WSRP BEA User's Group March 2004

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An overview of WSRP Presented to the BEA User's Group in March 2004

An overview of WSRP Presented to the BEA User's Group in March 2004

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  • 1. WSRP Introduction Web Services For Remote Portals Scott Ryan, Denver BEA User ’ s Group March 3, 2004
  • 2. WSRP The Standard
      • OASIS managed Standard
      • Current Version is 1.0
      • Web Services For Remote Portlets
      • WSRP v1.1 - planned for early-mid 2004
      • WSRP v2.0 - planned for early-mid 2005
  • 3. Overview
      • Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) has defined a standard for interactive, presentation-oriented web services.
      • WSRP defines:
        • A WSDL interface description for invocation of WSRP services
        • Semantics for interacting with WSRP services that can not be expressed in WSDL.
        • Markup fragment rules for markup emitted by WSRP services
      • Companies involved with WSRP:
        • BEA, Bowstreet, Citrix, Commerce One, Computer Associates, CrossWeave, Divine, Drake Certivo, Factiva, France Telecom, Fujitsu, Gluecode, HP, IBM, Interwoven, Kinzan, Lexis-Nexis, Lotus, MacDonald Bradley, Microsoft, Moravia IT, Netegrity, Novell, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Perficient, Plumtree, Reed Elsevier, SAP, SeeBeyond, Silverstream, Stellent, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, Tibco , Vignette, WebCollage
  • 4. WSRP Services Plug&Play with Portals Portals WSRP Services Portals Portals Portals Portals Clients Clients Web Clients Web Clients Web Clients Web Clients Web Clients Web Clients Web Clients Web Clients Web Clients Web Clients Portals Portals Registry Portals Portals Portals Publish Find WSRP Services Portals Portals Bind WSRP Services e.g.
  • 5. WSRP Goals
      • Enable interactive , presentation-oriented web services to be easily plugged into standards-compliant portals
      • Ensure concepts and data exchanged are aligned with other standards in both the portal and web service arenas.
      • Make the Internet a marketplace of visual web services, ready to be integrated into portals
  • 6. Scenario: Use of WSRP in Portals
      • Portals can aggregate presentation from many WSRP services
      • WSRP services can be aware of portal context
        • User profile from portal
        • Desired locale and markup-type
        • Active user agent
    Aggregated HTML, WML, VoiceXML, ... over HTTP Mark-Up Fragments Transferred via SOAP Portal WSRP Service WSRP Service WSRP Service WSRP Consumer WSRP Producer
  • 7. Scenario: Portal sharing Portlets
      • Users of the second portal (WSRP Consumer) can select remote portlets like any local portlet and put them on their pages
      • In this case, the portal providing a portlet as a WSRP service adheres to the WSRP protocol and contracts just like any other WSRP Producer service
    Server Portal Portals Huge number of users Portals as Intermediaries, Caching offloads requests from WSRP Producer Publishing Portal WSRP Interface Portals Portals Portal Portlet Portlet Portlet WSRP Consumer WSRP Producer
  • 8. Scenario: Use of WSRP in Client Apps
      • Applications may embed WSRP Services through plugin mechanisms, e.g. COM Components or ActiveX Controls
      • In this case, the plugin in the client application adheres to the WSRP protocol and contracts as a WSRP Consumer
    Rendering within client application ‘ s view User Info, Actions, Markup Fragments Transferred via SOAP Application (e.g. Word, Outlook, ...) WSRP Service WSRP Service WSRP Service WSRP Consumer WSRP Producer
  • 9. Abstract Portal ⬄ WSRP Interaction Perform Portlet Action Destroy Portlet clone Clone Portlet WSRP Consumer (Portal) WSRP Producer (Service) Adds Portlet Removes Portlet Click Action Get Portlet Markup I S S User View Portlet Allocate new clone Generate Markup, (opt: create Session) Action Handling (opt: create Session) I I A I A I I A I I S I Destroy clone I A S I A
  • 10. WSRP and related Standards WSRP SOAP (Invocation) WSDL (Description) UDDI (Publish,Find&Bind) (X)HTML WML Voice XML cHTML ...
  • 11. WSRP and Portlet API(s) Web Services for Remote Portals (WSRP) Java Portlet API (JSR 168) C# “ Portlet API “ (.NET) . . . Platform Independent Web Service Interface Platform specific, local Portlet APIs Portlet APIs may be defined for different programming languages; WSRP can bridge between the different platforms, leveraging platform independence of Web services Goal: Portlets written to Portlet API(s) can be published as WSRP services WSRP Impl. on plain J2EE or .NET platform
  • 12. BEA Support
      • Supported in 8.1 SP 2 with Downloaded support Kit
      • Full support coming in Future service pack release
      • Need Platform or at least Portal edition .