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Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
Commander's powerpoint 2
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Commander's powerpoint 2


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  • 1. Becoming a Great Leader Commander’s Responsibilities 201
  • 2. Be Prepared!
    • Forms and Documents
    • Although in most Camps, the Adjutant will be responsible for the majority of paperwork, the overall responsibility for all Camp operations lies with the Commander. For this reason he should be as familiar with ALL Camp paperwork and procedures as his Adjutant.
  • 3. Application for Membership
    • Should be the most familiar document to EVERY member of the Camp.
    • Should be in the glove box, toolbox or briefcase of EVERY member.
    • Available on-line or by the hundreds from HQ.
    • Fill out completely or to the best of the recruit’s ability.
    • Use FULL names to prevent future confusion.
    • Look up EVERY address on the USPS Zip+4 website and use only APPROVED addresses to aid delivery of Confederate Veteran magazine and other hard copies.
    • TYPED copy of all recruit information should accompany Application to HQ.
    • Retains copies of all Applications for Membership in Camp Records.
  • 4. SCV Lineage Worksheet
    • Recruit should submit a Worksheet, filled out to the satisfaction of your Camp, with each Application for Membership.
    • DO NOT send Linage Worksheet or supporting documentation to HQ.
    • Retain copies of Worksheet and documentation in Camp records.
  • 5. Application for Transfer
    • Compatriots MAY NOT be transferred without their knowledge and consent.
    • Use full names, addresses and SCV ID numbers.
    • Demitting Camp may not prevent transfer for more than 30 days (“30 day Rule”).
    • Receiving Camp is NOT required to accept transfer.
    • Retain copies of completed Transfers in Camp Records.
  • 6. Life Membership Application
    • Encourage it, Promote it, Push it!
    • Make all members aware of “Conditional” Life Membership.
    • Encourage members to make payments directly to HQ…but don’t require it.
    • Maintain and regularly publish a list of Life Members (both National and Division).
    • If Camp handles payment to HQ, retain DETAILED records.
  • 7. Proficiency
    • SCV Camp
    • Procedural Manual
    • Much of the information contained in this course come from its pages and reading it from cover to cover is highly recommended.
  • 8. SCV Camp Procedure Manual
    • Section 2 – Structure of the SCV, the most misunderstood facet of our operations.
    • Section 3 – Descriptions and Duties of our National Officers.
    • 108 pages – The complete book of Camp operations, from protocol to finances.
    • Downloadable On-line or available from HQ in hardcopy.
  • 9. Camp Constitution
    • Our SCV Camps are autonomous; therefore the first governing document of your Camp is your Camp Constitution, provided it is in compliance with your Division and the National Constitutions.
  • 10. Your Camp Constitution
    • All Camp should have a written and properly ratified Camp Constitution to prevent argument and controversy.
    • Camp Constitution provides for self-government rather than Brigade or Division.
    • Sample Constitution available Appendix I, page 102, Camp Procedural Manual.
    • Must be in compliance with the latest version of Division and National Constitution.
  • 11. Your Division Constitution
    • ALL SCV Divisions have Constitutions.
    • ALL are unique depending on the size and needs of your Division.
    • YOUR Division Constitution must be in compliance with the latest version of the National Constitution.
    • Establishes all procedures for Amendment, Convention and election of Division leadership.
  • 12. SCV National Constitution
    • Provides the “supreme law” for governance of the SCV.
    • Contains specific language pertaining to Division and Camp charter and operations.
    • Establishes all voting procedures for Army and National elections.
    • Is amended every two years so all copies MUST be kept current.
  • 13. Camp Meeting Place
    • An easily accessible, “Confederate friendly” meeting place makes an immediate impression on visitors, speakers and new members and does much to encourage the growth of the Camp.
  • 14.
    • Appropriate Confederate National and Battle Flags should be prominently displayed at meetings as well as other informational and educational materials.
  • 15.
    • DO NOT meet in member’s homes following the initial “chartering” meetings – Meetings “at home” become a “bull session” and not a serious meeting that encourages new membership.
    • Restaurants, Hotels, Community Centers or Churches offer many benefits.
    • Should be a separate room where protocol may be observed and Camp programs are possible.
    • Using a consistent location makes attendance easier for everyone, especially new or older members.
  • 16. Use a written agenda for EVERY meeting
    • A written and well-organized agenda will leave little doubt that your Camp meeting is being held for a purpose and will also impress upon your Camp members that you know what it is!
  • 17.
    • Even if only three or four members are present a written agenda makes the difference between a productive meeting and the aforementioned “bull session.”
    • EVERY meeting should begin with proper SCV protocol.
    • A written agenda will keep you on track and on time.
    • A written agenda will impress upon your members that you are serious about the Camp’s business.
  • 18. Develop a “Confederate” Speakers List
    • This resource should be “a work in progress” constantly growing and being more beneficial to your Camp and others. Newspapers, “civil war” Roundtables, local colleges and universities and of course your own Camp roster will provide names for a recourse that will be in constant use.
  • 19.
    • Include full name and all contact information for each speaker.
    • List the title or each available talk for each respective speaker.
    • Share your list with other Camps and encourage them to do the same.
  • 20. Include guidelines on “Host Etiquette” as below:
      • “ These speakers all present “our” history from a Southern or at least a neutral perspective, unless noted otherwise and are professional in their presentation.”
      • “ Most speakers (not all) are willing to speak to non-profit organizations without honorarium but should be at least offered compensation for travel expenses and lodging if overnight accommodations are necessary or desired.”
      • “ Most speakers would rather not stay in a private home. Offer them hotel accommodations even if they are modest.”
      • “ Remember your Camp and especially your Camp Commander is the host and should treat the speaker accordingly. The impression YOU make affects us all!”
  • 21. Develop a “Confederate” video/DVD list
    • The well of speaker talent will eventually go dry if in constant use. Inject an appropriate video or DVD program every other month or so to stretch the recourses. Our own SCV store is a good source for relevant video programs or go to via to provide a double benefit to our organization.
  • 22.
    • List by category, i.e. Battles, Cause and Effect, Drama, General History, Leaders, etc.
    • List format - VHS or DVD.
    • List running time – no program should run over 45 minutes…1 hour at the most.
    • Clearly state terms for loan to individuals or other Camps; time limit, postage to and from, etc.
    • Share your list with other Camps and encourage them to do the same.
  • 23. Questions and Answers You will now be taken to the quiz section of this training session.