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Jobs 1

  1. 1. JOBS- 1 READ THROUGH THE SENTENCES AND THEN WRITE DOWN WHICH JOB EACH OF THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE HAVE. Notice that the first letter has been given.1. This person cuts mens hair. Mr Green is a b___________2. You go to this person when you have toothache. Miss Evans is a d___________3. You go to this person if you want a new pair of glasses. Mr Brown is an o___________4. This person looks after you when you are flying. Mrs Watkins is an a______ h_______.5. This person makes sure that no one parks their car in the wrong place, or parks somewhere for too long. Not many people like this person! Mr Watson is a t__________ w__________6. This person cuts and styles womens hair. Mrs Simons is a h________________7. Before a house is built, this person draws the plans for it. Miss George is an a____________8. If something goes wrong with your pipes, washbasin or bath, you usually call for this person. Mr Jones is a p_____________9. This person writes for a newspaper or magazine. Mr Gibson is a j___________10. This person works in a library. Miss Kent is a l___________11. This person is the head of a company. Mrs South is a m ____________ d______________12. You meet this person when you go to church. Mr Hope is a c ________________13. You often see this person in plays on TV. Miss Beswick is an a____________14. You go to this person when you want to buy or sell a house. Mrs Shark is an e_______ a______15. This person helps run the country. Mr Gabb is a p ______________16. This person is called in to examine and report on the accounts of a company. Mrs Adler is an a_________17. This person makes tables, chairs, doors, etc. Miss Wood is a c_____________18. This person makes drawings in an office - often a new design or product. Mr Grey is a d___________19. He sells anything from a car to a paint brush. He usually travels a lot. Mr Sellers is a s__________ r_____________20. You can phone for this person if your house or flat is on fire. Mr Rigby is a f____________21. You go to this person when you want to take out some money at a bank. Miss Rees is a c_______22. This person helps you when you play golf by carrying your clubs and giving you advice. Mr Berry is a c____________23. This person looks after a block of flats or an office. Mr Guard is a c______________24. When you have a legal problem, you can always go to this person. Mrs Knowles is a s_________25. He carries your bags for you at the station. Mr Train is a p_____________26. This person delivers letters. Mrs Plod is a p_____________27. This person performs operations at a hospital. Mrs Carter is a s___________28. If you have a lot of money, you might employ this person to drive you around. Mr Austin is a c___________29. This person keeps animals and grows crops. Mr Field is a f____________30. If you have a problem with your speech, this person can help you overcome it. Miss Sayer is a s___________ t____________