Scrum Methodology and Agile Project Management with Green Hopper


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In this session we’ll give a talk about the roots of the Agile methodologies, basics of the Scrum framework, and Agile Project Management with Green Hopper for achieving successful software projects. At the end of the talk, attendees will gain information about the fundamentals of the Scrum framework and how to use Green Hopper successfully during the phase of software development. To make the idea more recognisable, the talk will also include a quick show case of Green Hopper to demonstrate how a Scrum Team could use it while developing software.

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  • Agile has been proven effective - for everyone to be successful you need to change and adapt to your environment - we made it super easy with presets big challenge with agile - if you are new to agile and have no process it can be hard - or you have an existing process and you need a tool that is flexible GreenHopper gives both teams the power of Agile as it caters to both scenarios. The best practice is not how you do it, it is how you get started, and from there you continually evolve and refine your process. Because you follow this practice you are - by definition - continually refining your process.
  • GreenHopper 6 Everyone needs to know what the team is working on - so you can see everything that’s going on. Provide visibility and predictability. Single place to see what the team has to get done, what they are getting done right now, and what they have completed in the past. Anyone can take a look at this, providing visibility to all of those stakeholders (tech writers, BA’s, etc). - Add estimates and acceptance criteria in-line- Understand team commitment
  • JIRA has a really powerful query language that allows you to search for issues - Make a saved search and that is the basis for a GreenHopper board. - Once the board is created the team can continue to refine the board with swimlanes, quick filter JIRA is also used by customer service teams to log and respond to requests. These teams can create bugs that immediately show up on the development teams backlog, allowing them to plan bugs and user stories at the same time. Team Calendars - see team leave and activities alongside sprints so that you can better identify team capacity and plan accordingly.
  • Scrum Methodology and Agile Project Management with Green Hopper

    1. 1. Scrum Methodology and Agile Project Management withGreen HopperBar BAL & Kerem ÇA LARış Ğ
    2. 2. Who Are We?Agile Coach & TrainerFounder@BrsBalProfessional Scrum Masterwww.scrumturkey.comwww.ankarajug.orgBar BALışFounder & CTOKeremÇA LARĞ@Keremcaglarr
    3. 3. History?Rugby ApproachRelay RaceApproach
    4. 4. Agile and Agile ManifestoAgile ManifestoAgile Software Development ManifestoSigned in 2001
    5. 5. Agile and Agile ManifestoINDIVIDUALS and INTERACTIONSover PROCESSES and TOOLS
    8. 8. Agile and Agile ManifestoRESPONDING TO CHANGEover FOLLOWING A PLAN
    9. 9. What is Scrum?SCRUM GUIDETurkish translation is prepared
    10. 10. What is Scrum?Scrum Terms StudyTurkish translation is prepared
    11. 11. What is Scrum?SELF ORGANIZED TEAMS
    12. 12. What is Scrum?1 to 4 WEEKS SPRINTS
    13. 13. What is Scrum?PRODUCT BACKLOG
    15. 15. What is Scrum?DEDICATED TEAMS
    16. 16. Scrum Lifecycle
    17. 17. Scrum TrendsThe Department of Defense now requires, as mandatedby Congress, that all government contracts for defenseinclude agile developmentCurrently, it is being used in schools in the Netherlandsand the United States to help teachers educate youngchildren. Children adopt a learning backlog and everyday they discuss how they are going to go abouttackling that list of items.This is happening as software becomes a greater partof each product. Once upon a time the software budgetfor a fighter aircraft was 10 to 15 percent. Today, 90percent of the budget is allocated for software, makingthe need for Scrum acute
    18. 18. Agile CareersIn less than a year’s time, the number of jobs involvingScrum increased by a factor of nearly 30, going from20,000 all the way up to 580,000Companies looking for Scrum and Agile competency:Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Skype, Yahoo, DeloitteNumber of Jobs: 3.160Companies looking for Scrum and Agile competency:Çiçek Sepeti,, Gitti Gidiyor, YemekSepeti, Teknosa, Vestel, Neta , Sony, Huawei,şVodafone, DigiturkNumber of Jobs: 68
    19. 19. Assess Your Scrum Maturity LevelScrum Checklistby Henrik KnibergTurkish translation is prepared
    20. 20. Agile Transformation & AdaptationTransformation: Schneider CultureModel Assessmentby Barı BALşThe idea is based on Michael Sakota & Henrik Kniberg’s studies
    21. 21. Agile Transformation & Adaptation• Adaptation:• Practices• TDD• Pair Programming• Continuous Integration• ...• Tools• Agile Project Management
    22. 22. 22GreenHopper 6:Agile Best Practice Built-In• Challenge: Get new Agile teams startedquickly• Easy Agile adoption for newbies and experts alike• Presets for Scrum and Kanban teams• Board, Estimation, Reports• Evolves with the team• Refine the team’s workflow in two clicks• Add swimlanes and quick filters
    23. 23. 23• Challenge: Provide a single view for the team• Plan what needs to get done• Groom the product backlog• Track team activity and performanceGreenHopper 6: One Board to Rule Them All
    24. 24. 24GreenHopper 6: JIRA Turbocharged• No “one size fits all” approach• Each team is unique, tailor a board to their needs• Leverage power of JIRA• Deep integration• Traceability from user story to source code• Jump straight from a JIRA issue to a GreenHopper board• Plan around schedules using Team Calendars forConfluence
    25. 25. DEMO
    26. 26. Thank