Common adjectives 1
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Common adjectives 1






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Common adjectives 1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Exercises22.1 Fill the gaps, as in the example.1 My hairs awful. I must go to the hairdressers. terrible/awful/horrible/bad2 The weathers _________________________ . I dont want to go out.3 The traffic is _________________ in the city centre. Take terrible / awful the train. excellent/great/wonderful4 Thats a(n) _______________________ idea! Lets do it! horrible/awful5 How ______________ ! Three exams on the same day! wonderful/lovely6 What a _________________ house! The sea is only 100 metres away!7 My timetables not ________ . Im free on Wednesdays and bad Fridays.
  • 2. 22.2 What can you say? Someone says to you ...1 Do you like my new jacket? _________________________________ Yes, its very nice. / Yes its lovely.2 I have to get up at 4.30 tomorrow morning. _________________________________ Oh, how awful!3 Shall we go out for dinner tonight? _________________________________ Thats an excellent idea. or Yes, great!4 (In your town) Excuse me. Is there a good restaurant in this town? _________________________________ Yes, theres the Ritz. Its the best restaurant in town.5 What sort of person is your English teacher? _________________________________ She/Hes a wonderful person!
  • 3. 22.3 What goes together? Match a description from the left with anexpression from the right.Draw lines. 1 Blue sky, sun 25°. • a Wonderful news. 2 5 stars (*****), very famous. • b Awful weather. 3 Bad person. Nobody • c Lovely weather. likes him/her. • d An excellent idea. 4 90 out of 100 in an exam. • e The best hotel in 5 Grey sky, wind, rain, town. 11º. • f A horrible person. 6 We can take a taxi
  • 4. 22.4 Use a dictionary. Put these new words into the good or badcolumn.dreadful ghastly gorgeous marvellous horrendous fine superb brilliant Good (+) Bad (-) gorgeous Dreadful marvellous ghastly fine horrendous superb brilliant
  • 5. 22.5 Look at the adjectives in 22.4. Think of two nouns to go with each of the adjectives. dreadful weather /film• gorgeous boy/girl• marvellous weather/food• fine weather/day• superb idea/view• ghastly man/restuarant• horrendous traffic/person