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Marketing Brochure

  1. 1. iSolutions Innovative human resources for today and tomorrow Human Resources Consulting Practice CHICAGO / NEW YORK
  2. 2. State of business… Today more than ever the competitive edge in business is most likely gained not through products and services, but human capital. Fact is employees drive your business through a myriad of complex processes. Their efficiency, productivity and performance will impact business outcomes. Consider why companies with a great product under perform in the marketplace. Major trends impacting business today (1)  Rising health care costs and number of individuals and families without coverage  Greater use of outsourcing and off shoring  Demand for work/life balance  Increased production, delivery and consumer costs  Advancement of technology and vulnerability to threat  Retirement of large numbers of baby boomers at around the same time  Identity theft issues  Reduced workforce with static or increased productivity demands  More regulatory oversight  Declining or competitive revenue bases Human capital and its management – Key to success o Many companies do not align key talent management practices such as performance management, career development and succession planning with their Employee Value Proposition (“EVP”). o Organizations are attempting to use total rewards programs to attract and retain talent, but haven’t correctly targeted these programs for diverse employee populations. o Most performance management is appraisal-based instead of developmental and often are not directed toward helping poor performers improve. o Keeping employees engaged, present in the workplace and retaining the best talent must be tied to business goals. How is your organization positioned to address these major trends? At iSolutions we have the experience to partner with your organization to ensure it is prepared to address these trends and be competitive in its market. (1) Source: Society for Human Resources Management Workplace Forecast (2008)
  3. 3. Who we are… iSolutions, founded in 1995, is a solutions-based human resources consulting practice. We provide services in most functional areas of human resources within diverse industries. Our experience includes work in the health care, media, entertainment, transportation, technology, and retail industries. We partner with organizations in assessing, planning and improving its human capital, organizational effectiveness and increase performance while achieving its key business goals. We understand the complexity and unique challenges that confront businesses today and seek to improve operational effectiveness and performance. Our ideal client include start-up ventures, small and mid-sized companies and multi-site businesses. We have worked with global Fortune 50 companies as well, albeit not a niche market for us. Experience that counts We have worked with businesses in the following areas:  Training & Development: We can develop a variety of curricula based upon the needs of your organization, its culture, available resources and customers’ needs.  Performance management: Developing your talent to ensure they are equipped to meet the performance standards and expectations your organization have established while driving your business forward.  Workplace Effectiveness and Engagement: Have you considered how process impacts performance and drive outcomes? We evaluate existing processes, implement best practices and align human capital with strategy.  Talent Acquisition & Management: Hiring, managing and retaining the best talent to get the job done. We can show you how to structure talent without hurting your business. o Benefits Analysis, Planning & Design: Looking to implement a new benefit program, make changes to an existing or get the competitive edge – we can help. We can even provide supplemental benefit programs at no cost to you.  Human Resources Essentials: Geared toward the transitional business whether as a result of start-up, merger or growth and expansion. We lay the essential foundation for a solid HR operation. Because iSolutions is a multi-disciplinary human resources consultancy we can address many of your organization’s human resources needs on a broader spectrum. Our HR Partners are professionals who posses the knowledge, ability and experience to do so.
  4. 4. Our accomplishments… At iSolutions we are proud of our accomplishments. Most importantly, we are pleased at our ability to address our clients’ needs, adding value to their organization and improving performance. With almost 14 years of experience we believe our past performance is an indicator of future performance results! Here is some of our achievements.  Acquired 52% of management talent internally directly as a result of performance management initiatives implemented.  Promotions increased more than 60% due to leadership development we managed.  Introduced 360-degree feedback and peer evaluation resulting in greater team collaboration. Ultimately created a significant reduction in customer complaints.  Extensive training and development facilitation in Time management; Organizational effectiveness; EEO compliance; Disciplinary proceedings; ADA, FMLA, Title 7 Compliance;  Supervisory skills, Change Management, HR for non-HR managers, Coaching, Performance Appraisals, Customer Service and other key business areas.  Provided developmental coaching of leadership and executive teams, including C-level  Restructured business reducing both project life cycle almost 38% and operating expenditure approximately 22 percent.  Obtained 100% favorable rulings in 25 labor relations matters during a 2 year period  Reduced health care expense $1.3M in one year partially in bargaining environments.  Administration of retirement plans with assets in excess of $100M; benefit plan analysis, design, administration and reporting & disclosure.  Developed comprehensive financial literacy program for employee resulting in increased enrollment, deferrals and diversification of asset allocation.  Applied broadly defined policies and procedures to evaluate and construct solutions  Independently negotiated individual collective bargaining agreements in excess of $3.5M  Provided change leadership fostering awareness, understanding and engagement relative to business change events.  Advisor to retirement plans' Boards of Trustees, including mergers and bankruptcy.  Facilitated outplacement services for diverse employee populations, including professionals.  Designed extensive library of documents, forms, handbooks and manuals.  Managed VCR filings with favorable rulings. Let us include your achievements amongst ours.
  5. 5. Training & Development Now more than ever the competitive edge is achieved not through services or products, but a company’s ability to manage and develop the knowledge and skills of its people. Training has the potential to penetrate every aspect of the customer cycle. It transforms knowledge, skills and ability into performance. iSolutions training approach is based on competency development. Our process involves the following critical steps: • Identifying the strategy and business goals. • Evaluating the job tasks and those that are essential. • Determining the performance standards established. • Assessing employees’ skills gaps and learning methodology. • Implementing and facilitating curricula based upon analytics. • Providing feedback, assessment, measurement and follow up. Our training process works! It facilitates learning, engagement, development, and improved performance. We focus on improving performance of employees by helping them better understand their role and overcoming barriers. Your employees will be better equipped to meet the expectations and become a “value contributor” within the organization.
  6. 6. Performance Management Key Research findings: These factors directly impact performance and business outcomes. Goleman and Boyatzis: Key indicator of failure for young iSolutions goes beyond performance executives is their inability to appraisals. We enable employees’ develop empathy. understanding of the organization’s goals, key strategies and align their performance in order to achieve the desired business outcomes by: Gartner Group: Key factor in retaining high quality employees is • Clarifying causes of behavior having a favorable relationship • Developing competencies with their supervisor and opportunity to develop and grow. • Demonstrate more effective skills • Improve performance • Better communication • Enhance Leadership capability Metrix Global: Coaching generated • Support succession planning 69% improvements in retention, cost savings, productivity and We use a multi-step performance work output. management process focused on competencies. Our approach includes comprehensive Initial investment in coaching is assessments, 360-degree feedback, recaptured 5.7 times through coaching, action learning with performance improvement. measurement and follow up.
  7. 7. Workplace Effectiveness & Engagement Worker dissatisfaction is one of the leading reasons why employees are leaving companies. This is considered amongst all levels of employee within an organization and across industries. Challenges to Effectiveness and Engagement  Organizational direction and goals  Leadership and management  Understanding and awareness  Motivation and engagement  Rewards and recognition  Outdated processes  Inadequate resources  Organization, priorities and goals iSolutions will partner with your organization’s leadership to perform critical assessments, benchmark and determine desired outcomes using various analytics and performance tools. Outcomes produce measurable results in: - Increased accountability - Empowerment - Teamwork and collaboration - Growth & development - Support & recognition - Motivation to learn - Value contributors - Adapt to and support change Decision making inclusion, reassessing and streamlining process can address ineffectiveness and contribute to employee engagement, improved performance and reduced stress and overall better all-around outcomes.
  8. 8. Employee Relations Many companies similar to yours pay thousands of dollars – and sometimes even millions in legal expenses, fines and settlements due to oversights in compliance and day-to-day issues involving: - Labor union grievance - Refusal to hire - State Human Rights complaints - Wrongful termination - EEOC Charges - Age discrimination - Title VII - Civil Rights discrimination - DOL charges - Workplace safety - Sexual harassment and hostile work - ADA, FMLA, PWA charges environment If you have ever dealt with any of these issues you know how costly and detrimental it can be to your business. Having never had to deal with a charge could mean the issue simply has not surfaced as yet. Our services include:  Investigation and response to claims  Labor and management disputes and forums  Employee and HR policy manuals  Extensive legal representation (2)  Training focused on day-to-day issues  Employee incentive programs  Managing collective bargaining to ensure flexibility and NLRA compliance iSolutions work with organizations in managing employee relations activities through proactive communication and policy and procedure development. We can evaluate, develop, implement and communicate various policies that will ensure your organization’s compliance with prevailing rules and regulations. Additionally we can provide updates when changes occur. (2) Services are provided through our HR Partners who are licensed attorneys admitted to the State’s bar association.
  9. 9. Talent Acquisition It is widely agreed the average cost of a bad hire is generally between 1 to 3 ½ times the annual salary – Can your organization afford this? Employers and employees are generally in alignment with what attracts employees to an organization. This usually includes:  Responsibilities and type of work  Organizational culture  Employer reputation and branding  Work and life balances  Total rewards package  Career development  Ability to develop and acquire skills  Opportunities for advancement  Leadership A reduction in workforce, don’t have the resources for additional staffing, new start up or newly merged - let us show you how to leverage your human capital to meet the needs of your business without sacrificing those of its customers. iSolutions will partner with your organization to analyze, plan and meet its staffing needs. We can even work with you to effectively acquire and manage talent – all in a timely and cost effective manner while ensuring increased performance and retention.
  10. 10. Benefits Analysis, Planning & Administration Most employers recognize the value of providing a comprehensive benefit package to attract, reward and retain employees. However, with all of the competition amongst vendors, changes, administrative burdens, regulatory compliance and costs the undertaking can be difficult. At iSolutions we can help you navigate through the complex maze of options and help you meet your objectives. iSolutions can:  Analyze your business and employees needs based upon demographics and key metrics  Consider generational needs and values in attracting, rewarding and retaining employees  Use our experience to survey vendors finding the best fit for your organization  Prepare extensive plan design, adoption, amendments and terminations  Provide up to date plan documents and annual disclosures  Advise Trustees on the complex regulatory and fiduciary requirements  Facilitate benefit committees  Manage vendor relationships and analytics With our assistance your company can provide a wide range of benefits that are cost effective to you and your employees making them contributory, non- contributory or blended. - Health & welfare benefits - Flexible Spending Accounts - Supplemental benefits - Disability plans - Retirement plans - Wellness, fitness and nutritional plans - Simplified retirement plans for small - Time and Leave businesses - Legal & Identity Theft protection The fact is very often one’s employment decision is based heavily upon the benefits offered through an employer. Our goal is to give your business a competitive edge and position it as an employer of choice.
  11. 11. General HR Services As a full service (“generalist”) human resources consultancy, we offer expertise in most functional areas of HR. We can partner with your organization to augment and existing HR department; provide consultancy and advice on a variety of issues; or serve as an external human resources organization to meet your company’s needs. Too often the complex and difficult human resources responsibilities are left to individuals with limited experience or those lacking the necessary support to function effectively. As the role of human resources changes, more and more companies just like yours realize the professional responsibilities and return on investment of competent and knowledgeable HR professionals. Fact is, you want to run your business and not be distracted by workplace issues that adversely affect your bottom line and performance. iSolutions tailor all of its services to meet your organization’s needs and budget. We establish long-term client relationships that are based truly upon a committed partnership.  We provide an initial 45 minute free-consultation..  An in depth analysis of your organization, mission, goals and strategy is determined at various discussion levels.  Your organization’s objectives are summarized with a written proposal for review.  You determine when the client relationship is commenced upon signing of an written agreement.  We offer monthly retainer, 30-day billing, advance payment or payment upon completion of services – based upon the scope of engagement. Let iSolutions put its years of experience and expertise to deliver a successful and competitive advantage to your business today and tomorrow!
  12. 12. Contact information For more information please contact us today. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a complementary consultation and a free business report. iSolutions (917) 721-1356 Chicago New York 1720 S. Michigan Avenue 244 Fifth Avenue Unit 1418 Suite C248 Chicago, IL 60616 New York, NY 10001