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Rand fishkin sd_ad_club_idsd10 Rand fishkin sd_ad_club_idsd10 Presentation Transcript

  • Advanced Strategies to Move the Needle on Your SEO June 2010
  • 4 Methods to Accelerate Your SEO 1. Increase Rankings on Individual Results 2. Earn Rankings in Alternative Results Types 3. Improve Visibility in the Long Tail 4. Better Convert Existing Search Traffic
  • Strategies to Boost Individual Rankings View slide
  • Competitive Analysis Process: Step 1 Determine Your Weak vs. Strong Metrics View slide
  • Competitive Analysis Process: Step 2 Establish the Optimization Techniques You Need 1. More Root Domains Linking to the Page 2. Possibly More Subtlety in Anchor Text 3. Possibly Higher Value/Relevance in Links www.seomoz.org/blog/whiteboard-friday-what-kind-of-links-do-you-need
  • Value vs. Difficulty Low difficulty + good search vol. + high conv. rate = WIN www.seomoz.org/keyword-difficulty
  • Exact Match Domains Highest correlation w/ rankings in GG & Bing www.seomoz.org/blog/google-vs-bing-correlation-analysis-of-ranking-elements
  • Widgets & Badges www.picnik.com/info/badges
  • Embeddable Infographics www.onlinemba.com/blog/stats-on-internet-pornography/
  • Content & Technology Licensing http://allrecipes.com/help/aboutus/licensing.aspx
  • Link Attraction Targets w/ Regular Updates http://www.seomoz.org/article/search-ranking-factors
  • Earn Rankings in Alternative Results
  • Video Results & YouTube http://www.seomoz.org/blog/creating-online-video-strategy
  • Local/Maps Results http://www.davidmihm.com/local-search-ranking-factors.shtml
  • Image Results http://www.seosmarty.com/image-seo/
  • News Results http://www.seomoz.org/blog/getting-started-with-google-news
  • “Real-Time” Results http://www.seomoz.org/blog/whiteboard-friday-seofriendly-real-time-content
  • Blog Results http://www.seobythesea.com/?p=541
  • Shopping Results http://www.seomoz.org/blog/how-to-rank-well-in-google-products-search-a- big-list-of-places-to-get-reviews
  • Improve Visibility in the Long Tail
  • 25% of queries searched on Google each month are entirely unique and have never previously been searched for in the engine’s 10+ year history. - Udi Manber, Head of Search, Google http://searchengineland.com/google-25-of-queries-are-new-adding- question-engine-11535
  • The Long Tail is Much Less Competitive
  • Required: High Quantities of Unique Content Blogging daily for 6 years only produces a few thousand pages.
  • Required: High Quantities of Unique Content This Q+A site launched 6 months ago and already has nearly the same quantity of content http://answers.onstartups.com
  • Is Blogging a Long Tail Strategy? http://mashable.com/about/
  • Articles 100% UGC Editorial + Licensed Editorial + UGC + Machine-Built 100% Editorial
  • Paid Content Writers http://valleywag.gawker.com/339271/denton-to-pay-bloggers-based-on-traffic
  • Tweets & Social Updates as Content 2,266 pieces of content providing no SEO value! http://twitter.com/randfish
  • Options for UGC Forums Q+A Sites User-Submitted Articles/Posts Social News & Discussion Wikis Hybrids & More
  • Incenting UGC w/ Recognition & Rewards http://www.stackoverflow.com and http://www.yelp.com
  • Better Convert Existing Search Traffic
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Funnel
  • 2X Traffic vs. 2X Conversion Rate 2X Visits = 2X Revenue (but only if they’re the same quality of visitor) 2X Conversion Rate = 2X Revenue (for any visitor segment)
  • Psychology & Conversion Rates http://www.seomoz.org/blog/an-illustrated-guide-to-the-science-of- persuasion-influence
  • Anchoring with Pricing Gets more expensive reading left to right http://wufoo.com/signup/
  • The Power of Default Selections http://www.volusion.com/ecommerce/web-hosting.asp
  • Social Proof http://www.surveymonkey.com
  • Scarcity Only 2 seats left! I’d better buy it now! http://www.alaskaair.com
  • Reciprocity http://www.pricingwire.com/home/2009/5/7/referral-and-pricing-lessons- from-dropbox-beta.html
  • Q+A Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz • Twitter: @randfish Ask Him • Blog: www.seomoz.org/blog Anything! • Email: rand@seomoz.org