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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. AMD
    Channel Support Strategies
  • 2. Brief Introduction
    Advanced Micro Devices is an American company
    Designs and produces microprocessors, flash memory devices and other solutions
    Believes in channel partner support strategies
    3 principles:
    Create new customer value
    Complement existing partnership
    Localize the execution
  • 3. Brief Introduction (Contd..)
    Transactional Relationships:
    AMD RetailPro – Retail Partners
    AMD Solution Provider Program – Resellers
    Collaborative Relationships:
    AMD Commercial Channel Access Program – Channel partners
  • 4. Q.1. Discuss AMD’s efforts to maintain and improve transactional relationships with its channel partners.
    AMD RetailPro:
    For retail partners and partners in store management and technical support
    Partners could access latest product information, training and sales tools
    Could participate in online promotions
    Could win prizes also
    Some retail partners were:
    ABC Warehouse,, Wal-Mart etc
  • 5. Contd..
    AMD Solution Provider Program
    Meet needs of resellers
    Reward their commitment to AMD
    3 membership levels: Member, Gold and Platinum
    Criteria for membership levels:
    Level of commitment and business development
    Extent of alignment with AMD products and brand strategies
    Competency level in selling AMD products
    Loyalty to AMD
    Resources could be accessed through Market Builder Web Portal
  • 6. Contd..
    E-news updates, quarterly marketing updates, product collateral and merchandising material and online product training
    Gold and Platinum:
    Had toll-free telephone access to AMD technical service center
    Also access to evaluation samples
    Priority over other channel partners
    Program had various functions like educating, communicating and acting as a collaborative forum between AMD and channel partners
    Constant update of portal with industry publication, market insights and customer success stories
    Customer-centric innovation
  • 7. Q.2. AMD has focused on establishing collaborative relationships with its channel partners, especially solution integrators. What is the rationale for adopting this type of buyer-seller relationship?
    To help solution integrators to make better products thus ensuring demand of AMD products
    Elimination of technical bottlenecks for the consumers to solve their toughest business challenges thus creating trust for the AMD brand
    Developing products for specific tasks such as product design and chip manufacturing thus creating niche segments
    Helping to enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in products by providing excellent performance, reliability, flexibility and serviceability ensuring product success in the market
    Moving from supplier relationship to strategic alliance
    Creating greater value for IT investments for the customers by superior products and customer service
  • 8. Q.3. AMD has……adoption in India.” To what extent do you think the channel support efforts of AMD will succeed in increasing its market share?
    Will lead to greater penetration in the market
    Increase the brand awareness about AMD products
    Will help customer base to get larger attention in terms of availability of services
    Will ensure the availability of wider solutions for challenges
    Will ensure better value for money for the customers
  • 9. Thank You
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