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Most exciting stories on 3D-printing   june 2013
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Most exciting stories on 3D-printing june 2013


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Sculpteo features the most amazing stories happening in the 3D-Printing world. June Digest.

Sculpteo features the most amazing stories happening in the 3D-Printing world. June Digest.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Most exciting stories on 3D Printing June 2013
  • 2. # 1 – A project to 3D scan artworks all over the world Cosmo launched a new original and ambitious campaign on kickstarter with the aim to 3D scan a wide variety of artwork displayed in museums all over the world. The scans are then used to 3D print life-size reproductions. Cosmo explain : “3D scan a selection of plaster casts of important, archetypal sculptures at the Skulpturhalle and publish the scans and 3D printable files into the public domain, copyright-free, so that anyone, anywhere, can download, alter, adapt, or 3D print them for themselves.” Read more…
  • 3. # 2 – Get the toy of a Kinder Surprise without even breaking the egg ! Thanks to Laura North, an engineering postgrad from Swansea University (United Kingdom), it’s now possible to get the Kinder Surprise toy without breaking the chocolate egg. The student attempted to modelize and then make the toy inside a Kinder Surprise without even touching the wrapping of the egg. To make it possible, Laura used an X- Ray CT scan and then 3d printed the scan on a MakerBot Replicator 2. Read more…
  • 4. # 3 – Personalize Samsung Galaxy SIII mini and Galaxy Ace With our online 3DP Case application, you can personalize your phone case. We just integrated new cases! Starting today, you can now personalize and order cases from Sculpteo for your Samsung Galaxy SIII mini and Galaxy Ace. And there are more coming! Read more…
  • 5. # 4 – Transform DNA into 3D printed portraits Heather Dewey-Hagborgextracts DNA from the collected items and generate 3D visualisation of it through a software that she created. The program translate the DNA informations into shapes, which are then used to create a 3D view of the face. Doing this, she is able to determine datas like ethnicity, gender, skin tone, hair color, eye and nose width, etc. She tested her solution on herself. After displaying it during an exhibition in Chelsea, she received diverging opinions. In the end, her portraits hold as much truth as imagination. The portraits can then be 3D printed. Read more…
  • 6. # 5 – Mecube Mecube is a voxel based mobile design app that offers an easy way to design 3D models. By adding and removing little cubes from a square base, you can imagine almost all the models you want. All in all, Mecube’s using two modeling tools and eight colors. You can either chose the “add/remove cube” function, or the “deviate cube direction” function. With these two functionalities, you can generate an infinity of models. Read more…
  • 7. # 6 – The first 3D printer in space In case you didn’t hear the news, NASA plans to deploy the first autonomous manufacturing unit in space. In other words, the space agency will send a 3D printer to the International Space Station (ISS) next year. While earthlings are speculating on how fast 3D printers will enter everyone’s home, the team in charge at Made In Space is creating a 3D printer for outer space. Read more…
  • 8. # 7 – Designer’s Day For the 13th edition of Designer’s Days, Le Lab by Legrand reached out to Victoria Wilmotte to imagine the future of its products. The theme of this year’s edition is “Et demain…”. Under these two words, artists and designers must create objects of that evolve around the notion of progress, innovation and everyday life. Victoria Wilmotte twisted Legrand industrial product range and redesign, at the same time, the whole showroom. The french artist delivers her sharp vision of aesthetism claiming that “Demain…” (“Tomorrow”) stands for physical products brought to life through a digital 3D rendering and 3D printing. Read more…
  • 9. # 8 – 3D printed finger splint A high school student in New Jersey, Ian McHale, just created a finger splint that can be produced with a 3D printer. The goal behind this initiative is to show that 3D printing can help solve concrete problems with minimal resources. The high school student, designed the splint on a CAD program, and made it so it can be printed in about 10 minutes for about 2 cents of recycled material. Read more…
  • 10. # 9 – The life-saving 3D printed device The University of Michigan announced that two members of its staff had just saved the life of a baby using 3D printing related technologies. Thanks to the use of 3D modeling software, the doctors were able to design a splint fitting exactly Kaiba’s trachea. The 3D printing process then allowed them to product the design very quickly. Read more…
  • 11. See you next month ! Contacts: Twitter/facebook: sculpteo