Where Can I Learn More About DevOps?


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Some tips on where to begin the journey of learning about DevOps

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Where Can I Learn More About DevOps?

  1. 1. Where Can I Learn More AboutDevOps?In this blog, we’re constantly covering and discussing the concept of DevOps. At thispoint, most folks in departments related to a company’s infrastructure (i.e. Developers,System Administrators) have some understanding of this idea. But where do thesepeople learn about this relatively new and young concept?I recently released a post on the allure, the future, and the current drawbacks ofDevOps. While I still don’t consider myself an expert, I believe I know a respectableamount at this point. In this post I’ll share my “secrets” on how I (an intern with limiteddevelopment and IT knowledge) have managed to immerse myself in the idea ofDevOps over the past month, to the point where I am comfortable writing about it. Myhopes are that this post will help someone interested in learning about DevOps getstarted, or even give someone within an organization interested in implementing theseprinciples ideas of how to teach their management more.Where I’ve Learned From (So Far):Early during my internship, one of my assignments was to review and edit severalDevOps related articles that had been written (all of which are now posted here). Thisessentially served as my introduction to the concept and related topics.I also have subscribed to several different Google Alerts (such as, “Puppet”, “ITIL”, andothers). Whenever a new, relevant web page with keywords matching the alert keywords(for the “Puppet” alert, I tend to get some interesting ones…) I am instantly emailedabout it. These alerts are useful, not only in the sense that I can easily follow currentevents and news related to IT, but I also have stumbled upon several different pagesthat have added to my knowledge.
  2. 2. I also am a frequent follower of related groups within social media. Some of the groups Iwould most recommend include the “DevOps” group page on LinkedIn andthe DevOps topic on Quora, I also have recently begun following the DevOps SubRedditand reading articles fromDZone. The benefits of being involved in communities are thedepth of subject matter and the ability to reach out to other members with questions.I was recently shown this list of recommended reading material. I personally have readand would recommend The Lean Startup and The Phoenix Project.A few more specific articles I’ve found helpful for the learning process include:- Top 10 Practices For Effective DevOps- The Wide Range of DevOps- Collaboration Goes Far Beyond DevOpsThis blog is also an excellent learning resource (AND it has an awesome, geekyabbreviation! – thanks to our friend Ranjib for this one):- Just Enough Developed Infrastructure (JEDI)Hopefully this list of resources will help someone learn as well as it has for me!