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Workshop about free online resources. Making websites, content for the websites and sharing platforms. Given at NAFCC in July 2013. After conference, available for download.

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  • I am really happy to be here today with all of you. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and then we’ll start having some fun.
  • I am passionate about your career. That is the most important thing you need to know about me. I respect, admire and appreciate what you do. You significantly shape our nation’s future, every day that a parent drops their gift to the world off with you.You have one of the best jobs in the world, you get to play with kids all day.You have one of the hardest jobs in the world, you have to negotiate parenting styles, poopy diapers, biters, potty training, unpaid bills, time/space percentage and the list goes on.You have a huge responsibility to the parents who leave their treasures with you and to the children you are shaping.I, in turn, have a responsibility to you….to help you. Make your job easier with resources found online, provide you with options for online communities focused on child care, provide you with contact information for people/organizations, make money so we can give money back to you to help you reach your quality child care standards.I take my job seriously. As seriously as you do. I am here to help you. You inspire me.I have been creating the community for 3 years now, as an employee of Minute Menu Systems. That adorable face on the slide is my daughter who is a year old now! I live the life in Malibu, CA and I love being a part of the child care industry.2:05
  • By the end of this workshop you will know:Of Several free or cheap options to make a professional looking website You will have ideas of what and how to put content on that website. We’ll emphasize the beauty of embedding contentYou’ll know how to use some googletools to help you run your business or create content for your websiteYou will learn what you can use to make your searches last a lifetime and we’ll also talk about how to make your relationships last a!2:05 - 2:10
  • What would you do if you could wave your magic wand and make something happen. It has to be specific to using computers and the internet and your business/child care.For example:Your website would be magically made…and beautifulYour newsletters would be magically written or formatted or distributedYour menus were linked to recipes that parents could do at home…It was easy to find information on the interwebsOk, talk to your neighbors. Write down your magic wishes with your name and email address (if you wouldn’t mind) and give them to me. You never know, I might be able to fulfill your magic wish…Who wants a magic wand to take home? Volunteer your wish!
  • There are many different ways you can go about creating your own professional looking website. We’re going to focus on the free ones in this class because that’s what it’s about but there are both listed here. one above is made using Weebly.comFor a list of child care business websites: of the websites listed above are free, others are not. For the purposes of today’s workshop we are going to focus on Many websites, and blog platforms have easy to build website functionality but weebly is my personal favorite. I think it has the prettiest templates, the most for the free part and I LOVE the drag and drop editor. Let me show you.Show them:Drag and DropAll of the editor options Examples: Contact us, video on home page, photo galleryTell them how to know which things are “pro” or not “pro”Show Different themes and how to change themIf time, show other website editors as a compare and contrast2:25-2:45
  • Google Calendar – keep current and perspective parents informed of your child care events, menus and activitiesGoogle Forms – Parent Surveys, Contact us, or sign-up forms to bring something for a special even or party or…Embed Widgets,, Videos, pictures, RSS …2:45-3:05
  • There are many different types of social networks. Facebook, twitter and linked in being the ones we know off the top of our head. I wanted to talk about social bookmarking in this workshop as I think it is the most valuable for resource sharing and forming a community around resource sharing. It is also another good way to have new content to link to from your website, or even embedded (like social bookmarking as you and your “bookmarking” community come across useful resources, you can bookmark, take note and share! Some of the “groups” w/in the different platforms are better for certain uses than others.My latest obsession is
  • Pinterest and Flickr are ways to embed pictures without have to purchase new ones or use clip art and Picasa is a great way to make collages and personalize pictures. Also if you have the perfect group picture but one parent won’t sign off on using their child’s image, you can blur the face using a tool in picasa.3:15-3:20
  • What would you like to share with us? We’re all ears and our goal is to help you make your program even stronger. Tell us how we can help you!3:20-3:25
  • 3:25-3:30
  • Free online resources nafcc 2013_cci template_slideshare

    1. 1. Free Online Resources for your Child Care Business Samantha Kay-Daleiden Marshall July 2013, 2:00 – 3:30 Samantha Daleiden Marshall
    2. 2. I am… Passionate about your career
    3. 3. What To Expect? Learning Fun •Website Makings •Google Tools •Gathering and Sharing
    4. 4. If I had a Magic Wand…
    5. 5. Your Website
    6. 6. More Stuff to Help Make a Very Cool Website (for free!) Google Calendar Google Forms for Surveys or Contact Us Forms or Sign-Up formsSMORE for electronic Newsletters
    7. 7. Gathering and Sharing Information
    8. 8. Pictures
    9. 9. We’re All Ears
    10. 10. Thank You! Samantha Marshall p 972.671.5211 x0218 and Social Media Manager Minute Menu Systems, LLC Visit for the resource links and slides we talked about!