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Child careinfo roundtable_2013_cci template_for online


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  • Bridging the communication gap in the child care industry! We’re going to learn about bridging the gap and as Providers saw with our magic wand experience, we’re already laying down some planks., why did this all begin?
  • Tom Clark wanted to give back to the community that gave so much to him. He approached me after I left the publishing company to mock up some ideas of what we could do. He and Minute Menu said let’s go for it, so we sent out a survey in 2010 to thousands of family child care providers and thousands responded! Actually, the response rate was shocking. The survey name was “Help us, Help Providers” and over 17,000 family child care providers told us how they could be helped, and we listened.Every question had an open ended section and thousands of open ended comments were was built.The future… was created with the purpose to give back to the community. We have done that by providing a free resource, community and ever-growing knowledgebase to help people care for children. is taking that one step further. We are turning into a foundation. Our foundation is going to strengthen quality child care through health and wellness initiatives. We are in the legal stages of establishing the foundation and we are very excited about this. Among other things we will be providing competitive mini grants, contests and prizes to the child care industry. That means Providers, child care providers, CACFP sponsors, associations and other individuals and organizations that touch the child care world.
  • Youknowthe history, You know the future, now lets talk about the presentProviders asked for:A place where Providers could exchange or sell used items from Providers child care. Many providers said that they want to change up their child care environment so they want to sell or even exchange items. For example Providers want to change out Providers dramatic play area so Providers can trade with another provider doing the same thing. So we made the Child Care Classifieds/Exchange. Help with Meal Planning: Many many of Providers mentioned they had difficulty finding recipes that would be good for child care, or needed some assistance with other aspects of menu planning. So we have an entire section about meal planning. We have a recipe database, with over 400 recipes in it that users can search, comment on and review. There are menus that use these recipes that Providers can rate or comment on as well. Help with meal pattern requirements or even teaching kids about the food groups. Providers said anything that can help them save money, they want it…Providers said that they felt isolated. That it is hard to find providers doing the same thing as Providers, experiencing similar problems…we gave child care a community, with a forum and blogs and other ways to communicate with each otherProviders wanted to be able to find credible activity ideas or suggestions on how to set up a child care environment….we made Children’s PlaceProviders wanted resources to direct parents to so we made the parents page
  • Why do you want to be the star?! Well, you get to be featured on our website. We will interview you and tell people about what is going on in in your agency. And I mean and lets be honest, who doesn’t want to be a star?!How do You become a star? By guessing! We’re going to play a game and you are going to keep track of all of the guesses you get right on your sticky star…Honor system is in full effect! And you have to yell out your guess!Now…lets have some fun!
  • It’s game time and we’re going to play some Backwards Jeopardy!I am going to ask you what category you want…you are going to yell one out. I will read a question and you are going to answer where in you think you will find that informationThe categories are: ProvidersSponsorsChildrenParents General
  • Count up your tallies!Be sure to put your contact information on your tallied star so I can contact you for your interview!Congratulations and thank you!
  • Transcript

    • 1. The CACFP and You Samantha Marshall Samantha Kay-Daleiden Kay-Daleiden Marshall Child Care Food Program Conference: Fall 2013
    • 2. I am… Passionate about Providersr career
    • 3. If I had a Magic Wand…
    • 4. TheHistory Future The We said: Help Us, Help Providers Providers Said…
    • 5. Star
    • 6. Providers Sponsors Children Parents General A provider wants to sell a used kidney shaped table, where would you direct them? Where would you look when you are not sure how you would comment on proposed CACFP rules? Where would you go to submit your own Kid Friendly Recipes to share or maybe find some new Ones? Considerations when seeking Quality Child Care can be found by clicking on which tab? I am a single source agency and want to make a free website! Where do I go? I am on a site visit and want to help the provider teach kids about the different food groups…where do I direct her? It’s CACFP week and you’re looking for ideas to promote CACFP…where do you look? Where do I find some ECE expert recommended children’s books? I want a daily digest of child specific blogs and news around the twitter world…where do I find this? I want to take part in a contest or tell my providers about one…where do I go? The Game You or your providers continuing education in many different topics…webinars or in person…where do you go? Game Time! Game Categories! • Providers • Sponsors • ChildrenI want to find healthy Want to know what else Where would I find you can use on Leaping Lily Pads? and, • Parentsdevelopmentally for my where to go? appropriate toys • Generalchild…where do I go to find this? Where is the blog that is constantly updated with awesome information in several topical areas…nutrition, ECE, business, etc?
    • 7. Who is Our Star?
    • 8. Thank Providers! Samantha Marshall p 972.671.5211 x0218 and Social Media Manager Minute Menu Systems, LLC