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Drawing on Walls


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Presentation slides for Drawing on Walls session at Northern Voice Michelle Laurie and Sylvia Currie …

Presentation slides for Drawing on Walls session at Northern Voice Michelle Laurie and Sylvia Currie

Session Description: Sometimes our imaginations are sparked by a visual where words fail us. Think about when communities plan and imagine their futures, when teams consider the possible outcomes for their projects, when groups create maps to track their progress. These are all opportunities to use visuals to engage and deepen community dialogue. In this session we’ll touch the paper, play with the pens, and loosen up our drawing muscles. Warning: You will stretch beyond the confines of typing on a keyboard!

Learn the basics and practice with us at Moose Camp!

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  • IntroductionsWhy we are herePeople icons from Nancy White’s ‘Graphic Recording and Facilitation Icon Ideas’
  • These are the introductory questions from David Sibbet’s book Visual MeetingsThe talk is about Drawing on walls so that is exactly what we will do. We will get into the how, why, when throughout the session. The best way to understand and learn is to get your hands dirty.*Pause presentation here and do the activities. Go back to PPT at end.
  • Engagement picks up when people are listened to in a graphic and interactive wayGroups get smarter when they can see the big picture, patterns, mapping of ideasMemorable media greatly increases group memory
  • Warm up – use your whole body, practice with lines across the page, arcs using your whole arm…
  • Practice what works best for you………ABCDEDFGHIJK (palm width)Abcdefghijk (2 fingers width)Can also do wacky letters if you aren’t into perfection.
  • Just have a few thing in your icon toolkitYou can do a lot with very little to develop your messageSee full collection here:
  • Organizing our thoughts visually can simplify the explanations and categorization of issues and action items
  • Notes on colour – choosing a fewChalk – helps with popChoose your colours, fewer can be better
  • EXAMPLE: (template) graphic facilitation – planning
  • EXAMPLE: Graphic Facilitation – exploring possibilitiesFrom Nancy White’s collection for the future - online
  • EXAMPLE: graphic recordingBy Nancy WhiteFrom Gathering of Online Community Enthusiasts in Vancouver (OCE2010), as people in the room were describing their roles as community leaders
  • Talk about power of visuals for meetings and eventsContrast: Graphic Recording = listen, capture, create event artefacts, see what happenedGraphic Facilitation = assist with group process, collaborate, be inclusive, geared towards “what’s next” questionsFrom Allison Crow*Keep asking for examples from workshop participants!*
  • EXAMPLE: electronic graphic recordingRachel Smith bought ipad then facilitated 2010 Moosecamp session a week laterFrom Rachel S. Smith for the future
  • Graphic recording and facilitation as social mediaAsk: Do you have ideas or examples to share? Insights into how graphic recording and facilitation relates to social media?
  • EXAMPLE: engage participants, enhance event, make your markDrawing on walls… or drawing on ice! Kids make their mark on the outdoor speedskating oval at 2010 Logan Lake LOop
  • Hope we’ve sparked your interest and got you thinking about how you might use graphic recording and facilitation in your workFind out moreCome practice with us at Moosecamp
  • Transcript

    • 1. Drawing on Walls
      Michelle Laurie and Sylvia Currie
      Northern Voice
      May 13, 2011
    • 2. Do you want to….
      Run better meetings?
      Have more fun?
    • 3. Project Think Tank
    • 4. City of Nelson
    • 5. Why is it so powerful?
      Big picture thinking
      Group memory
    • 6. Warm Up
    • 7. Lettering
      ABCDEDFGHIJK vs abcdefghijk
    • 8. Icons
      Lines _______
    • 12. Morbieratipsum, laoreetveleleifend ac; dictum at nulla. Donecliberojusto, gravidanecvariusvel, ultricescommodo dolor. Nam loremleo, dignissim ac auctor et, placeratutmauris? Phasellustristiqueviverrarutrum. Nullamsed mi egetnibhportaaliquet. Vestibulum in turpis id massaporttitorornareaccumsan at massa. Integer scelerisque, ligulaquisiaculismalesuada, nisi metusmalesuadaenim, utornare dui tortor et dolor. Nunc in nibheros, necmattis sem. Nullamscelerisquemattisnisl, utconvallis mi placerat at. Suspendissepotenti. In hachabitasseplateadictumst. Quisque ac nisi utpuruselementumluctus. Nuncmalesuadavehiculahendrerit. Integer luctusenim ac nisl dictum convallis. Aeneansollicitudin, quam ac posueretincidunt, magna turpisvolutpatnisl, euvolutpat ante dui ac purus! Nuncnullaleo, molestie at aliquamgravida, vestibulumquismetus. Duiscommodorisus in justomattisluctus. Duisdignissimenimeulectusviverra
      And furthermore…
    • 13. Colour & Chalk
    • 14. A few topics to end with…
      Graphic facilitation vs Graphic recording
      Links to Social Media
    • 15.
    • 16.
    • 17.
    • 18.
    • 19. Electronic Graphic Recording
    • 20. Creating the message together
      Bring issues to life
      Invite action
    • 21.
    • 22. Do more!
      Nancy White’s wiki
      See you at Moosecamp after lunch