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The Article

The Article






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    The Article The Article Presentation Transcript

    • Look at the underlined words in the following paragraph and complete the rules below with a/an or the. I saw a man sitting on a bench outside the station yesterday. He had a large bag on the bench next to him. He opened the bag and took out a complete meal - a tablecloth, a large dish, a salad and a knife and fork. He put it on the bench and started to eat. • A We use _______when we introduce a something for the first time or to talk about one of many. • B We use _____to talk about something the again or when there is only one.
    • Read the following text. Underline the word which best fits each space. (0) One / A day last week I visited my local university to have a look round. (1) A / The university is very old and it is in (2) the / a centre of (3) the / one city. There were lots of people who were also interested in studying there. When I arrived, I went to (4) a / the talk. After that (5) a / the student showed me round. I want to study science so I wanted to look at (6) the / one science block. I spent (7) one / the hour there. I thought (8) a / the university looked very interesting and I hope to go there to study.
    • Write a / an (or nothing) a There were many dogs in the park. One dog was ___ Dalmatian. - Pandas and __ tigers are both endangered animals. a She is wearing ___ blue dress with red earrings an Hawaii is ___ island in the Pacific Ocean. Christmas comes once ___ year. a ___ ant is ___ insect. An an a The Nile is ___ river. I went to the shop to get ___ bread. - a He broke ___ glass when he was washing dishes. an You should take ___ umbrella.
    • Write a / an / some (or nothing) My wife is ______ doctor. a My brother is ______ artist. an I'm staying with ______ friends. some She's a writer. She writes ______ books. - I've got ______ car waiting outside. a I've got ______ more questions to ask you, if you don't some mind. My cousin is married to ______ actor. an What ______ wonderful presentation! You were excellent. a an I've got ______ idea. ______ people would like to talk to you, if you have the Some time.
    • I love ______ Coke. - I lived in Tahiti when I was ______ child. a I've seen ______ good films recently. "The Insider" some was great. I need to buy ______ new trousers. I'm getting fat! some Sue and Vaughan are ______ good writers. - They have written ______ new book called "Inside a Out". I like all animals but ______ cats are my - favourites. However I like ______ cats better than others! some You have got ______ really nice eyes. - It's the last question. What ______ relief! a
    • Fill in the blank with the appropriate article, a, an, or the, or leave the space blank if no article is needed. a 1. I bought _________ pair of pants and a shirt. - 2. I saw _________ car crash last week. a 3. They are staying _________ downtown. - 4. I think _________ man is very unfriendly. the 5. I don't like _________ soccer. 6. That is _________ issue between you and the boss. an 7. _________ water is dirty. Don't drink it! The 8. _________ price of gas keeps rising. The 9. John moved to _________ San Francisco. - 10. Celine is _________ French. - 11. _________ amazing thing happened to me An yesterday. 12. My friend doesn't eat _________ red meat. -
    • 1. Are there any cheap ____ hotels near here? - - 2. There is a modern sports centre in ____ London. 3. How many small apples are there in ____ this bag? - - 4. There aren't any ____ serious problems. 5. How many ____ tall players are there in your team? - 6. There is a lot of rain in ____ winter. - - 7. How many planets are there in our ____ solar system? 8. There isn't enough ____ snow to go skiing. - - 9. Is there anyone from ____ Germany in here? - 10. There isn't enough ____ air in the lift.
    • - 11. There aren't any interesting films on ____ TV tonight. a 12. There is ____ big tree in the garden. a 13. Is there ____ cheap hotel near here? a 14. There is ____ famous university in Oxford. 15. How many days are there in ____ week? a 16. Is there ____ tired student in the class? a a 17. Is there ____ good-looking man in your club? 18. There are some big trees in ____ garden. the the 19. There is a big black cloud in ____ sky. the 20. Is there any water in ____ glass?
    • a 1. Albert Einstein was _______ famous scientist. - 2. Einstein was born in ___________ Germany in 1879. the 3. Einstein won __________ Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. the 4. Einstein left his country and lived in _______ States until he died in 1955. - 5. Einstein is known for his theory of ________ relativity. The 6. ________German physicist who discovered X-rays in 1895 was named Wilhelm Roentgen. - 7. Roentgen won __________ 1901 Nobel Prize. - 8. Mandela was born in __________South Africa.
    • the 9. Mandela was _________ first President elected in South Africa after Apartheid was revoked. - 10. Mandela was imprisoned for _________ nearly 30 years for his anti- apartheid activities. 11. Mother Teresa was _________ Roman Catholic nun. a 12. Mother Teresa became famous for her hard work with ______ poor. the the 13. She was_______ founder of the order of nuns called the Missionaries of Charity. 14. Mother Teresa lived in __________ Calcutta, India. - 15. Mother Teresa received _________ her Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. -