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Presentation of best of MMS 2013 held in Belgium on 19th of June 2013. Availability strategies for a resillient private cloud

Presentation of best of MMS 2013 held in Belgium on 19th of June 2013. Availability strategies for a resillient private cloud

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  • 1. Didier Van Hoye - Technical Architect Microsoft MVP & MEET Member @workinghardinit
  • 2. Live Migrate VM and Storage to Clusters Live Migrate VM and Storage Between Clusters Live Migrate VM and Storage to Stand-Alone Server You can move a VM anywhere in your datacenter with zero downtime!
  • 3. Client accessing VM Live Migrate this VM to another physical machine VHDX
  • 4. Memory content is copied to new server VM pre-staged VHDX
  • 5. Pages are being dirtied Client continues accessing VM VHDX
  • 6. Smaller set of changes Recopy of changes VHDX
  • 7. Partition State copied VM Paused VHDX
  • 8. Old VM deleted once migration is verified successful Client directed to new host VHDX
  • 9. • Windows Server 2012 now supports the ability to do multiple live migrations in parallel • Unlimited number of live migrations can be performed in parallel • Default configuration of 2 simultaneous LM’s per host • Wield this power wisely • Excessive number of simultaneous migrations may actually result in overall longer times than serially
  • 10. • • • • •
  • 11. Update Coordinator Admin Initiate Cluster-Aware Updating
  • 12. Storage Migrate this VHDX to another disk Client accessing VM VM stays running servicing clients VHDX
  • 13. New VHDX created on new storage VHDXVHDX
  • 14. Writes mirrored to new Destination VHDX Reads are from Source VHDX VHDX VHDX
  • 15. VHDX data copied from Source to Destination VHDXVHDX
  • 16. Reads and Writes transitioned to new VHDX VHDX
  • 17. • Protects from unplanned downtime: • Hardware • Host OS • VM • Guest OS • Apps in VMs
  • 18. NetFT Node 1 ClusSvc VMMS User Mode Kernel Mode RHS Guest OS VDev NetFT Node 2 ClusSvc VMMS RHS Guest OS VDev vmclusres.dllvmclusres.dll
  • 19. FC SAS RBOD iSCSI FCoE SAS JBOD Shared Storage RAID HBA Software Replication Hardware Replication SMB Data Replication Application Replication Spaces
  • 20. VM running on Node 2 is unaffected Coordination Node SAN Connectivity Failure I/O Redirected via network VM’s can then be live migrated to another node with zero client downtime VHDX
  • 21. Cluster
  • 22. CLUSTER CLUSTERiSCSI or FC Guest Cluster SAN SAN
  • 23. VHDX VHDX
  • 24. • Automatic and manual failover for DR • Supports 3rd party hardware and software based replication
  • 25. Hyper-V Replica • RPO = 5 minutes • RTO = Manual (longer) • Cost = In-box in Windows Server • Complexity = Low Multi-Site Clustering • RPO = 0 minutes* • RTO = Automatic (fast) • Cost = High • Complexity = High *depending on 3rd party replication solution
  • 26. Systems in lock step
  • 27. Planned Downtime Unplanned Downtime Disaster Recovery