The Best DevOps Resources Online


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The Best DevOps Resources Online

  1. 1. The Best DevOps Resources OnlineTen Useful DevOps ResourcesThe right information resources can make the difference from riding the front of the waveand falling behind the curve. With new technologies, such as DevOps, these sources ofvaluable information can be even more difficult to find, so five of the best have beengathered below to ease your search. Obviously, these five are not the only resourcesavailable, but as a burgeoning, young field, the available resources range from the fewoutliers listed here, to a few personal blogs and opinions.The DZoneThe DZone is the DevOps portal for a website that covers a widerange of topics. It is byfar the most visited DevOps resource, as well as the most frequently updated. Theycurrently follow a release schedule of one or two articles a day (leaning heavily towardsonly one). According to their reported metrics, almost 6,000 people have liked the site onFacebook, and 18,000 follow it on Twitter. You will find articles on development,production, ITIL standards, regulation compliance, and more. The blog format meansyou will have to use the search functionality while keeping the date the articles you pullup were posted to ensure that the information is current.DevOps Days Repository
  2. 2. The DevOps Days Conferences are largely responsible for the widespread use of theterm “DevOps,” and over the past few years, the organizers have collected a vastamount of information through the presentations, discussions, and Internet activity theyhave generated. The amount of content is truly impressive and includes many full videosof the presentations, transcripts, slide shows, and other variations of the material. Themajor downfall of the main information source of the site is that it coincides with theirconferences, meaning months between new content.Dev2Ops.OrgDev2Ops more closely resembles a personal blog than a resource repository, but thecombination of useful DevOps tool discussions and insights into the world of DevOpsserves to flesh out the information resource beyond a simple code library. The releaseschedule is one or two articles per month.Puppet Labs Resource Page
  3. 3. If you have spent more than a minute discussing DevOps or configuration management(CM), then you have probably heard of Puppet. The program is an open source CM tool,and as such the scope of the program does reach into DevOps. If you take a look at thePuppet Labs site, there is a hefty amount of documentation and other information for theprogram and DevOps in general. The resource update schedule is unspecified, but thePuppet software is the largest CM tool by usage, so the company is trustworthy.DevOpsAs it happens, one of the best DevOps resources is literally named DevOps. The siteserves as a collection of reports, editorials, and papers on every aspect of DevOps onecould imagine. The topics of the articles range from CM to automation to guestinterviews with “DevOps Borat”. If it exists, and it is related to DevOps, it can crop up onthe site. Unfortunately, it is in blog format and typically receives two to three posts amonth. While these are usually detailed, it is still a slow release schedule.DevOpsSubRedditWhile it may not be as popular as the other resources listed here, the DevOpsSubRedditcontains useful information and is worth checking out. The fact that it serves not only asa place to find useful blog posts and articles on DevOps, but also fosters DevOps-related discussion in the comments sections makes it valuable.
  4. 4. DevOps on QuoraSimilarly to the DevOps SubReddit, the QuoraDevOps section is useful as a result of theconversation that stems from it. For anyone unfamiliar with Quora, users can postquestions, post blog posts, answer other users’ questions, or leave comments on blogposts. The main highlight of this resource is the ability to directly ask questions tospecific users or to the entire community.The DevOps Group on LinkedInThis group is probably the most popular social media DevOps page. There are manyhighly active members who frequently respond to discussions, post the latest DevOpsarticles and blog posts, and who are welcoming towards new members of the group.Like the Reddit and Quora pages, it is an excellent discussion forum, and like Reddit, itis a great place to see newer, relevant articles.DevOps Cafe Podcast
  5. 5. A series of podcasts by John Willis and Damon Edwards called “DevOps Cafe”. It ismore informational than community-based, but the podcasts cover a wide variety ofDevOps topics. The podcasts frequently have guests, and John and Damon oftenprovide podcast coverage of notable conferences, like PuppetConf.DevOps ReactionsOk… So it might not be as useful as the others on this list, but it’s pretty damnentertainingBonus Links! (shout out to our friend Ranjib for tipping us off onto these)The Ship ShowFood FightBoth The Ship Show and the Food Fight are notable DevOps podcasts. Check them out!