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  • 1. Exercises31.1 Put these words into one or both columns. men womencoat jacket dress coat jacket dresstie belt shoes coat jacket tie belt shoes watch belt shoes watchwatch suit skirt suit skirt shirt suit shirt ringshirt ring trousers trousers sweater ring trouserssweater T-shirt T-shirt briefcase sweater T-shirthandbag briefcase handbag briefcase
  • 2. 31.2 Match the part of the body with the item of clothing. scarf belt shoe hat glove glasses ring tights 1 foot scarf 2 finger belt 3 legs shoe 4 eyes hat 5 waist glove 6 head glasses 7 neck ring 8 hand tights
  • 3. 31.3 Choose one of the verbs in the box and put it in the right form be wear carry have1 Johns jeans _______ blue and his T-shirt are _______ red. is2 Julia _________ jeans and a T-shirt today. is wearing3 Meena _______ got a red coat on and she has _________ some flowers. Where is she going? is carrying4 Sarahs dress _______ old but her shoes is _______ new. are5 Last year Johns trousers_________ white. were Now they _______ grey. are6 _______ this a new pair of jeans? Is
  • 4. 31.4 Look at the picture and write the names next to thenumbers. 1 2 7 3 8 4 9 5 10 1___________________ 6 ___________________ sunglasses hat 2 ___________________ 7 ___________________ jumper shirt watch coat 3 ___________________ 8 ___________________ skirt umbrella 4 ___________________ 9 ___________________ 5 ___________________10 ___________________ briefcase boots
  • 5. 31.5 Write a paragraph about what you are wearing today .• Im wearing a white, T-shirt and a blue jumper. Ive got a pair of black trousers on. I’m wearing blue socks and white trainers. I’ve also got a watch and a pair of glasses on. I am wearing a blue T-shirt and black trousers. I have got white shoes on. Im wearing a watch, three rings and a pair of glasses.