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Lead Generation Strategies for the New Social Consumer
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Lead Generation Strategies for the New Social Consumer


According to the latest research from Google and the Marketing Leadership Council, the traditional marketing funnel is dead, and consumers today consult an average of 10.4 new media or traditional …

According to the latest research from Google and the Marketing Leadership Council, the traditional marketing funnel is dead, and consumers today consult an average of 10.4 new media or traditional sources before purchasing.

Join Richard Evans, Director, Partner Marketing and Alliances, from marketing automation leader Silverpop, Peter Chase, founder and Executive Vice President of data integration solutions provider Scribe, and Mike Lewis, social marketing guru and the author of the new popular book " Stand Out Social Marketing: How to Rise Above the Noise, Differentiate Your Brand, and Build an Outstanding Social Presence", and hear the secrets to build lasting relationships with the social consumer.

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  • Different from monitoring vendors; we are moitoring for customer acquisitionScorecards bubble up specific customer; kindsB2B and B2C examples – talk about customers we have (FOX, MLB, EMC, FSC, etc) and how they areUpdate the pictures in the back
  • Thank you Joel. Continuing on this theme that we have a lot of work to do to fully leverage data in our marketing efforts, the following comes from a Survey of about 275 organizations that Scribe commissioned earlier in the year on the state of Customer Data Integration. As you can see, 60% of respondents said that integrating their CRM system with their Marketing Automation efforts was important…a pretty high percentage. However, when asked whether they felt that they had fully integrated these two activities, only between 18 and 29% felt they had. Another interesting note is that those that used 3rd party system integrators had fully integrated their efforts at a 50% greater rate. Scribe delivers its products exclusively through a network of over 1,000 System Integrators across the globe. We understand the key role that these SIs play in delivering successful solutions for customers.So why does this gap between desire and achievement exist?


  • 1. VOIP Is Enabled, however if you cannot hear please use web meeting dial in details Lead Generation Strategies for the New Social Consumer How to build lasting relationship with the social customerintegrate accelerate™
  • 2. Housekeeping• Phone lines are muted• Presentation is approximately 50 Minutes with Q&A• Use the Question feature in GoToWebinar panel to submit questions• Questions will be addressed at the end of presentationintegrate accelerate™
  • 3. Agenda• Introduction of presenters• Top 2 lead problems• How to drive sales through social• Tying it together with integration• Questions & Answersintegrate accelerate™
  • 4. Presenters Peter Chase Executive Vice President and Founder Scribe Software @PeterRChase Mike Lewis Social Media Guru and Author of “Stand Out Social Media” @BostonMike Richard Evans Director, Partner Marketing and Alliances Silverpop @rlevansintegrate accelerate™
  • 5. About Silverpop• Digital Marketing Platform for email marketing and marketing automation• 5,000 customer brands• Across 38 countries• 500 employees
  • 6. We all have challenges ChangingFunnel waste buyer behavior
  • 7. Only 5% of leadsyou and I generated in the last month are ready to buy NOW.
  • 8. Our old funnel (and perhaps yours)
  • 9. 65% of our leads went to waste.
  • 10. B2B buyer decision cycle Reconsideration Satisfaction Selection Acknowledgment Investigation Decision Source: R. Jolles Measurement Criteria
  • 11. Emerging buying cycle gap... Reconsideration Satisfaction 5% Selection Acknowledgment 79% Investigation Decision Source: R. Jolles Measurement Criteria
  • 12. Emerging buying cycle gap... Reconsideration Satisfaction problem Selection Acknowledgment 2% Investigation Decision 2-3% Source: R. Jolles Measurement Criteria
  • 13. How we began curing ourselvesThe buying cycle has changed
  • 14. Prospects are narrowing the field...“During the initial research phase, the surveyshowed 42% of B-to-B buyers evaluate four ormore suppliers, but as they move closer toprocurement, only 26% get quotes from four ormore suppliers.” Source: Chief Marketer, “Adjusting to the Web- Influenced Buy Cycle,” 22 March 2010
  • 15. …almost entirely on their own. Source: ITSMA, “How Customers Choose Solution Providers, 2009.” Global data.
  • 16. How we began curing ourselvesHow we began curing ourselves
  • 17. We realigned Sales/Marketingaround a common language – revenue.
  • 18. Scoring Leads: Enhance Sales and ROI Source: Silverpop Research
  • 19. Integrated Lead Scoring Lead Breakdown A, 600 B, 2000 D, 6500 C, 2500
  • 20. Introduced a New Lead Scoring Model Heavy Low Interest Interest Right Fit A 1 2 3 4 B 1 2 3 4 C 1 2 3 4 D 1 2 3 4 Not a Fit Sales DG Mktg Dead
  • 21. Began routing leads based on scoringMarketing became lead-traffic-controllers
  • 22. Began routing leads based on score
  • 23. Introduced nurture programmes Media Nurture Inbound Demand Gen Event Follow-up Open and Re-Engage Silverpop on Silverpop Dead/Lost
  • 24. Email Nurturing• Level 1: Batch and Blast• Level 2: Simple Drip programs• Level 3: Multi-Track, Multi-Step programs
  • 25. Sales Visibility (Lead Activity)
  • 26. Sales Control over Nurturing
  • 27. The results...• Reduced non-contacted leads from 65% to < 4%.• Increased lead conversion rates by over 2x in 12-months• Increased marketing-generated revenue by more than 100% in 12- months – Marketing generated over 70% of total sales revenue• Increased opportunity creation to support 50% increase in sales team size
  • 28. What tools are needed? CRM System Marketing Automation • Database of record Platform • Lead and opportunity tracking • Lead management • Pipeline opportunity reporting • Lead Scoring • Sales process management • Lead Routing • Lead Alerts to Sales • CRM integration for sales-initiated campaigns • Publishing and outbound marketing • Nurtures and email marketing • Landing pages for lead generation • Reporting • Sales view into marketing activity • Sales view into lead score, rank and behaviour
  • 29. THE 6 KEYS TO STAND OUT SOCIAL MARKETING Mike Lewis Author of ‘Stand Out Social Marketing’ Vice President of Marketing & Sales Awareness, Inc. @bostonmike
  • 30. Connect Questions via Twitter:ABOUT ME… #standout @bostonmike• CMO, Peoplefluent• Boston native, father of 2• Active blogger, tweeter, and social media enthusiast• Author, Stand Out Social Marketing, McGraw-Hill, Nov 9, 2012 Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @bostonmike
  • 31. Connect Questions via Twitter:WHY SOCIAL? #standout @bostonmike VS. Differentiatio Enterprise n SMB Heavy Sales Process Little-to-No Sales Process Optimization Management
  • 32. Connect Questions via Twitter:THE SALES PROCESS OPTIMIZATION BLOG #standout @bostonmike
  • 33. Connect Questions via Twitter: #standout @bostonmike PUBLISH PHASE 1 ENGAGE Differentiate MONITOR Publish to Multiple ABOVE the Social DestinationsProspect for conversations Engage with Prospects Funnel ACQUIRE LEADS ABOVE THE FUNNEL PHASE 2 Identify & Drive Higher QUALITY leads SCORE AND TARGET with OFFERS PHASE 3 CONVERT Increase Conversions
  • 34. Connect Questions via Twitter: #standout @bostonmike PHASE 1 RESULTS: Differentiate ABOVE the MORE „AT-BATS‟: Funnel 1 Went from competing in 1 of 5 deals to 3 of 5 deals vs SFDC BETTER TARGETS: PHASE 2Identify & Drive 2 Engaged with the RIGHT audience vs.Higher QUALITY ANYONE interested leads HIGHER 3 CONVERSIONS: Win rate rose from PHASE 3 30% to 60% in deals Increase vs SFDC Conversions
  • 35. Connect Questions via Twitter:THE 6 KEYS & WHERE DELTA STOOD OUT #standout @bostonmike Paying Interaction Content Attention Presence Management Measurement
  • 36. Connect Questions via Twitter: #standout @bostonmike Paying Attention The Heart of your social strategy Involves Paying Attention to behaviors and individualsFocus area: Paying attention tobehavior to drive salesKey Concepts:•Social Prospecting•Social Scoring
  • 37. Connect Questions via Twitter:FOR EXAMPLE… LETS SAY WE ARE SELLING… #standout @bostonmike
  • 38. Connect Questions via Twitter:Traditionally… #standout @bostonmike • Broadcast messages through multiple channels • Collect Data and Demographically target • Open stores in areas of audience concentration • Drive people to online or offline purchases
  • 39. Connect Questions via Twitter:Through Social We Would: @bill Need new shoes #standout @bostonmike for the office party. What to buy? • Listen for individuals who show Need shoes? We have the largest selection & 20% discount so you look a likelihood of buying great at the party • Target: month 2 in marathon training. Feeling better  Hyper-target individuals with everyday contextual offers and content Dude! If you need a new pair of kicks check these out - We will power you on the big day!  Identify Contextual Influencers HUGE ski trip with the guys  Market to a widget next month! Can’t wait! enthusiast group on Facebook Looking for new ski boots? 10% of for you today  Contextual groups (or create one) UGH! I hate back to school shopping for the kids! We hate it too... shop online and avoid the hassle... free returns!
  • 40. Connect Questions via Twitter: #standout @bostonmike social scoring = finding prospects & converting them toHigh potential to customers Customer & buy Influencer Partner Candidate Advocate
  • 41. Connect Questions via Twitter:THE BIG THREE OF MONETIZING BY PAYING ATTENTION #standout @bostonmike Social Prospecting Automated Social Profile Collectio Social Scoring
  • 42. Connect Questions via Twitter:SOCIAL PROSPECTING #standout @bostonmike Pay attention to the conversations and actions that demonstrate a liklihood of sale. Identifying buying signals and listen for them. Example: Pella Windows
  • 43. Connect Questions via Twitter:IMPLICIT VS EXPLICIT BUYING SIGNALS #standout @bostonmikeExample: Pella Windows Explicit Implicit “Looking to buy new windows. “Ugh… I can‟t get Anyone have this draft to stop! experience with It‟s cold in here!” Pella?” “What is the Just starting work cheapest place to on the new buy new windows?” addition! Just bought the “Looking for a new house and am recommendation getting ready to on windows…” move next week!!
  • 44. Connect Questions via Twitter: SOCIAL PROFILE COLLECTION #standout @bostonmike Collected the publically available profile information on the individuals engaging in your specific conversations. Engagement on brand owned social destination Participation inPublic Posts and actions Facebookon Social Networks like: contests, Downloads, et Social Profile
  • 45. Connect Questions via Twitter:SOCIAL SCORING #standout @bostonmikeDevelop a scoring criteria that is dynamic and identifies individuals basedon actions over time.
  • 46. Connect Questions via Twitter:DEFINE A PATH TO PURCHASE #standout @bostonmike TRACKING BEFORE DIRECT ENGAGEMENT
  • 47. Connect Questions via Twitter:BUILD A BEHAVIORAL SCORE MODEL #standout @bostonmike
  • 48. Connect Questions via Twitter:SOCIAL SCORING IN ACTION #standout @bostonmike +10 points Visited page +10 points “Any recommendations for product?” +5 points Prospective Joined Facebook buyer page +5 points “looking to buy something…”
  • 49. Connect Questions via Twitter:HYPER-TARGETED MARKETING CAMPAIGNS #standout @bostonmike
  • 50. Connect Questions via Twitter:REAL LIFE EXAMPLES #standout @bostonmike The Louisville Real Estate Agent IBM Generates Millions by Listening for Leads 30% conversion rate on leads sourced via Twitter TriNet Listens for „events‟ and Roger Smith Hotel attracts sells software guests
  • 51. Connect Questions via Twitter:FOILED CUPCAKES #standout @bostonmike
  • 52. Connect Questions via Twitter: #standout @bostonmike Mike LewisAuthor of „Stand Out Social Marketing‟ Chief Marketing Officer, Peoplefluent @bostonmike
  • 53. 15 years experience 1,000 global partners 12,000 customers worldwideintegrate accelerate™
  • 54. The Data Integration Gapintegrate accelerate™ Source: The State of Customer Data Integration 2012, Scribe Software
  • 55. Closing the Gap 10010011101101001111001101 10011001111000111001010011 00100111010100011110001001 10011100011100110101000110 010101010101010101001010 big data| unstructured, chaotic 1101110101010101101100 01010001010010011011 anonymous| ubiquitous 011001111000111000 01010101010101001 1001110101000111 tiny actions| structured, repeatable right person| right time enormous results| new opportunities growth| lifetime customer valueintegrate accelerate™
  • 56. Closing the Gap identify| cross-channel associate| expand contact view profile| demographics, history personalize| preferences, opinions engage| event driven listen| prioritize, work backwards, iterateintegrate accelerate™
  • 57. Next Steps Download the white paper: Get the book: 10 attendees will be notified in the next hour that they’ve won 1 of 10 autographed copies!integrate accelerate™