24h security on site, it has inner road that passes through the residence from the main gate to the underground parking, walking paths, flowered gardens, playground, etc.  The community has a lot of amenities to offer.  There is a swimming pool situated behind the hotel, designed at the hotel terrace bar level where you can enjoy a clear panoramic view of the bay.  There is a fitness and SPA in the facility accessible to the residents. The fine dining restaurant offers tasteful dishes of an old Albanian tradition and Mediterranean Cuisine. A highly selection of wines and other drinks can be enjoyed at the terrace bar or by the pool experiencing an exotic environment.  The Hotel is part of the community. There are 27 luxury rooms designed so every room overlooks the sea. It offers priority accommodation for guests, relatives and friends of the residents.  Playground for children, beautiful landscape, gardens full of flowers and olive trees make the environment more colorful and joyful.  Maintenance and cleaning of common areas is provided, offering a quiet, clean, safe and relaxing environment to live. ©
  7. 7. 7 VloraSunset Residential Complex Vlora Sunset Key Features:  The project offers a variety of different apartments such as: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, two-floor apartment’s duplets style.  All apartments have a direct open view to the sea.  Living rooms and bedrooms have large windows to enjoy the beautiful view of the bay and the sunset.  Apartments are efficient, well designed and build with high quality materials.  Mediterranean style of large balconies and terraces where to sit have a meal and enjoy the view.  Apartments have transversal ventilation which creates air circulation and freshness all summer long.  All facilities are thermo insulated according to EU standards.  Rooftops are thermo and hydro insulated according to EU standards.  Toilets are with direct ventilation and natural light.  Heating/cooling systems installed.  All plumbing installations are made with materials according to EU standards.  Energy efficient double glazed windows.  Wastewater discharges systems build according to EU standards.  All electrical materials are from well-known European companies.  Interior and exterior doors are Italian manufacture, first quality products.  All bathrooms suites and showers are first quality Italian manufacture products.  Outdoor areas, sidewalks, street, rainwater gutters, landscape are designed and treated with care.  Underground parking space for each apartment is available. ©
  8. 8. 8 VloraSunset Residential Complex Wonderful City, Wonderful Investment  The main coastal road Vlora - Saranda just finished  Vlora Port is bringing in thousands of tourists each year from Italy  Few small marinas for yachts are planned to be built within few hundred metres from the residence  Vlora is extending to bring in 150,000 extra residents  Tirana residents have started to drive to Vlora during weekends  Shortage of good quality housing  Tourism is up over 22% year on year Payment Schedule *  On signing of the reservation – Reservation / agency fee of 2000 EUR  On signing of contract – 80% to be paid to developer  On signing of contract – 700 EUR to be paid for legal services  On delivery of the keys – 15% to be paid to the developer  On receiving of title deeds – 5% to be paid to the developer * These payment schedules were correct at the time of writing. They may vary depending on how close to completion the purchase is made. ©
  9. 9. 9 VloraSunset Residential Complex For further details on how we can supply you with more information on outstanding investment opportunities, please contact us: USA and Canada Sam Dardha - Executive Director Cell: +1 414 852 5513 Email: Albania Ilir Dardha - Albania Director Email: ©