Research, Write, Respond: Technology in the Hands of Young Learners


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Connections 2012 Conference presentation. Kansas City, MO (March 21- March 23)

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  • Purchased a mobile lab of 30 - NEO 2 student laptops in Spring of 2009. I have modeled a variety of uses in Information Literacy classes and incorporated them into collaborative research projects. Teachers have checked them out to do spelling tests, AR tests, and math assessments. This Spring we have added 60 - NEO 2s for a one-to-one initiative beginning in 3rd grade. Students are familiar with the NEO 2’s and easily apply keyboard short-cuts to save, open, clear files. Low cost per unit makes NEO 2 an affordable option. When we considered options for replacement of an out of date laptop mobile lab the iPad2 seemed a more affordable and realistic fit for our needs. Management of all technology is handled by myself and our technology hardware person who is in the building on Mondays and Fridays and works on a flexible schedule through the summer. (Paid each year by total # hours) Had to have computers and mobile devices that are reliable and easy to update. Management of the iPads required a lot of preplanning but now that they are set up they are easier to maintain. We do updates during the breaks. The NEO 2’s run on 3 - AA batteries for 500 hours. No plugging in. Are cleared before summer break and are updated before school starts. Supporting software is free and is updated at the beginning of each school year.
  • Project the practice quiz on the SMART board and work in groups to get a common answer. We all review and learn at the same time.
  • Research, Write, Respond: Technology in the Hands of Young Learners

    1. 1. Research, Write,Respond: Technology in the Hands of Young Learners Sheryl Dales March 2012
    2. 2. Background• Teacher-Librarian/Technology Integrator• St. Pius X School (Grades Pre-8)• Apple School (148 Mac Desktops, 30 - iPad2s, 90 - NEO 2s, SMART interactive boards in 1/2 of our classrooms)
    3. 3. Decision Making• Curriculum Needs• Teacher Comfort Levels• Student Comfort Levels• Cost Considerations• Management (Updates and Upkeep)
    4. 4. NEO 2 Renaissance Learning• Inexpensive• Rugged and durable• Easy to operate• Easy to maintain• Supports curriculum needs• Non-distracting
    5. 5. iPads• Mobile and easy to transport to classroom• Fast wireless access• Student engagement• Student management of data appearance
    6. 6. QR CodesScavenger Hunts, Website Location, Activity Introductions QR Code Generator
    7. 7. Username: Spring2012 Facts4Me Password: accessOnline reference tool for primary readers of English. The site is written by teachers and is committed to offering high-quality, educationally-sound information in an ad-free, child-safe environment.
    8. 8. NEO 2s to Word Process
    9. 9. NEO 2s to Word Process
    10. 10. Creative Writing 1st Grade
    11. 11. Assessment Polling (pretest review, status of class)TRAILS: Tool for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills
    12. 12. AssessmentQuizzing (MathFacts in a Flash - Offline) Collaboration Beaming Document Sharing With Teacher and/or Google Docs
    13. 13. Future• One to One Program• Increase writing with word processor• Early awareness of keyboard• Increase in speed/accuracy in keyboarding• Practice daily use of technology as a tool for 21st Century skills