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Enter the revolutionary world of Inbound Marketinlucionário do inbound marketing e explore maneiras de aproveitar o poder do conteúdo de atrair bons leads, trazer novos clientes e criar defensores de marcas.

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Scup ideas how to become a content marketing rockstar

  1. 1. ideas rockstar content marketing Ebook written by Jim Lodico how to become a Published by scup .
  2. 2. By now you may have heard the buzz. Everyone is talking about content marketing. But what exactly does that mean? Why the excitement? What does the sudden interest in content marketing mean to you and how will it impact your business? Don’t worry. We are here to help. Follow along as we show you the changing world of inbound marketing and explore how you can harness the power of content to attract warm leads, generate new customers and create brand advocates. Dear reader Images from this ebook: Shutterstock Edition: Claudia Gasparini and Eliseu Barreira Junior | Graphic design: Lucas Moschione ideas
  3. 3. Jim Lodico is a content marketing consultant who specializes in helping businesses create powerful content and the platforms on which to publish it. You can connect with him on Twitter or Google+ and visit his website at: About the author
  4. 4. 24v Index 5 7 9 12 19 24Getting started ............................................................. Sales Cycle .............................................................. Making the switch ....................................................... Advantages of Content Marketing ............................ Content: the future of Marketing ............................ The Old Marketing .........................................................
  5. 5. ideas How to become a content marketing Rock Star . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 5 Traditional marketing campaigns are built upon the ability to place a message in front of potential customers. This is usually accomplished by interrupting the daily activities of the target audience. For example, a television advertisement interrupts the evening reality show or Saturday sporting event in hopes of building brand recognition and attracting viewers to a given product or service. Radio advertisements interrupt the daily discussion or music in order to deliver a message to the listener. Traditional Marketing is Quickly Becoming Obsolete ideas 5
  6. 6. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 6 Internet and newspaper advertising works on this same interruption principal. Banners cover the sidebar of a website in hopes that the reader will click through to a larger marketing message. Advertisements and coupons fill the newspapers in hopes that along with the morning news, the reader will find a sale or offer that is just too good to refuse. The problem is, as consumers we are learning to tune out traditional advertising. We have been so bombarded with interruption advertising that we have learned to ignore it altogether. Think about the last time you clicked on a website advertising banner? Consider how many web pages you read in a day and how many ads you actually click—if you notice them at all. Even worse, the mediums on which traditional advertising is displayed are actually blocking the advertisements for us. DVRs or on-demand television services such as Netflix or Hulu allow us to skip the commercials. Pop up ad blockers are built directly into our web browsers preventing us from even knowing that the pop up exists. Internet browser plugins such as Evernote’s Clearly or the IOS Safari “Reader” button strip away all sidebar advertising allowing the reader to see only the content on the page. The increased use of mobile devices such as the iPad or smart phones only amplify the problem. As content is shifted from the original source to the mobile platform premium sidebar space often gets pushed deep below the fold. Reader aps such as Flipboard or Zite take content shifting a step further reformatting the content to meet the design of the ap changing the original design in the process. Not only is content tailored to meet the reader’s interest, only the content and associated images are presented. The rest of the website is not seen at all unless the reader makes a conscious effort to click through to the rest of the site. The old way is no longer effective and it is only going to get worse. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  7. 7. ideas 7 Since it is becoming easier and easier to block unwanted advertising, today’s marketing must rely on the content itself, not the auxiliary space on which the content is published to bring the target audience to your door. Now more than ever successful marketers must think like their target audience. Most of your potential customers are looking for something and chances are they are using the internet to find it. This could be information which answers a question or solves a potential problem (ie. how much will it cost to fix my roof), Content: the future of Marketing How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  8. 8. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 8 entertainment such as a funny YouTube video or possibly advanced research to help them make a buying decision (ie. “If we move our network to a cloud based system how will that affect internal security?”). The future of marketing lies in your ability to provide this information to potential customers. Content marketing is the process of determining exactly what the target audience is seeking and providing it. Content marketing requires a new way of thinking about marketing. In order to provide the information potential customers seek, businesses must become publishers sometimes even replacing traditional resources such as trade magazines or newsletters. Blogs, dynamic websites and social media networks are becoming the publishing mediums for companies seeking to reach their potential customers through content and these mediums are having a bigger and bigger impact on purchasing decisions. In a recent study by Technoriti Media, 31 percent of the people surveyed said that blogs were “highly influential” when making a purchasing decision. The report showed that blogs were even more influential in purchasing decisions than Facebook. 1 When marketing moves from creating advertisements to publishing content, it becomes a company-wide venture moving beyond the marketing department. Company experts become important resources, sales teams provide ongoing input into content needs and the voice of both management and employees determine the tone that the company puts forth. Content marketing also means that the publishing platform must be accessible. Website management moves out of the IT department and into the hands of the marketing department and both the website and social media channels must be open and available for interaction. For many this can be a big step as it requires trust and confidence on a number of levels. The IT department must have confidence in the website and those that use it knowing that it will not crash. Upper management must be confident enough to stand behind the content their company publishes and trust their employees ability to respond to interactions both positive and negative in a way the helps the company succeed. 1. Technorati media 2013 digital influence report. (2013, 02 05). Retrieved from How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  9. 9. ideas 9 1. Content creates high quality, meaningful interactions with the target audience. Unlike the interruption model described above, content marketing is an interactive process which creates high quality, meaningful interactions with the target audience. When a you publish information which truly helps a potential Advantages of Content Marketing How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  10. 10. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 10 customer solve a problem, stimulates thought, generates discussion or even just entertains, you are building relationships with the customer in a way that traditional advertising cannot provide. And by helping the potential customer you are building a sense of trust and creating an inherent desire to return the favor. Content is also the driving force behind social media marketing and can be used to direct discussion and increase engagement on social media networks. 2. Content Marketing is much more focused than traditional advertising Traditional advertising casts a wide net to the masses in hopes that a small portion will respond. Response rates as low as three percent are often considered success. Unlike traditional advertising content marketing is a highly targeted endeavor. Content marketers use high precision analytics at all stages in order to target and attract a very specific audience. While the number of impressions may be only a small portion of what is seen with traditional broadcast marketing conversion rates tend to be much higher. 3. Long shelf life High quality content can have a much longer shelf life than the broadcast advertisement or comment on social media. Content that provides solid information needed by the target audience can continue to bring in new leads over an extended period lasting years. A blog post or extended article can be re- purposed as slide presentations, videos or to other mediums to further extend the life of the content. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  11. 11. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 11 4. Content produces a much warmer, pre-qualified lead When offered in exchange for contact information, Ebooks, webinars, presentations and other forms of extended content are a great way to establish prequalified leads. By willingly providing their contact information the lead has demonstrated an expressed interest in the subject matter at hand. As you continue to provide information of value and develop conversations around that information you create a sense of trust with your target audience. Not only does this create an opportunity for lead conversion you gain the potential to develop brand advocates who will proactively seek your content and share it with others. 5. Marketing becomes an ongoing, continuous process Blogs, social media and other platforms require new and fresh content. This means that content marketers must think like publishers and like any traditional publication, publishing schedules must be established and deadlines must be met. It also requires a timely response to conversations that develop around your content both positive and negative. Quick response can help a blog post or other content gain traction and followers or stem potentially negative interactions. One of the common misconceptions is that content marketing is “free” when compared to traditional advertising. Where traditional advertising requires a direct monetary spend in exchange for ad placement, content marketing requires an investment of time and knowledge in order to build a long-term campaign. Traditional advertising campaigns tend to see a relatively short term, highly visible impact while content marketing is a ongoing, long-term endeavor which often start slow and gains steam over an extended period. Successful content marketing efforts will often see a continued upward curve as the campaign gains traction, develops followers and gains in popularity. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  12. 12. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas . @scup . ideas 12 Making the switch to content marketing requires a company-wide commitment. It takes time, dedication and resources but the rewards can be substantial. The following guide will help you toward a successful, ongoing content marketing campaign. Making the Switch to Content Marketing How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  13. 13. . @scup . ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil ideas 13 Determine you objectives The first thing to do before moving forward with any marketing campaign is to set clear, measurable objectives. What exactly do you want to accomplish with content marketing and how will you measure your success? Possible objectives might include: • Collect warm leads for sales team; • Drive users to a given purchase directly on our website; • Increase brand recognition; • Establish our company as thought leaders in the industry; Once the basic objectives are established it is important to refine them into measurable goals such as: • Increase leads by x% per month; • Increase online sales by X% per month; • Increase brand recognition and engagement by X% (measured through social media monitoring); When establishing initial objectives it is important to remember that website traffic or Facebook ‘likes” alone do not equal success. Conversions that lead to the stated objective equal success. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  14. 14. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 14 Create Target Personas Once you’ve established your objectives, you need to determine exactly who you want to reach. The more you can personify the person you are trying to reach, the better you will be at speaking directly to this individual. Creating highly detailed target personas or profiles allow you to put a face on your audience and help to identify content needs. The idea is to put a name on your perfect client. Get to know this person. Make them real. These personas will help you determine how to meet your potential client through content. When developing target persons go into as much detail as possible even going so far as to assign gender and a name. Points to consider include: • Job title and responsibilities; • Description of company where they work (ie. Mid size accounting firm with 50-75 employees located in ____); • Personal interest; • Pain points/problems they encounter on a day to day basis; • Specifically state how you can help this person and help move them past their pain points and stumbling blocks. What can you do for them? How can you meet their needs? Forming a Content Marketing Management Structure The content marketing team can be successfully built internally or outsourced at all levels depending on resources and needs. The most important thing to remember is that the team needs to think like a publisher. The roles on a content marketing team are similar to that of a traditional publication. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  15. 15. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 15 Content Marketing Team Roles and responsibilities: Senior Manager or CCO—Chief Content Officer • Plans content strategy, analyzes successes and failures, adapts and develops content marketing campaigns Managing Editor • Manages publication of content; • Assigns/manages content creation; • Establishes and maintains editorial calendar; • Coordinates in-house content creators and/or outsourcing to freelancers; • Role is similar to managing editor at a traditional publication – often an individual with background in journalism. Social media managers • Uses social media to extend reach of content; • Creates conversation around content; • Builds relationships and engages influencers in order to obtain maximum reach and discussion; • Uses social media to build brand relationships with target audience; How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  16. 16. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 16 • Responds to brand inquires over social media networks; • Works to develop brand advocates among current clients; • Uses advanced social media measurement to track effectiveness of social media networks; • Monitors social media conversations and looks for opportunities to engage; • Uses social media monitoring and measurement to identify and build relationships with influencers; • Works to increase reach of content through social media influencers; • Uses social media monitoring and measurement to identify content needs among target audience. Publisher/Website Manager/SEO • The publisher or website manager brings the content online; • Often includes designers who provide graphic illustration, video production or online slide presentations; • Optimizes blog posts or content for the search engines; • Maintains SEO best practices of website and works to increase site visibility. Depending on resources or depth of campaign these roles can be combined and implemented as needed. You can see though the similarity between the roles of a fully implemented content marketing campaign and a traditional publication. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  17. 17. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 17 The Website Forms the Foundation for All Content Marketing Your website is the foundation where content is published, sales funnels are developed and conversions happen. It forms the foundation of all content marketing efforts and as such it must be optimized for publishing. This means it must be easy to update, change and adapt as needs change, grow and develop. It also must be easy to use as content marketing requires the ongoing publishing of blog posts, landing pages, content offers, forms for collecting information and other content marketing needs. The website also must be easily optimized for the search engines. On page SEO such as meta titles and descriptions must be manageable at the editorial level without the need for extra programming. Most importantly, the website must be optimized for the target audience. This means it must be easy to navigate, easy to read and view content and can be accessed on a variety of platforms such as smart phones or tablet computers. Mobile responsive websites, websites that automatically adjust the page to fit the viewing screen, are the latest way of accommodating a wide variety of screen sizes. All of these elements must be available to the content marketing team and not locked in the hands of the IT department. It is the ability to do all of the above that has lead to the popularity of content management systems (CMS) such as Wordpress which now powers one of every six websites on the internet 2 . Owned vs. Borrowed Media An important distinction must be made between the website and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media networks own the platforms on which profiles live and the publishing takes place. The rules of a social media network can change at any time. Unlike a social media network, you own your website and have complete control over how it is used. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  18. 18. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 18 v 2 Colao, J. J. (2012, 09 02). With 60 million websites,wordpressrules the web. so where’s the money?. Forbes, Retrieved from jjcolao/2012/09/05/the-internets-mother-tongue/ Think of it like renting vs. owning your house. You are only renting the space on a social media network and the rules can change at any time. Even worse, the network can shut down altogether. If you’ve invested too much into the social media network without building your own website, changes to the network can have a major impact on your business. Social media should be an extension of your website extending the reach or engagement of your content marketing efforts. Building the social networks without a solid foundation that you own and you expose yourself to the continually changing tide of social media. The Importance of Repurposing Content Larger content pieces such as ebooks or intensive white papers can be repurposed and extended in a many ways. For example, key points of an ebook can be broken into individual blog posts. Information in a white paper can be turned into a slide presentation. Instructional videos or webinars can be published demonstrating specific elements of an ebook. Infographics can be used to share key data and insights from the data in a report. The potential to reformat and repurpose content is endless and is a key to an ongoing content marketing campaign. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  19. 19. ideas 19 Identify the Stages of Your Sales Funnel Your sales funnel is the process a potential buyer takes as they go from initial contact to final sale and beyond. Different stages of the sales funnel require different types of content. Ideally, you should create custom content to meet the buyer at each stage of the process. This means you need to determine what questions arise at each stage of the sales funnel, what objections arise at each Creating Content to Meet the Sales Cycle How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  20. 20. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 20 stage of the sales funnel and how can you provide content or information that answers these questions and steers potential clients past objections. Top of Funnel – Outside Potential The potential client at the top of the sales funnel has not expressed interest in the company or brand. At this stage potential clients are attracted to the first conversion in the sales funnel through content such as a blog post or video presentation that grabs their attention or appeals to their needs. The goal at this stage of the game is to capture basic lead information (name and email) in exchange for an ebook, white paper, webinar or other extended offering. The information must be enticing enough that the potential client feels that they have to have it—that life will be much better because they have obtained this information. The information must be strong enough that the potential client will gladly provide their name and email address in exchange for your information. Determine what the client needs and provide it. Middle of the Funnel – Target Identified, Lead Nurturing Potential customers in the middle of the sales funnel have shown an interest in your brand and actively seek the information you provide. You are forming a relationship and building trust through the content you create. At this stage you are nurturing potential leads through a mix of both informative content and product specific information. For example, a mid-funnel offering might include a webinar demonstrating how your product provides the tools to implement a given solution. As the target moves through the sales funnel and requests more information, lead qualifying information such as the size of the company, number of employees or current service providers is much easier to collect. A prospective client registering for the webinar described above may be much more willing to provide information beyond a basic name and email because they have already found value in the information you provide. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  21. 21. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 21 Bottom of the Funnel – Lead Conversion to Customer and Beyond At this point the prospect has expressed an interest in your company or the products/services offered. Mid-funnel contact has helped qualify the lead and advanced analytics demonstrate that the prospect is actively seeking information on your site. This bottom of the funnel stage is often where the need for personal contact such as an offer for a software demo or personalized analysis is forwarded to the sales team. Once the lead becomes a client, future content marketing efforts are geared toward turning the client into a brand advocate who actively shares information and interacts with the brand. Creating Content to Meet the Sales Steps Each stage of the sales cycle requires different types of content. These are the “special offers” made in exchange for lead information such as an ebook, video tutorial or white paper. Top of the funnel General information which informs or helps a target solve a problem is usually offered at the top of the sales funnel. Although it may discuss a service the company provides it is usually not company specific. The branding comes through in the medium where it us published such as a company logo on the cover and inside pages of an ebook or the header or sidebar of a website. That said, a strong call to action at the end can often move a lead to the next step in the sales funnel. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  22. 22. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 22 Top of the funnel content provides a general overview in exchange for minimal information (ie. Name, email). At this stage of the game, asking too much information can turn people away as people away as relationships and trust have yet to be developed. A blog post or other “free” content offered without the request for contact info is often found at the very top of the sales funnel as it can create a desire for more in-depth information and a willingness to provide contact information. Monitoring discussions on social media can often provide insight into top of the funnel content needs. Middle of the Funnel Middle of the funnel content offers address a specific need found at this point in the sales process. For example, it might provide specific details of a larger solution which utilizes product specific tools. A webinar which demonstrates the importance of social media analytics using tools in the Scup Social Media Productivity Platform to gather and report the analytics would be a good example of a middle of the funnel offer. As the lead is nurtured toward middle of the funnel content, it is much easier to collect lead qualifying information as a relationship forms and trust is built between the target and the brand. Middle of the funnel lead nurturing often managed through ongoing marketing automation such as a series of emails sent automatically over a period of time leading to a desired conversion. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  23. 23. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 23 Bottom of the Funnel This is where personal contact takes place such as an offer for a customized analysis or a free trial. The lead has been qualified and content has been used to develop a relationship and trust. At this point, ongoing efforts are about converting the lead from the bottom of the sales funnel to a purchasing customer. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  24. 24. ideas 24 Content marketing is a long-term initiative and results don’t happen overnight. Content offers must be created, websites designed to accommodate the needs of the content marketing program and both internal and external management structures must be put in place. However, continually publishing high quality content creates a snowball effect over time as the target audience discovers your content, shares it with others and the audience is nurtured and developed. Start with the resources you have and build. Initial efforts can be as simple as a website with a blog and an ebook offer to capture contact information. Once the blog is running smooth, add a social media network such as Google+. When Google+ is working well expand your social media efforts to the next social media network. Continue adding and building as resources allow and analytics dictate Getting Started How to become a content marketing Rock Star
  25. 25. ideas . @scup . facebook/scupbrasil 2 ideas 25 need. As you move forward, set goals in three month intervals up to three years out. Continually assess goals and modify them as needed. Focus your assessments on continual growth and the ability to grow both your audience and your efforts. The most important thing is to be flexible with an ability to adapt to a changing audience, networks and internal needs. Putting it all together Content marketing is the future. Businesses have the power to reach potential customers in a way they never had before. In order to do so though, they will have to stand out in a crowded sea of competitors seeking attention. Great content, content that truly helps your target audience, content that is so good potential customers can’t wait to share it with their colleagues, content that is so powerful that your followers readily seek more is the one thing that can help you raise above the noise and drive customers to your door. How to become a content marketing Rock Star
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