Graduate to Engagement Marketing Through Marketing Automation by Marketo & Scribe Software

Graduate to Engagement Marketing Through Marketing Automation by Marketo & Scribe Software



Graduate to Engagement Marketing Through Marketing Automation by Marketo & Scribe Software.

Graduate to Engagement Marketing Through Marketing Automation by Marketo & Scribe Software.
Webinar Recorded: 06-24-13



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    Graduate to Engagement Marketing Through Marketing Automation by Marketo & Scribe Software Graduate to Engagement Marketing Through Marketing Automation by Marketo & Scribe Software Presentation Transcript

    • CONFIDENTIAL | © 2012-2013 Scribe Software Corporation. All rights reserved.Marketing Automation Webinar #2:Graduating from Email Service Providersyears experienceglobal partnerscustomers worldwide151,00012,000
    • CONFIDENTIAL | © 2012-2013 Scribe Software Corporation. All rights reserved.Housekeeping• VOIP is enabled, however if you cannot hear please useweb meeting dial in details• phone lines are muted• presentation is approximately 50 Minutes• use the questions feature to submit questions• all questions will be addressed at the end of presentation2
    • CONFIDENTIAL | © 2012-2013 Scribe Software Corporation. All rights reserved.3Lynn HarringtonDirector, ISV EnablementScribe Software@lharringtonnlLynn.harrington@scribesoft.comGraduating from Email Service ProvidersJon MillerVice President of
    • Marketing AutomationWebinar #2: GraduatingFrom Email Service Providers
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerHi, I’m Jon MillerSubscribe to Born in Ethiopia2. Can dislocate my thumbs at will3. Studied Physics at Harvard, captain of high-school debate team and newspaper staff4. My first child was born the same monththat we incorporated Marketo
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerToday’s Topics• What is MarketingAutomation?• Common Features inMarketing Automation• Using Marketing Automationto Graduate from ESP:• Relevance• Conversations• Smart sales• Right metrics
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerWhat Is MarketingAutomation?
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerMarketing automation is a• Technology thatstreamlines andautomates marketingtasks• so companies can• increase operationalefficiency and• grow revenue faster
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerWhat Is “Automation”?Send EventInvitationWait 3 DaysIf NotRegistered, SendReminderWait Until 1 DayAfter EventSend DifferentFollow-Up toAttendees vs.Non-Attendees
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerSounds great, but Ihave millions ofcontacts!
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerProcesses at scale
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerCommon Features inMarketing Automation
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerEmail Marketing
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerLanding Pages & Forms
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerBehavior Tracking
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerMarketingDatabase of Record
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerWorkflow / Automation
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerScoring
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerLead Management
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerLead Generation /Program Management
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerEvents
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerCRM Integration /Sales Intelligence
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerSocial Marketing
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerMarketing Analytics
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerMarketingAutomation
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerCreate marketingpeople love withmarketingautomation
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerRelevanceConversationsSmart salesRight metrics
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerRelevance
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerSource: Adbusters, 2011
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerMore Targeted Sends are More Engaging050100150200250300350400100 1000 10000 100000EngagementScoreEmail DeliveredSource: Marketo research
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerTriggered Interests Standard Nurture LiftOpen % 34.0% Open % 21.7% 57%Click to Open % 37.1% Click to Open % 23.4% 59%Click % 12.6% Click % 5.1% 147%Value of Behaviorally Triggered Interests
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerWhat did theconsumer openand/or click on?Where did theyconvert?What did theyforward?Actions Matter – EMAIL
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerDid theconsumermention yourcompany onTwitter?Share yourcontent?Actions Matter – SOCIAL
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerDid theconsumer visityour website?How recently?What did theylook at?Actions Matter – WEBSITE
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerWhat programswas theconsumer partof?What did sherespond to?Actions Matter – CAMPAIGN HISTORY
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerWhat is therecent purchasehistory?Deposits /withdrawals?Actions Matter – TRANSACTIONS
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerESPs Only Track Email BehaviorsFor sophisticatedtargeting rely ontechnicaldatabases andcomplex queries.
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerBut I’m a Marketer, not a Programmer!I can do thismyself! No tripsto see IT – yay!
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerConversations NotCampaigns
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerOK, why aren’t moremarketers doing this?
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerThis #%@& is way toocomplicated.
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerAdding new content to ourtracks takes FOREVER!
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller“I just downloaded this offyour site 2 days ago, andnow you’re sending it again!”
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller“Do you guys realize howmuch you send me eachday? I’ve had it!”
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerTHEN NOWNew content = need toreprogramDrag-and-drop new contentinto Smart StreamsExpired content Content expiration datesDuplicate contentNever send the samecontent twiceToo many emails Frequency limitsConsumer fall off the endof tracksExhausted content
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerSmart Sales
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerBut who is ready?You got them to the dance
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerScoring DefinedMethodology for ranking potenital customers interms of readiness to purchase.Nurture Nurture DisqualifyPromotionalOfferPass toSalesFit Interest Buying Intent
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller• Early stage content +3• Attend webinar: +5• Visit any webpage /blog : +1• Visit careers pages: -10• Decay inactivity:-1, -5, -10• Pricing pages: +10• Watch demos:• +5 overview• +10 detailed• Mid-stage content +8• Late-stage content +12• Searches for brandedkeyword “Marketo” +8
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerStars and Flames show priorityFull list of Interesting Moments
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerThe Right Metrics
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller• Open• Click• Unsubscribe• Bounce• Etc.
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerItalian Workspace  Joe Smith: Acme Inc.  Community HelpSearch… +Search…+Recently UpdatedPractical B2B Lead GenerationAdded Mar 30, 2013 Sent 12,10582Thought LeadershipEdited Mar 25, 2013 Sent 12,10570Lead Scoring Best PracticesEdited Mar 22, 2013 Sent 12,10555Lead Management Best Practice D…Added Mar 18, 2013 Sent 12,10535Lead Scoring Best PracticesEdited Mar 10, 2013 Sent 12,1059Engagement Over TimeDec Jan Feb Mar Apr May100806040200Summary1.5%Unsubscribe65Engagement55dNext CastMembersIn Track Exhausted Paused3,45050 35Mar 18, 2013Engagement: 602013Marketo’s Secret SauceDefinitive Guide to EventsLead NurturingLead Scoring Best PracticesLead Management Best PracticPractical B2B Lead GenerationThought LeadershipEmail Performance ReportProgram PerformanceLead Nurturing Streams Setup My Tokens MembersView: Dashboard ▼ Streams: All Streams ▼
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerWhy Measuring Return is Hard• Multiple touches. Seven touchesneeded to convert a cold lead into asale• Multiple influencers. Typicalbuying committee has 5-21 people
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerTrack All Touches Across PeopleScreenshot: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerAccurately Tracking “Investment” vs Budget
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerWhat Generates Pipeline for Marketo?Source: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics, June 2013Nurture Email - CTANurture EmailPaid Online (PPC+Email)Nurture (New)
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerRevenue Cycle ModelerScreenshot: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerFilter/Drill intodata, e.g. byProgram Type,Business Unit,Geography, etc.Key topic areas:• Balance (Reach)• Flow• Conversion• Velocity Trends over timeScreenshot: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics
    • Everything you everwanted to know (andthen some) aboutmarketing automation
    • #RevEngine @jonmiller
    • #RevEngine @jonmillerWhy Marketo?• Easy• Powerful• Complete
    • Questions?Jon Miller@jonmillerSubscribe to
    • CONFIDENTIAL | © 2012-2013 Scribe Software Corporation. All rights reserved.77Graduating from Email Service ProvidersNext Steps: in the rest of the Marketing Webinar Series Marketing Automation Webinar #1: The CMO Imperative Marketing –ScribeNext up: Aug 6 - Marketing Automation Webinar #3: The Cost of Dirty Data by ReachForceSept 23 - Marketing Automation Webinar #4: Improving the Customer ExperienceCapturing and Using the Right Databy Silverpop